Davy Jones – Fialeja and Man on the Internet Duet

Davy Jones – Fialeja and Man on the Internet Duet

[Music] [Music] my my [Music] Oh Oh [Music] we [Applause] to me my boys sing with the time [Music] hey guys it’s outside my usual scheduled time but I just wanted to get this up there a lot of comments in my Davy Jones covers said that oh my god how awesome would it sound if man on the internet ela ha had a duet virgin and you know what I agree huge huge thanks to PLA huh whose name I probably horribly mispronounced she was not only all-in for the idea but she also made some new recorded vocals to put in the duet mix huge thanks to mark Gardner as usual to being an amazing mixer and willing to dive back in the Davy Jones check out VLA has Twitter and Tumblr and the original video in the description below and thank you so much for watching the video if you liked it please like comment and subscribe wink wink nudge nudge the thing every youtuber says and I will catch you all next time buh-bye

Danny Hutson

88 thoughts on “Davy Jones – Fialeja and Man on the Internet Duet

  1. Is it a crime that I haven't watched this movie but I love the song even if I don't freaking understand nothing?

  2. Don’t you hate it when your crush only lets you visit her place once every ten years, but you don’t listen, so she turns you into a Cthulhu crab monster?

  3. Посмотрела видео
    Я: Это идеально! Моя жизнь прожила не зря!

  4. This is so beautifully haunting. The voices of lost lovers from the very depths. You can feel the power of their emotions and it gives me the shivers. Excellent job 👌🏻

  5. Who here thinks Davy Jones was a good villain in pirate's of the carribion p.s I can't spell carribion off the top of my head

  6. Can you make a version that doesn't have that end bit, so that people can just have the music on loop? I love it tho.

  7. The man and the sea…..

    The woman and the monster….

    Neither could love the other…..
    Yet they did…… a true deep love.
    Just like the untamable ocean.

  8. I just… He-… And the tenta-… And she's just…

    That must be the singularly most satisfied being ever to exist. She achieves Godly omniscience on a VERY regular basis.

  9. Sometimes, listening to this song, it gives me goosebumps. It's so amazing yet creepy at the same time how emotional this is.

  10. Ok, I just have to say that, watching this in 2019, and seeing the newest season (or what they released so far) reminds me of Izel and Sarge. From the episode that they released today, that is.

  11. Davy jones: Do you feat Death?
    me: …..(draws a pair of long yet simple looking twin swords as they scrape on the ground with my eyes glowing red as I walk.) try me…..jones. I have seen deaths shadow…. And now….. I am….that shadow.

  12. T_T y esperó por mucho tiempo a que ella viniera, con amor en el corazón cálido y gentil, pero el tiempo pasó, la lluvia cayó y su amor enfrió, sus lágrimas se mezclaron con las gotas de lluvia y eso su corazón endureció, agrietó y su alma mató, al final aquel amante leal murió y en su lugar un monstruo cruel surgió.

  13. I feel you should have done two parts. Like a female voice when Calipso is speaking and a male voice when Davy Jones is speaking

  14. This song scares the shit out of me, because once their vocals raise, there is some sound in the background, like something dropping or smacking against something and I keep thinking some hit my door (headphones)

  15. There needs to be more stuff like this it’s magical music can and is one of the best parts of movies can only imagine. Also got Danny Elfmen vibes when the chorus comes on perfect.

  16. Sounds like the perfect song for the fact that I lost my best girlfriend back in 4th grade because of her parents (PS we weren't real boy frend and girlfriend but we liked to think we were because we loved each other and we're both like Calipso and Davy Jones with our life.

  17. The second verse of the song, with the two of them together, sounds VERY similar to the song that plays in Until Dawn. Anyone unfamiliar should go check it out. They both sound ridiculously good

  18. I love ittt its awsome but the thing iss the girls part should be smooth .. and calm and the other part the davys part should have been sung by the guy .. .. a perfect balnce …

  19. It's cool but I think it would be better if the strong part would be divided a bit: first verse, calling to the sea should be only Calypso, and second part, about keys to his heart only Davy Jones'.
    Then they can rejoice together again in the powerful refrain about "wild, strong and uncontained" goddes, perfectly with Calypso part sung in first person. "I can't be contained"

  20. I hate pirates of the Caribbean from dead man because the original jack got fired but all the other ones were bomb

  21. Me: listens to this
    My big bro: Hey what you watching
    Me: about your dead gf
    My big bro: Takes ear phone and listens
    Me: what did it cost!!!
    My big bro: In tears My heart

  22. 1:15 is the most powerful crescendo i have heard in a duet in ages, makes me feel empowered like I actually wanna steal a ship and become a pirate in the 1500’s

  23. Omg I burst To tears when I heard this for the first time, so beautifully made duet ♥️ I LOVE Davy Jones and Calypsos story ♥️

  24. Audio recording sounds funky at louder volume. Please rework audio to balance it because this video deserves to be reworked. Great idea but without audio balance it sounds like dollar headphones are playing it.

  25. When ever I get emotionally depressed, I always play Davy Jones theme song on repeat on high volume as when I have mixed emotions of anger and sadness I always wanted to rip my heart out and put it in the chest and rule the seven seas for all of internity but in a Viking long boat. Awesome video I like the duo

  26. My boyfriend and I had been best friends for 10 years before getting together, and this reminds me so much of him… love this 🖤

  27. The climax of the original sounded like a lady asking for her love's help in a quest for vengeance.

    The 2nd verse for this one sounds like the two lovers declaring war!

  28. Too much of an echo, made it less of a song of the sea and more of a haunted city feeling… Would be better without the odd echo.

  29. I actually prefer the non-duet version. I think the voice blending when it started was just too over powering and drowned out the song in the background. In my opinion I think a mixture of duet, solos, and keeping it unplugged( If thats the right word.) where each character sings would fit this best. To the point where its almost ethereal, despite this. This duet is still wonderful, and by no means at all bad its wonderful.

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