Drakensang Online – Amuleto de Dragan con solo 18K de daño – ¿Se puede Conseguir?

Drakensang Online – Amuleto de Dragan con solo 18K de daño – ¿Se puede Conseguir?

How about my people welcome to another video On this occasion I want to show you, that
you can get the amulet of Dragan With little damage, 18K damage to be exact The first thing we have to do is buy
Pots of life, and surely if you want Also the life buff, which gives us 20K
more life and also 24% in life With this we go we have more possibilities
to survive on the map The entrance to the map costs 1 damn pearl
strengthened and can only be entered alone Once inside the map we have we will do
sound the Gong and the waves begin What was done before was to go to the entrance
to call them little by little Now this is no longer useful because at the entrance
we can’t use skills So let’s walk in circles for
the map, killing little by little Until there is only the final mini boss of
this round When only the mini boss is left, each race
will have his way of killing him The magicians with the guardian and the singularity,
they are easy enough Hunters and mechanics will have to follow
running around the map hitting it little by little And the warriors will have to kill him using
very well your stun Fortunately these mini bosses can be
constantly stunned The same goes for the first 6 waves,
run in circles and kill the final mini boss Remember that if you die on this map, everything
it ends And they have to go out and come back in, to
try it again Fortunately the second opportunity works,
so don’t forget to put it They can also use essences to have more
damage and finish the waves faster And well while we see a few waves,
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with the videos I also want to thank everyone
who have participated in the live I think we are doing very well, and I hope we continue
getting better I also want to ask for the favor, yes
can you follow me on Twitch It will be very helpful for me, I hope you can
help me and in the description will be the link And well once we finish the first 6
waves, a seventh wave arrives With 4 mini bosses, but these 4 mini bosses
they have no elementary powers So it’s the same procedure, run
in circles and kill little by little Finally, kill the mini bosses, when
we finish this surge The final wave arrives, which is a mini boss
stronger than all previous This mini boss has a protection time
against stuns To keep that in mind, they also go
to fall meteors They really get a lot of life, but they are easy
to dodge For this boss use red essences, to
make the process faster But you can kill without essences, even if they go
to take much longer And once we kill this mini boss, everything is
is over We will get the achievement by finishing the
Map And also the Dragan amulet that gives 12%
more in damage As you realized, this map is of patience,
as long as we can resist 1 hit I recommend you heal with every hit and not
wait to be in bad shape They can level up with essences and get
more charms That would be all for now, I hope you are pending
of the direct And can you help me by following me on the channel
from Twitch I hope you always like this video And you know, like it, subscribe … and
… until a next video

Danny Hutson

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