Death in a Can: Australia’s Euthanasia Loophole – VICE INTL (Australia)

Death in a Can: Australia’s Euthanasia Loophole – VICE INTL (Australia)

Hi, I’m Ben Anderson from Vice-New York-office our friends are the vice Australia office And the company that sells products that help people end their own lives this is death, in a can. I can run you through how you actually use it if you like . the whole process [alright] the way the process works Connect the regulator and then with the plastic bag you put the hose that connects that to the bag? Inside the bag and stick it to the inside of the bag You put the bag on your head first of all and let it fill up By switching it on it’ll fill up. It’s full of nitrogen No, oxygen, then you breathe out totally get rid of every bit of gas in your lungs best you can Hold your breath a minute Pull this down and take the biggest breath you can and you’re swapping the gas in your lungs from air To nitrogen within fractions of a second you faint you faint straight away then you’re just in a fainted state , continue to breathe quite easily the bag just Expands and contracts and the gas is flowing into the bag, but you’re in a 0% Environment and you’ll die in about 3 or 4 minutes after that Max dog is a company we set up it really is a way to facilitate the distribution of these Nitrogen cylinders Which can be used for brewing which is why we call ourself max dog brewing but of course the main use for these cylinders is For people who want to have access to a peaceful and reliable death at the time of their choosing Hello I’m Betty from exit In my last piece of film I showed you how balloon helium gas could be used to provide a peaceful death This time I want to show you a new system. That’s now available One that has several advantages over the previous method The movement of Nitrogen as a gas to dispense beer with has become more and more of an issue over the last Few years I’ve been to a number of beer festivals around the world where they have nitrogen nights. We’ve got this idea that instead of using One of the traditional means for peaceful death was to use a gas, and I’ve traditionally people are using helium Why not use nitrogen and so that’s what we started to do so we set up a company to make [sure] that people have access to nitrogen. It’s very peaceful, and it’s totally legal and it has one other unique phenomena a unique characteristic and that is ,that it’s totally undetectable. I’ve seen several autopsy reports, and they’ve all come back cause undetermined Undetermined or inconclusive is how they describe it well? I’m going to ask yourself a question How does it do that if I’m in a room by [myself], and I’ve decided to use this [Mac’s] dog brewing I have to kill myself and I have a quick quick a glass of IPA And then I put the hood on and get on with it somebody’s going to find my body sooner or later with it with Paraphernalia on my head and it’s an empty cylinder next to me and it’s quite clear, then what happened So what we’re talking about really is where someone actually removes? The evidence the gas bottles and other stuff after the event for the sake of effecting this Undetectable death we’ve involved not one person But at least two and that’s in fact why I reported it to the medical board. I thought well You know it seems to me to be quite irresponsible to do that. Yes. I’m 63 years old. I’ve got a Chronic lymphocytic Leukemia, and I’m in the last stages of that disease and I’ve also got breast cancer. Well, I’m very sad but naturally, I’m very anxious about the end and Would like [to] have total control over The end of my life, I’d like to die at home. I’d like to die with my family Supporting me and I’d like to be able to say [goodbye] to them but unfortunately that’s not possible because of the way the law is they could be under suspicion [for] assisting me to suicide, so Unfortunately, I’m going to have to not include my family in my death [and] that’s very makes me very bitter suicide is not a crime But anyone who might attempt and might help you [end] your life That’s assist you advise or counsel you Can suffer serious criminal Sanction in fact two states of Australia still have a possible penalty of life imprisonment? For assisting someone to take that legal step of ending their life, and this is an anomaly. There’s no other example in law Where assisting someone to do something which is legal Attracts any penalty leave alone a penalty of such savagery if I came along and gave you the drugs and said here If you take these drugs you will die that [would] be assisting Giving people Mac’s dog nitrogen and saying you can use this and go and brew yourself some beer if you want to Or you can use it if you want to end your life Takes it right on the Edge because what we’re saying is that this can be used in that way But it can be used in other ways and because we’re not telling people to do this is effectively our defense] No one can tell you how long you’ve got but I know that I won’t live for much longer if I’m lucky enough to be home. I’ll have Probably a nice meal. I’ll probably have a drink of some Baileys Irish cream and I’ll settle myself into my [favourite] chair with my cats and I’ll peacefully go to sleep I I Think [sometimes] I do get painted as a bit of a ogre in the suggestion [that] I want people [to] live [on] indefinitely and you know at all costs and regardless of the pain that’s just not the case and Certainly that’s not the case in palliative services . palliative care is defined by two elements : that one is Reducing + relieving pain and one is to neither prolong nor shorten life So when we are talking about a natural situation, and we could care people get good advice as well So they get to weigh their choices maybe they do want to get another round of chemotherapy because of x y zed or maybe that’s enough so it’s not as if You know getting that kind of support is the end of choice. It’s not it’s actually an opening-up of choice Knowing you’ve got something in the cupboard That will give you a peaceful reliable death is immensely Sustaining in the context of serious illness people and we’ve know a number [of] them and to wake up every day with their serious cancer And say you know it’s dreadful But [if] it gets too bad, then I’ve [just] got to go to the cupboard get up my nitrogen cylinder And I can have a peaceful death and what that does having that knowledge having that ability is That it gives them the courage to keep on and I think it’s entirely consistent with harm minimization as a good medical principle Look, I’m not afraid of dying, but I am I am afraid of being forced to endure suffering and the indignity of being of being Totally dependent on other people while I’m dying and for that reason I [think] it’s my , should be my choice to actually Say enough s enough, and I want out Simple as that. It’s just a choice You can buy these cylinders we’ve been selling them all over Australia increasingly We’re selling them around the world once you’ve got them. You keep them forever infinite shelf life , it is not a prohibited substance Provided you’re comfortable of the process it will work well you

