Dave Chappelle Thinks OJ Simpson Might Be Chasing Him | Netflix Is A Joke

Dave Chappelle Thinks OJ Simpson Might Be Chasing Him | Netflix Is A Joke

– I been watching that new OJ show. I can’t get enough of that shit. Doesn’t it bring back good memories? I forgot just how
polarizing that OJ case was. And, you know, I’ve met OJ Simpson on four different occasions in my life. And before the end of the show, I will tell you about
each of those occasions. The first time I met OJ
Simpson, I was in Santa Monica. – [Man In Audience] Santa Monica! Yeah. I can’t believe a black
dude was like, Santa Monica! (audience laughing) He was the last nigga I
was expecting to say that. Let me see your shoes. You got some Vans on, nigga? What you got? (audience laughing) Santa Monica! At the time, I was 18. I had done a show and then
a guy from the club came up and was like, hey, OJ Simpson’s here and he said he wants to meet you. I said, what? Fuck yeah. I ran down the steps. And OJ was down there, was like,
“Hey, yo, man, how are you? “It’s very good to meet you. “And you’re doing really good work, “and I hope good things
happen for you in your life.” I was like, “Man, thanks, Mr. Juice.” (audience laughing) Standing beside him. I don’t know the nice way to say this. His soon-to-be-slain wife. (audience laughing) Ladies and gentlemen, man the fuck up, or you’re not gonna make it
through the end of this show. Just man the fuck up. (audience laughing) She’s dead. You already know. We know what happened. We don’t know who did it, but we know what happened. I should tell you that
woman was very nice to me. She actually embraced me. She said, “I think you’re adorable,” and she hugged me. She goes, “Good luck to you,” and she held me for a long time, and I whispered in her ear, “Bitch, are you trying
to get us both killed?” (audience laughing) I’m just kidding, I didn’t say that, but. That was the first time in a nutshell. The second time I met OJ Simpson. (audience cheering) Was right after the trial of the century. There I was, now a young
man of probably 23. OJ Simpson was the most famous or infamous face on planet Earth. I was in a restaurant in
Beverly Hills with my agents. I wasn’t alone in the restaurant, but I was alone. I was the only black
person in the restaurant. And in the 90s, that
felt very uncomfortable. Now I tend to enjoy it at this age. (audience laughing) I was having dinner with my agent, celebrating a deal that
they told me was lucrative but I later learned fucking sucked. And suddenly, a group of women walked by. Every race was in that group. Black, white, Asian, Latina,
white, white, and white again. They were all gorgeous. I watched them walk by. Then I saw a familiar face. Al Cowens, the man from
the infamous Bronco chase, walked by and embraced one of the women and they walked towards the door. Couldn’t believe what I saw. And then close behind him was OJ Simpson, newly released from jail. The restaurant fell still. I was shocked. I didn’t mean to say it out loud, but it just came out. (gasping) “OJ!” He stopped, turned around
to see who said it, saw my black face and
correctly assumed it was me. (audience laughing) I was sitting in the corner of the booth. He leaned over all the white
people I was having dinner with and shook my hand. “How are you, young man?” He looked in my eyes and
I could see in his eyes that he didn’t remember
meeting me the first time. (audience laughing) And then he walked away. And I looked back at my agents and all of them had nothing
short of disgust on their faces. And the only one with the
courage to voice their disgust was a woman named Sharon
who used to represent me. “How could you?” She said. “How could you shake
