D͡o҉k҉i͞ Doki Literature Club VS. The Internet

D͡o҉k҉i͞ Doki Literature Club VS. The Internet

Alright! Doki Doki. I just did an
Undertale video. I don’t – I feel like I’m gonna say the same shit. There must easier way to do this… See? Nothing happé̼͓̣͖̗̰n̺̲͈̤e̛d̞̗̭̦-͢ *Girl giggling* So, HOO – let me get this off my c͞͏́͠ḩ̷̧́͞e̛͞s̕҉͞t̕͜҉ before I talk about anything. YOU! Everyone thinks they’re so above anyone
who likes this game. Oh you like this thing? Shame on you. How about if I did that with stuff you like? You’re passionate about something? You’re a loser. Okay, sorry. Now that that hot garbage is out
of the way, let’s talk about the actual hot garbage. I like this game, but y’know, it’s just a game. I can study it, I can appreciate it – but
you know, that’s it. That’s as far as I’m gonna go. Today I’m taking a more “macro” look.
Looking at the factors surrounding the game – Why people like it, Why they don’t- How do I put this? I feel like a D҉͜D́́̕͞LC couldn’t have released at a better time. It’s gameplay evokes a natural commentary about the state of gaming, game design, gaming philosophy, And I know, you’re probably thinking that the D҉͜D́́̕͞LC is
not the first game to do this but, in my opinion, it embedded this commentary into
the gameplay and choices players actually made that was subtle, and then
it also gets you thinking okay – The game knows that I know it’s a game and it knows that I know that so, What will it make me do in this situation that’s right? ᵈᵒ ᵐᵒᶯᶤᵏᵃ It really got them to rethink what games were and it wasn’t just some
boring adventure that you play start to finish. When you get to the end of Act
One, it’s a turning point for you to say: “Oh that’s what th i s GaME Is” I would like to go back to the cute stuff now! Let me put a chocolate in Yuri’s mouth, please! Yes I do have to admit… uh-oh… what broke here? everything is glitching… Ow! What happened? Where are we? Me? Do something? Really?
How could I have done this? Yeah, maybe don’t put
Monika’s character file into Premiere. Not the best idea. I know people love to
compare this game to Undertale and what’s not to compare? But they truly
aren’t one-to-one. Sure a lot of their shallow traits are similar they have underlying horror, fourth wall breaks, lore in the code for Pete’s sakes [bars] It’s funny because apparently Dan Salvato didn’t actually know anything about undertale I think that is just a product of making a meta-narrative y’know? They’re both meta bending titles that use the genres they seem to fit in
to make unexpected experiences and commentaries on the genre itself and I
know they’re both really popular because of that but what I’m trying to say is
what they did to do this was very, very different. Let’s look at Doki Doki. This game can be explained in three acts Act 1 conditions you to think –
oh I’m gonna get with YURI She’s gonna suck on my finger! OH you wanna get icing on me, eh? I’ll get icing on you baby All right I’m done! I’m done! I’m not thinking about it I’m thinking about it Act 2 utilizes these built up expectations to stir up some delicious
psychological horror- Oh , that’s nice – okay yeah hi I like that’s uh – you sh- you should get that checked out! okay so yep we You did it! You proud? Oh… okay. Now you’re just being lazy. Okay You know you need to get up sometime soon Act three is just… ♬ A little bit of ♬ ♬ Monika in my life ♬ ♬ A little bit of Monika ♬ ♬ by my side ♬ ♬ a little bit of- it becomes self-aware and very
philosophical and the true design or maybe the question the games trying to
pose becomes clear- What if in a dating sim, it wasn’t the player that was
manipulating the NPCs to get their desired outcome It was actually an NPC that was manipulating the player so they could be with you! It’s a cool message
but just like Undertale there were a few sacrifices they needed to make in order
to achieve this. I mean the obvious one is gameplay There is like zero gameplay in this but honestly that’s fine it’s a visual novel after all and it’s a
