Deploy Sitefinity Database to Azure

Deploy Sitefinity Database to Azure

Hello everyone this video “How to deploy Sitefinity Database on Azure” is part of “how to” series about Sitefinity and Azure. The first step of deploying your Sitefinity Web App on Azure is to deploy its database. In today’s video I will use Sql Management Studio 2016 to export my local database in the cloud. Some of the previous versions does not support this option ( e.g. version 12 and below) so if this is your case please update to the latest one I already attached my web site Database to my SQLExpress server Right click and choose “Deploy Database to Microsoft Azure SQL Database” Once the option is selected you have to connect to your Azure SQL server which I already created in the Azure portal When you are connected you should pick what edition you want to use and the respective size In our case I am using basic package Give a name to the Database and click “Next” When the process is completed you can check the status of each individual operation see details about its execution Let’s connect to the Azure SQL Server through the SQL Management Studio and see the result Here is our newly created Database Also, we can check it out in the online Azure portal For each Database we can see detailed menu structured on different categories From the “Overview” item we get the connection string which we need to use in our Sitefinity Web App One very important thing during the development is to set the approved IPs from which you can call the Database Click on the Set server firewall and add your IP We have our Database in the cloud and everything is setup The next step is to change the connection string of our App I am commenting the connection string of the local Database From the portal I copied the value that points to the Azure Database and pasted in the DataConfig file One thing that it is very important to mention here is the dbType attribute, it should be set to “SqlAzure”. Everything is ready to rock’n’roll Our local App is using the Database which is hosted on Azure If you are interested for more details about Sitefinity and Azure please watch the rest of the videos from the playlist

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  1. Great job! Don't forget to tell customers about running this script on the Azure database otherwise the backend will throw errors:
    update sf_page_templates
    set framework = 0
    where framework is null

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