Ditching RYZEN …. Going Back To INTEL!

well it’s time I’m switching back to
Intel now don’t get me wrong
our entire rising experience we’ve done so much content around it has been
incredible and the amount of time savings we received using the eight core
sixteen thread 1700X monster has been immense in comparison to what I was
using in the past with Intel but I think it’s time to switch back to Intel see
how those guys is doing in terms of stability in particular for Adobe
Premiere and that entire suite of applications because the latest Adobe
suite updates don’t work for my machine everything is crashing I have to revert
the drivers I have to revert the programs and it just seems like there’s
this misalignment between Adobe and AMD Ryzen and that does not work well with
me and just to make sure I’m not making a huge mistake by switching to an 8600K which is only a 6 core 6 thread part I’ve run some gaming benchmarks
alongside with the rendering performance just to see if I’ll be gaining anything
in performance with the Intel side of things I’m not really looking for
performance improvements because right now rendering is pretty good anyway but
I’m mainly looking for improvements in stability so let’s do the system swap
right after this what is that the view 31 you should put
a ring on it yes time to make it hard to be official there will take ring high static
pressure fans because your case deserves a ring full details in the description
below so this switch back to Intel is not permanent I just want to see if
those issues also exist on an Intel platform or I’m just being super unlucky
with my machine here so inside I have a 1700X at 3.8 gigahertz I cannot push
that any further i have a gtx 1080 and then vme SSD nothing is eber is also
having issues with his adobe applications so it seems like it’s a
platform specific issue and not necessarily component issue this also
gives me the perfect opportunity to create my black and white system inside
the PC o 11 dynamic using the white and 7 motherboard from NZXT with the kraken
X 72 and I’ll put in some RGB fans on here so that it’s like you know going
back to the illumination days from something that was air cooled or
something that has an all-in-one and RGB should be fun so usually this part of like actually
installing the motherboard inside the case is never a concern until now so
I’ve stumbled upon the frustrating hiccup because of this white shroud it’s
a bit unconventional it requires these long screws for mounting otherwise you
can’t fit a normal screw in there but the threading on the screw is different
from the threading on the motherboard standoffs here so I had to take out some
Malamud stand offs from the h200 encase put them inside the Lindley case so it
can actually mount this motherboard and you would think that this would be
standardized across all cases in terms of what type of thread the screw and the
motherwort standoffs use but as you can see here apparently that is not the case man so it’s been a frustrating couple of
hours as you can see by the state of this office so I finally was able to
boot into Windows with this system but not without its challenges because of
this motherboard so the reason why I have all these NVIDIA GPUs out on the
table here is because I’m only able to boot with an AMD card into the windows
because for some reason the motherboard would not detect the signal from an
Nvidia card but the text set from an AMD just fine which is also why I have this
riser cable because I was actually able to bypass some sort of bias thing with
this riser cable using an Nvidia card to actually get into Windows but right now
we’re back to an AMD card because I have to access the BIOS in order to overclock
some memory and CPU which I cannot do with an nvidia card so yeah this has
been fun alright so let me get this clear for you
I use an AMD card to get into the bias of the n7 motherboard to overclock the
memory to XMP profile and the CPU to four point nine gigahertz
I still cannot go beyond four point nine because then it will not boot whereas
with this ITX motherboard from Asus five gigahertz in five minutes no problems
whatsoever so now we’re back on my machine and video card inserted right
now so I can resume my tests but still wow I was not expecting this experience
to be all over the place and quite frustrating – it is kind of ironic – if
you think about it of me wanting to switch to Intel because of extra
stability yet we have all this instability instead
damn you and seven yeah I don’t think it’s stable Wow
believe it or not after some 20 hours of troubleshooting with NZXT trying
multiple graphics card multiple riser cables multiple configurations and the
BIOS I finally figured out what was causing the issue and it was the monitor
so this 4k freezing display would not do it with an Nvidia graphics card but once
I populate this g-sync panel I’m here from Acer everything boots just fine no
issues I can get into the BIOS without needing to plug in aim the GPU first so
that is awesome however I still cannot achieve my 5
gigahertz overclock the system is not stable with this motherboard I am doing
some benchmarks right now to see what performance we get at 4.8 but the asus
prime z 370 a saves the day so this is also a black-and-white color theme so