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100 thoughts on “Death in a Can: Australia’s Euthanasia Loophole – VICE INTL (Australia)

  1. It's so crazy to what lengths people have to go just to be able to die if they want to. Why is no one allowed to die? IDGI

  2. He can legaly sell this to anyone. What stops people from buying and using it to kill other people or someone who want to just kill themselves do to mental issues.

  3. ppl everywhere should have the choice as long as their conscious on how to end their life. i want euthanasia available to anyone . religion should not intervene in this… like on so many other topics.

  4. I want to die from natural causes and peacefully. Not by suicide which I'm not really ok with. Unless you are done suffering from anything terrible and not curable. But we don't decide when we are born but now we can decide most of the time when we die. Hmm.

  5. I’m hear because Helium has failed me twice! Nothings worst then waking up with a migraine….and cursing with a helium voice…. people should be allowed to die on their own terms….WHY IS DYING WITH DIGNITY SUCH A TABOO WITH THE HUMAN RACE? I seen unfortunate people suffer “ in a hospice” for a month before finally dying….the bastards only gave him aspirin, for his pain” reason? They didn’t want him to become addicted!

    The game of life is hard to play….we’re only gonna lose it, anyway….for the sword of time will pierce our skin….it doesn’t hurt when it begins….but as it works it’s way on in…..the pain grows… it grin!

    I’m happy to have lasted for 43 years, and do not fear death. for anyone looking to use this…l say good luck and ….may you die well and with dignity.

  6. These people are insane, they need literal mental help.

    Even the assisted dying coming to Victoria tomorrow is pretty strict even if I don't agree with it wouldn't be because you've suddenly got a bad day and boom.

