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54 thoughts on “Discussion Board Netiquette

  1. I would like to use this video in my online instruction. Your permissions says "Standard YouTube Permissions". So, may I use it for educational purposes. Also, how do I cite you? I don't see an author/organization.

  2. How did you make this video? How did you do the animations? I'm trying to learn how to make instructional videos.

  3. i dont think this is a good vid many people understand what brb lol idk ppl and other stuff means and they dont cry over it!

  4. Took a min to find out that I should post on this Discussion Board, the information was informative and to the point.

  5. Hi, I am an instructor at a university and would like to embed this video in my course for students to view and discuss. Would you grant me permission to use your video in my course?

  6. "it is easy for someone to misunderstand your meaning, or even become offended, because they couldn't tell that you were joking" remember everyone, be PC because hurting peoples feelings is better than freedom of speech. I'm not going to change my language or what i joke about for the soul fact to not offend someone

  7. I'd love for their to be some more diversity in the video. I don't feel comfortable using it in our online course because some of my students are going to be students of color and the unconscious message for them is that the course (and its netiquette) is only suitable for white communities.

  8. I AM BREAKING EVERY ONE OF THESE BECUZ I AM ANNOYED!!!!!!!! (and yes I am yelling I was forced to come here when I have alot of homework to do but they said it's mandatory!)

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