that fits perfectly and this white actually matches the case much better
instead of this eggshell white that we see on the n7 this one we have more
aluminum that matches the graphics card so color scheme here works out perfectly
well and i’ve had nothing but fantastic results with overclocking on asus boards
so i’m actually quite excited to populate the chip and here do the quick
system swap so I can finally resume my work
aka edit this video it’s actually a good thing I did not do
cable management easy-peasy and now I have to repopulate all the
original standoffs inside this case which is a bit inconvenient I wish that
these things were standardized across all cases across all motherboards I am very much out of thermal paste catch I am pretty confident and hopeful that
this will work come on they sous work with me here I’m such a noob forgot the
front eh oh hello forgot to switch on the power supply beautiful and all right
moment of truth but the question is will shit boot with an LG display something
that I was not able to achieve on the n7 motherboard strangely Oh BAM that is how
you do it a soos or NZXT and so the first order of business is making sure
that the system looks beautiful with the illumination so both the GPU the kraken
and the motherboard area all have this purple illumination that looks beautiful
inside the white enclosure I mean I haven’t even done any cable measures so
right now all my SSDs are just hanging out over here you know this is this
whole thing is just a mess but five gigahertz is achieved in five minutes I
just had to tinker with some memory stuff but yeah everything going well
with this asus board whoo so after all that trouble was the switch actually
worth it so for 1080p gaming games like overwatch Assassin’s Creed origins and
which are three for example don’t really see a significant boost in performance
for averages and minimums however Far Cry 5 and bf1 definitely see that
substantial increase in frame rates with the Intel chip and bumping up the
resolution to 1440p the difference is not as significant as 1080p results
obviously because the GPU is more important in this resolution so the
frame rates are on both chips are pretty acceptable and I game at 1440p anyway so
the slight boost in frame rates is not that significant but it’s nice but then
what’s premieres performance like because that’s why I’m making this whole
switch in the first place so back a few months ago when I tested the 86 hundred
K versus the 1700 X the Intel chip was rendering the videos faster than Ryzen
but since then it seems like Adobe have upgraded their engine to utilize better
cores and threads on horizon systems because rendering 4k videos on my 1700X
is faster 8600k at 5 gigahertz now this
difference of 1% is not significant at 4k however if your output into 1080p the
difference skyrockets to 24% of the 5 gigahertz
8600k vs. 3.8 of the 1700X and it seems like those extra cores and threads
on the Ryzen system really are utilized when you output to 1080p with Adobe so
just keep that in mind if you’re potentially thinking of getting arisin
for content creation it’s still a fantastic value and performance the one
thing we’re into winds is warp stabiliser something that they use quite
often so you’re about 20% faster and stabilizing clips versus rising but
numbers aside editing on an Intel machine inside premiere is like night
and day vs. risin so absolutely no dropped frames when playing back
original 4k footage with adjustment layers and color presets applied
something that I’ve never been able to do on the rising machine because we
start to drop frames as soon as the playback starts to happen so you rely on
using proxies to to like edit stuff and now I can just preview original 4k pixel
to pixel footage and not see a dropped frame when so many layers are stacked on
top of each other that is exactly what I was looking for when I initially wanted
to make the switch back to Intel and it really makes me sad to date tries it
because I feel like this platform has a lot of potential especially with the Zen
plus that just launched so you’re seeing about 10 to 20% extra rendering
performance on like the new 2,000 chips so make sure to check out our review
over here but you know until we get that you know that balance of stability and
performance with highly used applications like Adobe Suites you know
people will gravitate towards Intel because of that and by the way if you
have not yet subscribed to the new channel boot sequence consider doing so
let’s see what’s on the news hey what’s up guys I’m your host snows and today in
the news we’ve got YouTube cracking down on MC NS Amazon trying to get into your
car and some new rumors on the nvidia gtx 1180 click down below to learn more alright guys so I hope you enjoyed this
little adventure coming along with me and just seeing the whole process of how
things have evolved throughout this entire idea and I’m happy that
everything is stable it looks beautiful I love the purple
I love the case but I do miss that air cooler because going with them eh oh
that is definitely louder alright guys I’m Dimitri make sure to subscribe and
check out this other relevant content most likely Ryzen and we’ll see you in
next video

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