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100 thoughts on “Dr. Phil Advises Vlogger Never To Engage With Online Haters, ‘Because It Gives Them Power’

  1. whats with those chairs, why r they so high……….it would take me a while to get into one……..when the creeper called she should have said "byeeeeeeeee"

  2. Nearly all couples have an age difference. Why does it matter if its 3 years or 30? Who makes these rules? They are happy and their marriage is working.

  3. Larry seems like a really nice guy and has a young spirit. And she seems mature and like someone who knows herself. Good for them for going for it!

  4. They seem to be truely happy. That's so hard to find. I met my husband when I was 30, he was 52. We were together for 18years. He died 13years ago today. I still miss him and always will. No one was rich or famous, we just loved each other and was happy together. I think some people are just miserable in their own life and envy others who are happy and satisfied. I hope these two ignore the haters and jackasses. They seem so happy together ❤️ and that's hard to find.

  5. They seem to have a healthy and happy marriage. They're both adults. Even her parents are supportive. People grow up, they are just living their lives.

  6. I've been subscribed to their YouTube channel for a while and they are AMAZING PEOPLE! Idk why people have to be so hateful and judgemental.

  7. My fiance is 26 years older than me, 5 years older than my parents. Mindy and Larry's story has helped me through criticism and blatant hate. Love fearlessly, truthfully, and graciously. Be like Larry and Mindy.

  8. Even though she is 27, she is a GROWN woman and it’s her and his business. Why can’t she just love him? They seem so happy.

  9. So… We're going to spit on an amazing relationship, being treated great, having a great connection because of age and then praise couples who take cheating as a sport, have baby mama drama and have the police called in their home routinely?

  10. If you guys watch their channel their both so loving and genuine and they do so many things together and it’s beautiful to watch them evolve together you can see the pure happiness from BOTH of them

  11. They are so cuuuttee ❤️❤️ why are people hating them? Older dudes are dating younger women and nobody blinks, Larry and the missus everyone losses their mind.

    They are really honestly so cute and so supportive of each other

  12. I could see if he was filthy rich ppl would hate bc they would assume she bc was a gold digger. But I dont think he is and she probably makes more than him, so kudos to them.

  13. Come on ?!!! Didn’t we even get gay marriage legalized ? So why can’t we get acceptance for something as harmless as this

  14. It still isn't right how could u love someone you have double the age it's truly gross she was twenty he was 50 that's not normal age isn't just a number it comes with wisdom and maturity this is gross and wrong sorry if dr phil was honest he would tell the statistics of divorce trauma in the younger person earlier in life etc.etc. He wouldn't want a man his age to date his 20 year old daughter I guarantee it

  15. My husband was 15 years older than me and the age gap was no big deal. He was perfect for me. Whether we lived our lives in private, on YouTube or on television, our marriage was our business. I wish Mindy and Larry the best!

  16. Idk why people have problems. They seem like an honest couple, and both are happy together. I’m glad that the two have a group of supporters, including their family.

  17. All the men: ''It's normal! As long as they are Haaapppyyyyy 30 year old age differences don't matteeeerrrr''
    All the women: ''This is the most horrifying thing I heard all day, and I watched some videos…''

  18. They seem very happy together, I mean I wouldn’t date anyone 30 years older than me, but that’s just my preference. But they seem supportive of each other and that they love each other, and that’s the most important thing in a relationship

  19. There are zillion Hollywood celebrities who have huge age differences between them and their spouses and its accepted ( in fact it is nobody's business )then why to bother and hate or threaten these guys ?

  20. They seem like two normal good looking people in love! Just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean it can't work for them…

  21. The haters are putting money in your pocket when they watch the whole video. So haters gonna hate and you have the power to ignore them.

  22. I follow them from The Netherlands, I'm in a 28 years age gap relationship for 14 years now. They are such a wonderful couple ♡ and I wish them all the best, certainly not a couple of stupid haters 🙁

  23. I've been a big fan of their you tube channel for a long while now. They are just amazing good genuine people . Take your hate some where else.

  24. Dr Phil once said to a 30 year old dating a 18 year old that he was a coward and low life and couldn't get a woman his own age because he's a loser so he prayed on 18 year olds

  25. She's not a minor so there isn't a problem. I wouldn't get into a relationship like this but I'm not in a position to judge them

  26. This is one of the least creepy age gap couples tbh. They met when she was already years older then 18, so it’s not like he was waiting tell she turned. They met pretty casually to so it doesn’t seem to weird. They also seem pretty genuine about how they feel.

  27. Who drew the line that everybody should be in equal age to get married?? Id they love each other and are happy to be together..then what does this haters care?? U guys just move forward and keep loving each other..ignore the rest🙌❤

  28. My hubby is 52 and I am 38. We have been married for 8 years n we are so happy. No problem with age as long as it is a healthy loving relationship

  29. My husband and I have an 11 year age difference. After watching this don't think our age difference is such a huge deal now 😅

  30. The clip at the start, so adorable! They obviously love each other very much and that is all that matters in any relationship! 💕

  31. Don't stop making videos, Mindy ❤ When you said you wanna help others, you have. I've been married to my husband 19 yrs older than me and I don't see so much relationships around me that also has an age gap. Seeing you now and subscribing to your channel has really given me a sense of belongingness. Thanks girl ❣

  32. Well a 28 year old a 60 year old have nothing in common. Oh and if Larry wasn't a cop and Mindy wasn't cute…Dr. Phil would call it a form of pedophilia. He has lost a lot of credibility over the years. .. But honestly Mindy put her life on blast…. So judgment good and bad is to be expected. Get over it . Byeee

  33. Oh come on, they're cute! What happened to age is just a number? There are actual gold diggers, pedophiles and evil people in this world. Let's not demonize people who are actually happy!

  34. I’ve been subscribed to them for over a year now and I can tell you that there is nothing more wholesome and pure in their relationship!! 💕💕

  35. Dude why do people act so bitter about other people being happy it’s not your life or your choice so why be so consumed in what other people are doing? Worry about yourself people, practice some self care, you need it.

  36. I've watched their channel and seen them interact. They are both such sweet, genuine people that don't deserve the hate they get. They are both lucky to have found love as wholesome as theirs.

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