hands with that murderer?” I said, “Sharon, with all due respect, “that murderer ran for over 11,000 yards.” (audience laughing) And he was acquitted,
so, you know, fuck it. Glove didn’t fit. Glove didn’t fit. Get over yourself. The third time I met OJ Simpson. (audience cheering) Third time I met OJ Simpson,
I was doing great in life. I just finished the second
season of Chappelle’s Show. (audience cheering) Man, those were good days. I was playing a comedy
club in Miami, The Improv. I don’t know if you’ve ever been, but if you have, you’d know the door for the greenroom
is right on the stage. Can you imagine such a thing? If I walked out of the
door of the greenroom, bam, I’m just right here, right
from the dressing room. And I did that. I walked out and the whole
crowd was like, hooray! And I looked, ma’am, as
close as you are to me, I saw him as soon as
I came out, The Juice. And I saw recognition in his eyes and it filled me with pride
that he knew who I was. I didn’t acknowledge his presence because it was a white audience, and I didn’t wanna start a panic. (audience laughing) But I did my show. Show went great. I said, “Goodnight, everyone.” They all said yay! And I didn’t say nothing to OJ, but I just gave him the signal to let him know I knew he was there. (audience laughing) And I walked into the greenroom, and OJ was already in there! (audience laughing) I was like, how the fuck is this possible? I was scared. And then my friends came in and we all started talking. We sat there on the couch. And I’m just telling you
what I saw with my own eyes. You can believe me or not believe me, but in my experience, OJ Simpson, one of the nicest men I’d ever met. He was nice to met,
was nice to my friends, conversation was filled with
warmth and levity, humor. And wisdom. We talked for 90 minutes, and then suddenly The Juice said, “You know what? “I’ve gotta be going. “But it’s good to see you again, “and I’m glad things went so well.” I said, “Thank, Juice.” And my friends said,
“Yeah, goodbye, Mr. Juice.” They’re new to the game. (audience laughing) He said, “No, thank you
for your hospitality. “Goodnight, guys.” And we said, “Goodnight.” And he just walked out of the room. And as soon as the door closed, we all looked at each other
like, That nigga did that shit. (audience laughing) I could feel, like, murder in the room. Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait. I forgot. The fourth time I met OJ Simpson. (audience cheering) The fourth time is not the funniest time, but it was the last
time I’d see The Juice. For some reason I was
at the Kentucky Derby. It’s a very long story. This is right after I
quit Chappelle’s Show in spectacular fashion. There was a party hosted by Michael Jordan and every athlete I had ever
admired was in that room. Yes. And then I saw a familiar face by the bar standing there, drinking alone. It was Chris Tucker. Now, you have to remember, at this time, we were both technically missing. (audience laughing) And we went over and we’re
talking with one another and motherfuckers were
amazed to see us together. Seeing me and Chris Tucker at that point would be like seeing
Bigfoot riding a unicorn. You wouldn’t believe that’s
what you were seeing. And then through all the gawkers, a familiar face pushed through the crowd. Here it was again, The Juice. He had his camera ready. He was like, “Dave, Chris,
good to see you guys. “Hey, come on, guys. “Let’s all get together for a picture.” And at the same time, me
and Chris were like, no. Can’t do that. Sorry, Juice, my career’s too flimsy to survive a picture with you. (audience laughing) That’s the end. Good night. (upbeat instrumental music) (audience cheering)

