Don’t Correct Me if You’re Wrong

– Ugh. And that’s why I don’t really like to look at my hands unless I have to. – Katie, in your mind, how
worried do you think I am about the rate at which
you check your hands? – Lunch is here! – [Katie] Lunch!
– Lunch? – [Katie And Teo] Lunch,
lunch, lunch, lunch, lunch. – Thank you. Ugh, I forgot to ask for hot sauce. Raff, may I borrow yours? – Uh, I don’t know, can you? (laughs) – Can you?
– What? – It’s ‘can I?’
– Yeah. – Where’s your brain, in your butt? – Yeah, in your butt? – No, it’s definitely ‘may I?’ – Really? – Yeah. You’re being really
condescending right now, but you’re the one who’s wrong. – Hmm.
– Hmm. (laughs)
– Yeah, I’m gonna look it up. – Yeah, you gotta look
it up with this guy! With this guy! – What do you mean, “with this guy”? – Oh, ha! See, I was right!
– Yes. – Your source is a bodybuilding forum? – These people are strong,
they know what they’re talkin’. The brain is a muscle, Teo. They work out their muscles! – Yeah, not like you. – This is so uncalled for, you know? I didn’t drive down here
just to be insulted by– – Drive? – Yeah, drive. In a car. – But you said this morning
your car AC was broken. – Oh, yeah that’s right, you did say that, she caught you in a lie. – So I drove with the windows down, the wind in my face. – Oh, idiot! You keep the windows rolled
up to seal the hot air out. – Yeah, think about it, ya idiot. – That doesn’t make any sense, and why are you guys being such monsters? You’re a bunch of regular Frankensteins. – Ah, ah, ah.
– Whoa. – That is incorrect. – Okay yes, you’re right. – Famous misconception. Most people think that the
villain is Frankenstein, but the real villain is– – Frankenstein’s monster.
– Frankenstein’s camper. – What? Okay, you know what? Just let me eat in peace. – Okay. (laughs and mocks) – You guys are just being rude. – That’s fine. I just hope my pork was cooked
all the way through-owg. – You mean, through? Cooked through? (laughs) – No, through-owg.
– Through-owg. – Through-owg.
– Through-og. – Through? – You’re not finishing the word. – The G-H is silent, it’s through. – Oh, I see. – What is it? – He’s thinking of the author. – Oh!
– He got the author! – No, I’m not thinking
of Thoreau, the author. – Like a baseball?
– What? – [Raff] No!
– No, no, no. – [Rafff] You’re so stupid. (clears throat obnoxiously) – You want me to eat with a knife? – Oh, Teo, Teo, Teo, Teo. – What? – We want to chew with our mouths open. – See, like this. (crunching) – Look, look, exactly. Just do it like Katie! – [Katie] Yeah, butt brains.
– Idiot. Frankenstein’s camper. – Shut up! – See, she’s enjoying her food,
not like you, butt brains! Hey yo, lift with your back! (shouts in anger)

Danny Hutson

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