  7. My uncle committed suicide by taking pills and putting a bag over his head…my cousin found him….I thought I’d watch this then in the first minute of them talking about putting a bag on their head to die I almost cried…no thanks…

  8. Bloody dogooders trying to stop it, it's not up to you it's up to the people suffering, not you, stop poking your nose in 😡

  9. I watched my dad die horrible agony pancreatic cancer. Watched my mother linger old age begging us to do something. I have battled eye cancer lost my sight lost my teeth, my throat shrunk, I now suffer "suicide disease" cranial nerve damage from radiation. Had nerve ablation surgery, 18 months of nerve blocks, nerve wire stimulator interrupter implanted surgically that caused even worse electrocutions. Had brain surgery to cut the inner cranial ganglion. They won't repeat it to try again. All options exhausted was told only narcotics are last option. Now all this hoopla of how fentanyl and oxycocet are bad evil killer drugs. They have allowed me to live relatively pain free. No one should have to endure thousands of electrocutions to the head daily. I live in fear now that doctors treat pain patients like criminals and have the power to cut off pain control to protect their licenses. CDC is pushing guidelines to reduce, replace, remove narcotics from patients. When that happens to me I must die even though I don't want to die! I am not a drug addict, a dealer nor do I feel any high. I have been stable for 9 years at current doses. Ontario Canada has legal assisted suicide MAID but doesn't recognize pain as a factor justifying ending life. So only 2 options if pain control is denied I find filthy fake drugs on the street and probably die or end my life. I want the choice a safe effective method. Thank you for your video thank you so much! Pointless to jump through assisted dying hoops while being electrocuted thousands of times a day just like a tazzer installed into my brain! I hope that Ontario assisted dying gets advanced directive and pain recognized and approved as reason to end life. Our animals get a quick end because we love them and want to end their agony quickly and effectively without failure.

  10. I live in the UK which sadly has the worst health care system in the EU, 25% of it's budget is to fight agasint their own incompetence, seriously. As a result I have a very serious condition that's causing me crazy pain, I keep trying to tell them to just scan but they refuse, they lost all m notes. so now I'm stuck h aving to kill myself, it's crazy I don't actually want to die, but I'm in so much pain that I can't imagine living another day like this. I'm so fucking glad this exists, I didn't know this was even possible, thank you!

  11. My life became a nightmare.
    I had the best childhood that any kid can dream of. I surf, work out, hang out with friends have a well paying job, new car. People view me as positive, happy and relaxed, but really inside my soul is getting torn to pieces from the moment i wake up till i fall asleep, made so many irreversible mistakes to the point of no return, failure after failure. I feel no longer like a part of society. All i can think of is my death, want it to Be a slow one but I'm afraid of the pain, i hope i go to hell if there is one, i just hate myself so much, been waiting for happiness for many many years but it didn't come, so i don't need it anymore.

  12. oh man if only someone could donate that to me i'm poor af and my life is miserable i just wanna end it , i feel no pleasure at all and i have no motivation …

  13. Hey I have one problem with these people they are charging $700 for the bottle and $300 for the regulator I priced both items at my local welding shop and you can get a bottle that is like 5ft tall for $375 and the regulator for another $100 to $200 why are they taking advantage of people like that
    Oh and an 80 cubic foot tank is $200 that would give you 2x the flow rate of there tank and 2x the time at 80 minutes using 1 cfm

  14. Better pray the government legalises euthanasia everywhere. Otherwise terminally ill suicide bombers might kill a bunch of right-wing voters.
    I'm not advocating violence. I'm just saying.

  15. I really want to buy this kit, but I live in the US. this would be a great way to kill myself. I don't even care if they discover a tank.

  16. I too have Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. It is an awful disease! The pain is intense and is ridiculous.

    People should have the right to say enough.

  17. I just hope that Paul Russell have terminal illnes and then he says these things ., it is our choice from necessity

  18. From a legal perspective, the very sale of the product constitutes assistance to commit suicide. In the U.S., the distributor would go to jail in a heartbeat.

  19. How lucky to find this man on some random place i think is realy sweet of him to help out regadles of all tge contriversials

  20. When you faint with your head in such a bag it's quite likely that the bag falls off, and you survive, but with permanent brain damage.
    Hoping to see the so called doctor in a plastic bag very soon.