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Dave Chappelle Thinks OJ Simpson Might Be Chasing Him | Netflix Is A Joke

  1. Wow glorifying murder: all black folks admiring that criminal because he did the worst things and got away with it… it’s sickening and Dave lost not just the supply of media (that counts) but definitely my support. Dude doesn’t not seem to acknowledge or care that people died, that Ron and Nicole have been massacred are being missed by their families and no joke or amounts of yards ran, will help them on this matter ….appalling

  2. Yo dave f””k u n oj simpson with white as farmer miserable cowboys name aight, the rest of it i wanna tell u in person

  3. I love daves comedy but it always wraps back around to white and black somehow and no one notices it or just acts like it didn't happen and somehow for some reason he pulls it off !!! I see you now Dave I see you now ! He gets the get out of jail free card just as most blacks do with they're provicational bullshit reverse nonsense. IM WHITE AND PROUD LIKE YOU SHOULD BE BLACK AND PROUD BUT YOU DONT SEE ME PROVOKING BLACK PEOPLE

  4. People say his single-handedly saved comedy with this new show. well…..he saved something a lot bigger. The Freedom of Speech!!

  5. OJ was paying her 25k a month, she was living in his house, and her boyfriend, who was driving the car he paid for, has the audacity to come by the house to return her glasses… not saying he should have done it, but we understand https://youtu.be/wNAfvaJEOF4

    I post this every time about written or video on my Facebook page…
    QUOTE by Dick Gregory
    "You didn't die a slave for nothing, Momma. You brought us up. You and all those Negro mothers who gave their kids the strength to go on, to take that thimble to the well while the whites were taking buckets. Those of us who weren't destroyed got stronger, got calluses on our souls. And now we're ready to change a system, a system where a white man can destroy a black man with a single word. Nigger."

    Nigger (also spelled niggar, nigga): a word that is an alteration of the earlier neger, nigger derives from the French negre, from the Spanish and Portuguese negro, from the Latin niger (black). First recorded in 1587 (as negar), the word probably originated with the dialectal pronunciation of negro in northern England and Ireland.
    In the United States, "nigger" was first regarded as pejorative in the early nineteenth century. In the era of enslavement, the words "nigger" or "black" were inserted in front of a common American first name (e.g., John), given to a slave to distinguish the slave from any local white person with the same name.

    Used rightly or wrongly, ironically or seriously, in any form of necessity for the sake of realism, or impishly for the sake of comedy, it doesn't matter. Negroes do not like it in any book or play whatsoever, be the book or play ever so sympathetic in its treatment of the basic problems of the race. Even though the book or play is written by a Negro, they still do not like it. The word nigger, you see, sums up for us who are colored all the bitter years of insult and struggle in America.

    The word has gained more acceptance in recent years in youth culture through song lyrics and stand-up comedy. Some claim that the word can be defused through reclaiming it. However, most older adults continue to view the word as extremely offensive and harmful…

    No matter how you spell it or say it you cannot change the level of disrespect that word has for BLACK PEOPLE in America…JUST STOP…

  7. In all of OJ's career he ran between 6 and 7 miles on the field. The fuck am I spending 3 hours watching every Sunday if this dude runs 6 miles in 10 years?

  8. 2:08 look at the biotch in the background.
    Everyone is having fun and she has that stone face. I don't get why these people go to comedy shows if they get all butthurt.

  9. https://www.amazon.com/NIBIRU-2019-WORLDS-BIGGEST-SECRET-ebook/dp/B07TBVBQT9

  10. This is supposed to be funny ? He constantly talks about "white" folks . Is that some kind of a novelty thing in America ? Boring .

  11. I love what DAVES doing ,I'm all for it., but just a little observation ,He uses Ratial themes, says the " N " word alot, anf curses, where are all the SENCORS , ?? I WAS FLAGGED AND SENCORED ,,FOR printing the words BLACK PRESIDENT " like I said I love this Guy , but I WONDER what would happen to a White Guy if he produced the same HUMOR. ???

  12. Love this man. At what part is pampering pampering? It makes no sense. But love chapelle but I’m not part of the puss culture and the we have to be in tv and nit actually work tv. Tv=media. Not everyone falls for hitter propaganda

  13. Yoo, its like they spray happy gas in there, the crowd laughs even when he says "… 3rd time i met oj simpson" or "i enjoy being alone these dayz" whats funny ? Like a small chuckle i understand but theyre pissing themselves, this man is depressed people, we need to help him!

  14. The only funny part of this, is that people actually think it's funny.
    If you want to see a real comedian.


  15. i dont blame OJ , nothing more vicious than a lying bitch stealing most of a working mans money while shes off sucking a variety of dick . The real killer is called Alimony.

  16. Oj would of got away with it 😂 but why write a book if I had done it lol 😂 instead jail time n stealing ur own stuff 🚐🚔🚔🚓🚓run juice run lol

  17. You all do know a serial killer named Glen Rodgers basically confessed to his brother that he killed those two…..that’s how Rodger’s was stopped his brother turned him in…..google it!

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