demoknight tf2 slays youtubers on kritzkast

Agro: We’re doing a bit of Highlander Youtube-y type special today. Demoman’s SolarLight. Peter: Demoknight TF2. I love him. Byte: That’s all the chat has been… Demoknight TF2. And quite rightly so. Byte: OH! Demoknight TF2’s going for the charge! YES! He takes out the Medic, he’s going for another charge. Gets another kill, gets another charge and e- That was English, I promise! Agro: OOOOOH! Demoknight did an amazing take-out there! Boom, bam, bop. Bada-bap-boop. Pow. Agro: SolarLight, trying desperately hard to fight up against this Scout Byte: OOOOH! Ten killstreak! There it is! Agro: Takes down LazyPurple instead! I’m not entirely certain that was deliberate! Byte: Oh my lord, he’s still going. Got eleven heads, I believe. That’s another kill on Aar, dear God! Agro: Can anything stop this? Can anyone, any human stop SolarLight at the moment? He’s a one-man army! Byte: He sees Zesty, he’s going for him! Oh, he’s going for him! He’s not getting away! There it is! He gets ANOTHER head! Fifteen killstreak! What is this?! Agro: I think we’re watching the SolarLight experience right now! Byte: We’re about to see the shield crack out again. Never mind, he’s dead! Nooo! My favourite player is gone! Oh, that’s devastating. Agro: We should all mourn quietly in our own time. Demo: Medicapitated! Hahaha! This Demoman is flying now! Kill them all! Agro: SolarLight jumping in! My goodness me! Came out of nowhere! Utter destruction on the point! Really turn this game around! Can never forget about the power of SolarLight! He’s powered by the sun and lights up your eyes! Timberfinz: I just built up a mini and all I see is SolarLight come CHARGING IN. He just cuts my head off, destroys my sentry and then I think he might have gotten away. Byte: Demoknight TF2’s in trouble. Agro: He’s down to five health. Byte: OOOOH! Hoohoohoo!
Agro: It doesn’t really seem to make any difference! Agro: Byte, any last words from you? Byte: Demoknight TF2. Agro: Oh, that’s uh… Those are definitely words. FUNKe: Hold on, I got a comment. Let’s see my comment. Demoknight TF2… Agro: That was a 9v1, plus others. Byte: That’s exactly what it felt like! Demoknight TF2 absolutely obliterating half the time! It was terrif- Like, I said it before, and I’ll say it again. I do not want to go against this man ever. Agro: Just never.
Byte: I’m actually terrified. Agro: I feel kind of terrified about being on the same team as him. That’s uh, that’s kind of a new and ridiculous experience.

Danny Hutson

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