  21. From a very, very young age, I have always felt INCREDIBLY strongly in favour of euthanasia. In the 1990’s I was relatively young, however I was very aware of the topic and very firm in my position and somewhat resourceful. I read about and followed Kevorkian, which was during the formative stages of the WWW, not to mention a pre-Google era. My family had ‘dial-up’ before anyone in our town, however as you’d imagine, there was VERY LITTLE online content available. I then noticed and followed Nitschke. The science, ethical responsibility and rational was/is so logical, incredibly humane and respectful of ones’ last wishes and desire. There are very strict criteria and legalities, governing this decision.

    When ppl irresponsibly comment regarding other family members’ needs/wishes, or if the process started and a family member objected mid-way, leaving the patient with brain damage…all I can say to such flippantly idiotic, dumb comments is, you’re embarrassingly stupid. This would NOT happen. There are many, many stringent rules and criteria.

    If a friend, family member or medical personnel attempted to influence or stop my decision, for their own selfish reasons/personal beliefs, I would be disgusted, offended and they would immediately cease to be a part of my situation.

    Let people pass over on their terms.

  22. @3:15 🐀 rat bastard, Hope that guy lives to 110 all alone. Obtuse! Alone in a bar now, and he probably wonders why! Jerk …

  23. You are insane to sell this .why not just fly to Las Vegas,get oxycontin, booze,hot horny young ladies. Take plenty of $1or $5 dollar bills to put in the girls g strings.. drink your ass off. Get some pure cocaine.. keep partying until you drop dead laughing.. with the smell of young tuna fish and booze on your fingers and body.

  24. You have a person laying there with a plastic bag over their head and a tube going from the bag to a tank of nitrogen and you can't figure out the cause of death? That person needs a different job.

  25. 908 pieces of s*** so far to the people that are against this video imagine your final days in excruciating pain do you want your family to see suffering I don't want my family to see me suffer and I don't want to suffer excruciating pain before my death

  26. That piece of s*** that reported this to the health commission I hope he suffers a f**** painful death and has no other option to suffer with it and God mark my words he will die suffering

  27. ID like to cut off that man's toes the reported this to the health commission and then give him the option do you wanna die suffering by my hands or would you like a peaceful death I wonder what he would choose

  28. C*** you are more than a fucken' ogre you border among the devil himself and when you're die of cancer and begging for death just like those people are and trying to deny them peaceful death you will suffer the worst pain anyone in this world has ever seen

  29. Thank you for giving those people an alternative to suffering you have nothing but my eternal support thank you so much

  30. How is someone an "anti euthanasia campaigner"? How is that even a thing? Why isn't "minding yiur own damn business" a thing?

  31. Paul Russell needs to keep his mouth shut and mind his own bloody business. However, that woman's cat will hopefully find a good home. Mine would have to go before me via this very method. The kind of bag is important because all plastic bags aren't created equal. It must be like a cooking bag with no micro pores for gas to escape, and it has to be elasticised somehow to gather around one's neck so gas can't escape after one slips under so as not to have it slip off, awaken and have to start all over. Additionally, sedatives or alcohol might help with any inhibitions or nervousness, but not so much that one will lose track of the procedure and mess it up.

  32. Im a 21 year old suffering from severe tinnitus it hurts my ears and head. I cry and am in a lot of pain from tinnitus. Would be nice if it was public and they allowed all who are 20+ do this you just have to pay to do it would be so helpful for me.

  33. Its so ridiculous that you don't have to ask permission to create life.
    But our fellow animals will do anything they can, to prevent us from scaring them.
    The fact that I'll have to hang myself, is shitty!!!

  34. This video is irresponsible- you basically just told a million people that if they huff Nitrogen in a bag they can die. Not cool.

  35. The medical system and prison system make $400K+ per patient in custody or full time care. You think corporations that run government will let this peaceful option cut into their profits?

    Don’t get me started on the money they make from smokes and alcohol that kill people slowly while buying cigarettes and then treating them.

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