DIY Glow Stick Nails – Corinne Vs. Pin #1

What up Internet! Corrine here, and last month on Rob’s Man Vs. Pin video regarding Sharpie Tattoos DavidsenRecords suggested we do a Girl Vs. Pin and it got liked up a bunch of times So today, I bring you, CORRINE VS. PIN LoveKillsSlowly and Pea suggested this pin and I think it looks pretty cool So, I’m gonna try it out Pin-O-Meter, whaddya think? I dunno, I think it might work. Let’s see, shall we? Alright, so I got clear nail polish, 3 different colored glow sticks, 3 little vessels to mix in, A saw to cut open the glow sticks And a little dish to help with the cutting And a paper towel I foresee a bit of a mess in my future Ok, so first I snapped the glow stick, gave it a good shake And repeated for the other two Then, I carefully cut open of the the glow sticks like so And emptied a little bit of the juice into one of the little vessels So far so good I did this with the other two, and yup, still glowing Cool! SCIENCE Next I added a little bit of clear nail polish to each one and gave it a good stir Now time to turn off the lights and see if..*BLEEP* Hmm They’re not glowing anymore Alright, so then I added a bit more glow juice, stirred some more, and yay! We have glowage again Wewt! Oh, and before I started this process I painted my nails white Now using a small paint brush, I started painting on the mixture, making sure to clean off the brush after each color The red one is the least exciting in my opinion, so, to hell with that one Anyway, I got 2 coats on each nail, and time for the moment of truth Hm, it kinda works It’s not as solid as it is in the picture, So I tried a dabbing technique with the brush to see if it makes it a little better Aaaaaaaaand, it’s a little better but still not as good as the picture Also, it doesn’t really dry Ever. So, that’s pretty *BLEEP* Lastly I noticed the glow juice ate through pretty much anything it came in contact with Including the cup it was held in Um, not sure I want that on my body Non Toxic my *BLEEP* Yah, so I would say this pin was a big ‘ole fail If you see any sketchy pins you want us to try out, leave the link in a comment below And also make sure to like up this video because it really helps us out. ‘Till next time

Danny Hutson

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