whole zero dollars on Steam DAN SALVATO SALVAGO’D MY WALLETO *cash register sound* I mean you’re not even being cheated you know what do you *stammering* But you know, for the sake of analyzation as a piece of
media the gameplay is non-existent you do have
some parts where you have to make choices such as choosing the right words
to get with the right girl but as you play through the game it turns out none
of that even matters. It’s just there to condition you to think that this game is
not what it appears. But I know in the first play through you can go out with your
best girl and you go out on a date and you almost make mouthful love to a highschool senior But then the game slaps you
wet in the face with a corpsey, nasty, dead Sayori… Oh… MMMMMMMMMMMM The game makes it appear
as though these decisions actually matter but you could play through the
game as many times as you like and you’ll reach the same end An eternity with Monika̰͕̣̣̯̯̙a̪̲̬̭̺a̦̩̘a̠a̷aͅa͈̥̫̟͢a̻͍̳͕͙a̳͇̠̤͢a͏̝̱ Oh, shit, the timelines are remerging! Okay so enlighten me – how does it work? Is it
I have no clue MONIKA
No, it’s just my reality! MONIKA giggles ALAX
Pardon me? dGhpcyBpcyBwYWluZnVsLiBhbG1vc3QgYXMgcGFpbmZ1bC BhcyB3aGVuIGkgZGlkIGEgc2VyaWVzIGkgZ Glkbid0IGVuam95LiB5b3Uga25vdyB0aGUgb25lLiBlZGl0a W5nIGFuZCBwdXR0aW5nIGFsbCB5b3VyIHRp bWUgaW50byBzb21ld GhpbmcgdGhhdCBmZ WVscyBzbyBibGFuZC4uLiBpdHMgbGl2aW5nIGhhbGYgYSBsaWZlIGFzIGFuIGVudGVydGFpbmVy MONIKA
Oh, you’re so cute when you’re being distorted across time! Sorry, this will be quick. I just have to restart the editing program. Great. It’s not responding. *sigh* This might take a while. Man, Adobe updates yearly and they still have so many issues… Well, looks like the programs working!
Now we can talk all about me! ALAX
Alright let’s reel it back for a second
I’ve been saying a lot of bullshit so let’s just get on the same page this
game is a commentary on games, internet culture and a lot of stuff and was
released at a time when the internet was perfect for a game like this it had a
lot of ways to share and talk about this game. The game also had to be designed in
this way so gameplay they had to take a hit but it also deters from the game in
another way that’s both a benefit and detraction for a lot of people The art style, the music, the gameplay – There’s not much to it Why are people saying this
the best game of 2̨̀0̸̷1̴́7? And I understand that argument – it’s a short ass game with not a lot to it. So let me try and breakdown why simplicity benefits d̴̸̢ǫ̛͝k̛i̴͝-͞҉d̡͠o͜k̵͠i̵͜ ̢͡lįt̸́͝er̷̸͘a͠t҉҉u̧͞r͡͞e̸͘ ͘͜͡c̨҉l̶u͘b͟ ̧̕̕ and why it got so popular. People are naturally more drawn to
simple things if they’re simpler to understand then it can be communicated
to people better What I’m getting at is this much simplicity was within Ḑ̶̛A̡̕Ń̢ ̨͡Ś͟͏A̧L̀̕V̧̕͢A̛͢T҉̀҉Ò̕͝’̴̶͝S̡͏͢ means but this limitation also spawned creativity Making game with simple rules and graphics was probably much easier to code it also gave him
more time to focus on the internal logic of choice making and how that would
affect later parts of the game. Thing with doki-doki literature club is all
aspects of it are simple. It presents itself as a dating sim sometimes with even less choice making To the point where there aren’t any unique gameplay
mechanics. And it was this exhaustion and attention to detail that made people fall in love with it Characters using different fonts a small
change but not something you usually see Game crashing events, again, very possible
on a PC c҉͞c̷͜c͠͏c̢̨cc̴͠ćcc̷͠c͠cc̶̢͘c̴̛̕cc̡c̷̶͢ccc̨͞c̡͠c̀҉c͜͞c̵͠͠ ᵒᵏᵃʸ ᵘʰ ʰᵉʸ ᵍᵘʸˢ ᶤ ᵗʰᶤᶯᵏ ʷᵉ ʷᵉᶯᵗ ᵃ ˡᶤᵗᵗˡᵉ ᵒᵛᵉʳᵇᵒᵃʳᵈ ʷᶤᵗʰ ᵗʰᵉ ‘ᵗʰᶤᶯᵍ’ ᶠᵒʳ ᵗʰᶤˢ ᵛᶤᵈᵉᵒ ᵃᶯʸʷᵃʸˢ ᶤ ᵗʰᶤᶯᵏ ᶜᵃᵗ ᶠᵒᵘᶯᵈ ᵃ ˢᵒˡᵘᵗᶤᵒᶯ ᵗᵒ ᵗʰᵉ ʷʰᵒˡᵉ ᴹᵒᶯᶤᵏᵃ ᵖʳᵒᵇˡᵉᵐ Nope! Just when you thought he was coming back! And CUTE! You tried to use the Closed Captions! ALAX
Whoa whoa whoa, hang on Monika ALAX
