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25 thoughts on “Deep Dive into the Realtime Database – Google I/O 2016

  1. Nice introduction, I wouldn't say deep dive but it is a good start!
    What is really interesting me is the offline part, and the fact that "Transactions are not persisted across app restarts" as said on the iOS / Android documentation. So I am wondering if there is any video indicating how to handle possible loss of write transactions when user is offline? A video "Mastering offline with Firebase database" would be awesome.

  2. So there seems to be a lot of focus on scaling across devices, but how does this handle scaling complexity? For example, MongoDB offers a concept of Collections, which while not analogous with tables in SQL solution space does offer a very nice mechanism for much more complex data management. This either seems to be missing or glossed over – further to that what of data types? While "String" or Stringlike seems to be sufficient in any chat or grocery list, geospatial data would be great to allow a user to tap into Maps etc. As it stands right now I really want to like Firebase but it feels like more like an alternate to Meteor rather than an alternate to a real back-end.

  3. Try stuff done on this video directly into your android phone

  4. Firebase is seriously boring and confusing especially when working with collection or loading data to a feed no proper way to add a Like or star

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