Dear Sales Rep

Dear Sales Rep

Dear Sales Rep, Remember me? I’m that woman who downloaded your ebook. That entrepreneur who signed up for your free trial. We know you’re just about to walk out of the office, but do you have a moment to chat? We promise this will only take a couple minutes of your time. I saw that you left me nine voicemails. Seventeen emails. Twenty-three Facebook Messenger chats and a carrier pigeon. Have I given you permission to contact me while I’m on vacation Sipping margaritas? We didn’t think so. But, hey, we get it. We understand you have a quota to hit. A boss to answer to. And maybe even your own vacation to win. But just because it’s the end of the month doesn’t mean we’re going to make a purchase any faster. And spamming Trudy in the next cubicle doesn’t make me want to reply to your message. Seriously, did you think we wouldn’t talk? Please understand this is a big decision for us. And your inability to put the script down Understand my issues And focus on literally anything other than “closing” Is what makes us send your call straight to voicemail. And we’re confused. Because you should know enough about our business to know when we’re ready to take the next step. And when you use that context to Treat me like a person, not a number. Solve for my success, not your bottom line. And uh, actually remember my name You’re the world’s best consultant. And that may translate to closing a bigger deal than you ever imagined. There will be a time when we are ready To learn more To buy more And to tell all our friends about your company’s incredible sales approach. So do your research. Listen genuinely. And be a partner in our journey. And in turn, we promise to value your expertise and answer Your call Your email Or your carrier pigeon. Sincerely, Mya, Alex, Cheryl, and all your future customers

Danny Hutson

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