Y’know, I think we can talk this an̨͏̀f́a̶f҉́́e̵҉̡s ̴j̸k̕͠f̶́͟w̵̵͝ér̢̕͜f͜q̨w͏jd͏̵f̨͝w͜q́ǫi͢͟if ́͜҉i͟q̴wf͟’̶͝j͠’̛ MONIKA
Okay everyone
au̡͟f͢͜͡a̛͏s͠d͝j̶n̶a̧͞k̴sj҉̶͏nd̡̢̕]̢͝ş͟;̷l͏͝f̸͟;̵.̛͡.;͜͞.͢w̵͝; MONIKA
Now it’s just you and me!
s҉fj̴̨a͏d̶҉̡sf͟á̧͠j̨sd͡nj̵̨͟f̷̀͠s̸͡a̵d̴͝j̷̵͞n͢҉jjjj͢͠͝lk̡2̛̀@̡̛ MONIKA
We’ll be able to stay here together, forever! MONIKA
Talking all about my game! Even if some of you do click off the video That means at least 1% of you will stay and I’ll finally be able to be with you forever and nobody can stop me ♫ *laughing* Eh… what? BLEEEEEEEEEH Do you really think all of that was worth it for a point? Yeah, me neither. Are you confused too right now good because I think I would have achieved
the same thing that this game achieved on me.
I’m so confused as to how I should feel about this game. I’m not happy I complete
it, I’m not sad it’s just bittersweet.. I can kind of understand why it’s got mass appeal despite it being super simple. Psychological Horrors with lore pulling a Fight Club on you, it’s all the
makings for a cult classic and I’ve been hearing a lot of people worried that
they’re afraid that these types of games like Undertale and this game are going to
become oversaturated in indie gaming because seriously they get a lot of
attention online for games that are incredibly simple. Honestly though I wouldn’t worry. As much as you can see a businessperson being all “oh that’s a good idea” Business people don’t know how to
execute this horseshit it actually takes people that care about the art form, care
about the nuance in order to execute extremely well. And the thing about doing
games like this if there isn’t that nuance and there isn’t that attention to
detail it can flop. The amount of self-awareness you need when you’re
making something like this it’s it’s incredibly hard.
If doki-doki blew it’s big reveal or it didn’t follow up after or the lead up to
it wasn’t conditioning the player, I really think it wouldn’t have gotten
all this attention. Of course you have to make sacrifices when you’re making games like this. The gameplay has to take a hit and has to be extremely simple You can’t layer these sorts of messages unless the base is very typical,
you know? And that could mean if you don’t like visual novels going through the first part of this game could be very tiring. Now playing this for the
first time may seem fun because you get to do a dating sim the dialogues fun but
this isn’t your type of game I can tell it can be very boring ą̨͡n̷̡d ̵̢̀v̷e͞͝ry ̀́͞a̧͝r҉b̴i͠t̷̕r̷͜ą̢̀r̛̛ý̴͝ to you Hey it wasn’t me this time! Shouldn’t you be like dead maybe? Who knows man… and honestly I do wish there was more to this game like say you put
the character files back in and you save them on a previous playthrough and you
saved everybody and there was a happy ending That’da been, like, y’know, really rewarding it would have given me more closure than
whatever the hell I got now If there’s anything I know, it’s that existence is
pain and closure is for fiction. When it comes down to it your existence could be
taken in an instant. Okay there ‘PICKLE RICK’- Hey shut up! Didn’t you do a Rick and
Morty video that tanked? Let’s just continue the video let’s just
continue the video just continue the video… However if we’re talking about Undertale there’s one weird line we have to cross even if MatPat won’t FOURTH WALL BREAKS To put it simply, Monika is Flowey. Thanks for watching! I think the core difference I take away is Undertale has fourth wall breaks
explained in their lore. Doki Doki Literature Club’s fourth wall breaks are
actual breaks The fabric of the game is destroyed. There is no going back It really commits to the question of “What if an NPC became self-aware” and it
promptly delivers on each of the consequences of that ; the world
deteriorates, files are deleted, you literally can’t even restart the game
once it’s done. In turn, it makes Undertale more satisfying to play
because there’s closure and repercussions for your actions.
