Digital Minimalism – How to Simplify your Online Life

Digital Minimalism – How to Simplify your Online Life

Danny Hutson

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  1. Who wants me to make a quickbooks self employed ( "minimalist guide to personal and business finance" video?

  2. Cheers for that Ummy recommendation from the taskbar, just bought it, was after something non-spammy and can grab 1080p 🙏

  3. I strongly suggested to upload every bit of your videos to Google photos free high quality unlimited for life ! No payment

  4. All the good vibes your way, and I’m glad it serves your process to not do this, but the extra couple steps I take to keep my raw footage (roughly 4TB each quarter) has really helped me out.

  5. There is no way this guy doesn't have some form of OCD. BTW I love google but I always kept them at arm's length because of there's no telling how much data they collect on you. Honestly dude, do yourself a favour and invest in a vpn and get the Privacy Badger chrome entension. It's free and it blocks tracking cookies.

  6. Watched a video recently about editing 4K on the MacBook + how it was a little slow. A good amount of lag. Would be curious about your opinion tho!

  7. Should point out, don't have to worry about the airpods, Pixel comes with google pixelbuds. They're wireless, though technically have a wire, but not in the traditional sense.

  8. TV in the background is a cool use of back light, although try putting an animated logo (or just your logo) up on the screen instead so it's more subtle.

  9. I’m warning everyone here: don’t switch to Google. Horrible choice for minimalists.

    Their ecosystem doesn’t work between physical devices, like, at all. They drop support for their services, phones etc very quickly. Gmail has ads. I could go on.

    Just look at chromeOs, duplicate apps.

  10. U inspired me. I work for internet company and I hv my digital life too and that's very stressful to organize everything in one place. This video help me to organize my life. Thankss

  11. Thanks; I want to get more organized myself. Yet, I am confused about your workflow. If you don't pay for extra storage and you don't place things on portable drives then what do you do with all of your finished results of your projects?

  12. Hey Kraig! What about your important documents? I could imagine that you also upload it in Google Drive, right? I have almost no paper at home and that's a bless… I upload everything on Google Drive and as for a backup on iCloud Drive. My hard drive on my macbook is completely empty right now which is a good thing to me. Less distraction! 🙂 I would love to have only one cloud for everything (google of course) but I bet I wouldn't feel that safe with all my important documents stored only at one space. I'm curious on how you handle it! 🙂

  13. Oh, dear christ, yes there is a difference between itunes and icloud backups. iTunes does a FULL backup and restore if anything goes wrong that needs a restore. iCloud does a minimal backup, and basically tells the store the apps you have. It's SO not a proper backup.

  14. So, basically the title of this video is actually NOTHING about the content… none of this title matches anything you said…. at all.

  15. You're sitting on a couch that has room for 3 people. Yet, you're using it only for yourself. Not a minimalist. (I'm kidding, of course. Haha)

  16. So when you're done with a video you delete EVERYTHING used for the production of the video? What if you ever need the footage again for a video in the future?

  17. Hey Kraig! Love your channel! Don´t you feel sometimes that you take minimalism too far? Don´t you feel stressed out sometimes?

  18. Go with Pixel if you switch from the iPhone. Also a quick tip on the bookmarks – if you remove the name of the site you will only see an icon for it, it looks cleaner.

  19. I really think the a combination of Apple's iPhone and Macbook / Final Cut X PLUS all else Google is the best to go minimal.

  20. Google is not the way to go, you need to own your data and have control over it. Keep in mind it might be worth it to purchase a vpn, utilize KeePass to organize and secure your online logins, and use Nextcloud as your cloud service. Nextcloud can be connected to your devices and you can add in apps!

  21. I just got the google chromebook! Still a lot for me to know about it haha thanks for this video! Very helpful

  22. All nice and neat until something happens to your google account (wether Google's fault or, more likely, someone hacks it or obtains one of your devices to do so). As a test: try contacting Google without being logged into your account and see what they can do for you….scary stuff i tell you. At least make regular updates to an external third party cloud service and even better: set an interval for some offline backup on a USB disk or something.

  23. I love what Google has to offer, in theory. More recently though, I have been doing the exact opposite shift into the Apple ecosystem. Google is a bit of a privacy nightmare. While I do believe they are far more trustworthy than Facebook, Google have already done a couple questionable things with user data. It is far more than just showing you ads – it is like you are living in a glass house and everything about you is on display. If you decide to go for the Google ecosystem, I urge you to pay for GSuite and to read the privacy policy (as one should for any service that you will be sharing a lot of info and data with). GSuite already reduces the amount of info Google sells about you by a large amount. I personally still use a lot of Google services, but I use them with Apple apps such as Mail and Calendar. This prevents Google from collecting much more data than the event/email contents, time and date. There is a ton of other metadata that they are not getting about you.

  24. Why Google? Isn’t there an inherent privacy issue vs using the Apple equivalents? Also there’s that whole Chrome ram-hog problem.

  25. I have been a minmalist for 7 years and Google is the way to go. My only suggestion is when using Google make your account is protected. Google is my life so make sure its marked privit.

  26. Hi. I just watched your video and I totaly agree with the digital minimalism. For me it was a realy "long" journey to get there where I wanted and there are even more options as you told in the video. With the notebook I need to say: I have the 8 GB RAM Version and I'm so happy with it. HP got real good stuff, if sponsored or not. 😉

  27. Hey Kraig, what dongle/hub do you use? As far as I can tell, you’ve removed all your belongings from your website.

    Also, thoughts on 13 vs 15 inch MacBook? Purchasing soon and I love the portability of something small but a big screen is so nice.

  28. Just saw you for the 1st time. Nice vid. Any advice for someone who wants to learn all this and where / how to start? Thanks!

  29. idk why i cant understand this. but i cant understand this. i wish i did. i could use something like it. my computers are full again. sigh

  30. Digital detox gaining popularity.Here’s top 15 ideas how to reduce stress from online life:
    1)Reduce social media time to minimum (use settings for time limit per day)
    2)Unfollow celebrities accounts.You don’t need to know what celebrity dog had for lunch.Better concentrate on your own life and make it memorable
    3)Unfollow people who irritate you
    4)Block unnecessary notifications (yes, you can live with only a few notifications per day!)
    5)Delete unnecessary SMS&block spam numbers
    6)Clean your e-mail box
    7)Unsubscribe from spam&promotion letters
    8)Delete unneeded photos, cut videos to perfect size, deleted outdated documents
    9)Delete games and download language learning app
    10)Listen to podcast and audiobook
    11)Schedule work related calls one by one and dedicate only required number of minutes. Don’t let people call you when they want
    12)Use no disturbing mood or airplane mode while exercise
    13)No disturb mood while studying
    14)Install app which will track how much time on phone
    15)Use calendar to plan your time
    There’s no need to quit your phone time but think on what you should spend it.Prioritize what gives you income,education,personal happiness.

  31. Hey Kraig, why did you unlist more than half of your videos? I watched your recent hiking film and noticed that most of your videos were gone. Are you planning to make them public again?

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