Das passiert, wenn man Spammer aus Amerika droht

Das passiert, wenn man Spammer aus Amerika droht

This video is about an email trickster who claims to be from the United States He begins an online flirt with our undercover agent; Rosa Roth. And after some flirting it becomes clear: he suddenly needs a lot of money because of a new job in Nigeria. Because of that he wants from Rosa 2000 Euros per Western Union to a contact in Nigeria We already messed with him in the first video You can watch it right now when you click this infocard or you can find the link in the description But you should be able to understand all of it from this video At the end of the video, both went apart not so possitive After the scammer said: He never ever want to deal with Rosa anymore, we write him a message to just trigger him. In this case; that he still thinks about her The scammer falls for it and complains that he was called a liar also he claims he loved us with all of his heart but now he regret this funny is also the title “little money” for an amount of 6000 Euros As answer we throw a cryptic quote at him which the translator probably can’t encrypt and we say: “of course we don’t think that he is a liar, but rather we wanted to verify his statements” After we deny to accuse him, we accuse him, he never really loved us Now the scammer acts really dumb Instead ignoring us and cancel contact, he writes us, that we schould not contact him again But Rosa thinks: “We can mess with this guy a little more” and acts like she can’t understand him she asks him, what different is. Last week he praised her. And back comes a disgusting, manipulating mail from him. He asks her to stop this kind of jokes for a single time… …for this 2000 Euros In the end he tries to toady to her and gives her specific instructions, that she should go to another Western Union Bank and she should act strange so the workers won’t realise the transaction she make is really suspicious. Funny that this guy still thinks, there is money to get from Rosa Now he trust us again, it’s time for Rosa’s turn to top all of that. For this she activates her “Bitch-Mode” and writes him: “You loves me more than I love you?! You trust me more than I trust you?! Should I remind you, that you not trusted me anymore when I made a typo in my phone number? Also do I try to rescue our relationship. If I didn’t answer you, we wouldn’t write now. I should be the one who is angry I didn’t even called you a liar I just wanted a verification. But you made such a big deal from this.” After that she invented some things about Western Union in Germany, the scammer not knows. And because all of the good things are three; she also ask the other person, who should pick up the money. Back comes a mail, wich is, in my opinion, very amusing. He seems to believe Rosa. His reason is; He hates to be called a liar, because he hates lies and he is too responsibly for something childish like lies. And all of this because he asked for a small amount of money… …2000 Euros. In the end he pronounced again; that Rosa, if she really loves him, finally give him the money He claims to not disappoint Rosa he promise that for his daughter Melanie wich not exists Rosa let him now, that it’s a bit suspicious that he switch his position all the time. But to get further with his scam attempt, she accepts his demands for money and writes him, that she only can withdraw 500 Euros per day and can’t send him more The sammer don’t have enough with scamming Rosa for just 500 Euros so he writes her she should withdraw on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 500 Euros each so he can come to his 2000 Rosa writes him that there will be some delays because of easter and there will some more steps to unlock her bank account But there is a other solution: Rosa invents an horse named “Hamlet she won a race the day before. Now she is able to give him 4000 Euros. Unfortunatly only on a bank account. This please the scammer very much and of course he want from Rosa all of the 4000 Euros. Because a bank account can be trased better, the scammer don’t want to give a private bank account but he ask Rosa to transfer the money to a business bank account. So he would be able to use a letterbox company. Rosa does, what she can do best: Ignoring the suggestion of the scammer Instead she begins again with Western Union and writes him that she can send him 2000 Euros. The scammer is now really frustrated and question Rosa if this is a promise she can hold and that all of the delays are very exhausting for him. I wonder how he might feel. I mean: he tries to scam someone and complains about, that his scam attempt is going so long. But believe me; this was only the tip of the iceberg. This guy have to go through a lot more and in the end he will get nothing. So subscribe to this channel to see what will happen next to this guy Meanwhile you can watch the other videos on this channel here linked as a playlist

Danny Hutson

62 thoughts on “Das passiert, wenn man Spammer aus Amerika droht

  1. Hey, bin neu auf deinen Kanälen, jedenfalls wollte ich dich ma fragen, wie es zu diesem ganzen gekommen ist. Ich mein, wir alle oder viele haben sicherlich schon ma solche Anrufe/Mails erhalten, was hat dich dazu bewegt so derartig dagegen vorzugehen? Ich finde das so gut, denn wenn ich an meine Oma denke und daran wie so ein schmieriger Callcenter Lappen Ihr Kohle aus der Tasche ziehen will, könnte ich ausrasten. Super Arbeit deinerseits. Persönlich bevorzuge ich die Anrufe, finde ich einfach lustiger, aber danke, diese Kreaturen verdienen es nicht anders.

  2. Schick den nach langem hin und her mal mit Einem Code zu Western Union. Natürlich ein ungültiger Code. Wie Peinlich, zuerst Sagt er den Kollegen bestimmt „geil ich hab die alte voll verarscht, die schickt Geld“ und dann geht er an den Schalter und steht vor anderen an und dann heisst es „nein der Code ist falsch“

  3. Es wäre so geil gewesen wenn er dir für die 4000€ vom Pferderennen eine kleine Bearbeitungsgebühr überweisen müsste ^^

  4. Sehr gutes lustiges Video und vor allem informativ. Man sollte aber die Mails mitlesen, sonst macht es nur halb so viel spaß.

  5. Wenn das nächste Mal so ein fremder Kontakt entsteht und er das erste Mal nach Geld fragt, antworte mal, dass du das auch gerade schreiben wolltest und selbst Kohle brauchst. Mal sehen, auf was das hinausläuft 😂

  6. So liebe Rosa jetzt weißt du bescheid…. Überweise mir sofort 2 Riegel Wunderbar und ein Kaltgetränk…. Sofort zu mir nach Hause..

  7. Was ist den das für ein Name? Rosa…
    Ich denke da sofort an irgendeine 60 Jährige etwas dickere Frau mit kurzen lockigen Haaren und Hängetitten.

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