Debugging Realtime Database Performance (Firebase Pro Series)

Debugging Realtime Database Performance (Firebase Pro Series)

Danny Hutson

27 thoughts on “Debugging Realtime Database Performance (Firebase Pro Series)

  1. 👇Leave a comment if you want a follow up video that goes in depth on how to fix these problems! Or just leave a comment telling us what you want covered

  2. Great video it will be great about maybe production and development environment best practice in both databases or advance use cases queries or anything excellent videos I'll waiting for the next!!

  3. How to structure firebase real-time database properly to increase read speeds …??…the best practices to be followed?…if it is explained with a big database example…it would be of great help…#askfirebase

  4. "I'm not a robot". 14 seconds later. "Hey everyone, welcome to the Firebase pro series…" (he says this in his most robotic, I'm definitely reading this off a teleprompter voice) *face palm*

    Great stuff guys lol, I just came from laying out a realtime db for a friend's esport site (WIP). This video will definitely be helpful when I start checking traffic.

  5. #AskFirebase We Still waiting for Firebase Remote Config Api Tutorial
    ans we want to know is it support c# or not

  6. Amazing video…..But yes, is this available for cloud firestore as many seem to be interested in modelling their data using firestore.

  7. Pls some one help me to structure the real time firebase data collected from the us user side using app ui made with the tool named mit app inventor.

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