However DDLC is more interested in pushing its fourth wall breaks to the
absolute boundary and honestly this is way more interesting as a piece of
literature Heh… I guess I know why it’s called ‘Literature Club’ *MONIKA grunts* Instead of making sense of all of this within its lore it delves into existential topics that are
actually terrifying. What if what all I do doesn’t matter? What if I don’t really exist and my God doesn’t care about me? What if I’m just playing this role for someone
else only to their end? And you know what? Moniika may, on the first play through of
the whole game, she may seem evil Like a demon But, I really do feel bad for her I know you’re made out to be the villain of the game Moniika but really, how can we not feel bad for you? What would anybody else do in your shoes? MONIKA
They’d probably go insane. Honestly, go watch a play through or play it yourself and you can see that
she actually has a lot to say that’s actually interesting. She’s one of the
most fleshed out characters if you sit here and talk with her This could be an ending in it of itself if you actually do spend eternity with Monika And you know when I get all thinking about this it sure sounds cringy but you know I’m just being honest with myself I’m getting honest with how I feel and you know if
that’s cringy to you I’m sorry you’re not in touch with your own feelings Maybe that’s why the fanbase has spread the way it has because it really opens
up these feelings of “if you matter” And you can kind of relate to Monica in that way….? Right? Maybe? But really have you seen some of
this fandom? How are you making that argument? People are talking about you
like never before you are the center of people’s attention, you are the reason
this game got so popular – I’m making this because of you! MONIKA gasps Okay don’t get
ahead of yourself.. MONIKA
So, you like me that much? I so DO have a nose! You’re just jealous that my reality
bending powers are better than yours ALL RIGHT! Now we’re just missing the
Ganondorf amiibo and we got the whole gang! GANONDORF AMIIBO
Yeah, not gonna lie to you Alax This is getting ‘pretty cringey’ MONIKA
More cringey than a nerd with a receding hairline who talks to his cat? GANON AND MONIKA
Yeah that’s true! ALAX
The voices – they never stop! Alright, let me end this before we go on any
further Doki Doki Literature Club has some powerful themes and as a piece of
art I can really appreciate it for the conversations it’s brought up. it’s not a big game, it doesn’t have unique gameplay but for the way it gets people to think
about what gaming is and how it can really impact the genre I really do
appreciate the work that went into it Dan Salvato from one man with a history
of Smash to another Thank you for making this game and putting such thought into making such a great experience. So after this, we’re gonna fade to black again… That’s typically how it goes, yes. Hmm… Maybe If you’ll still have me We could make the best of our time together Sing a song as we freeze into the cold abyss?! GANONDORF
Aw, this is gonna be GREAT! ALAX
No! No! NO! We’re not doing that! We are NOT doing that! That’s weird, that’s cringy that is the last thing I
want to do to end the year off EVERYONE
♫ The ink flows down into the dark puddle ♫ ♫ How can I write, love into reality? ♫ ♫ If I can’t hear the sound of your heartbeat ♫ ♫ What do you call, love in your reality? ♫ ♫ And in your reality ♫ ♫ If I don’t know how to love you ♫ GANONDORF SOLO
♫ If I don’t, If I don’t, If I don’t… ♫ ♫ I’ll leave you b VGhhbmsgeW91IGZvciBhbiBhbWF6aW5nIDIwMTcuIHlvdSd2ZSBhbGxvd2VkIG15IG NvbnRlbnQgdG8gYnJlYXRoIGFuZCBoYXZlIGFsbG93ZWQgbWUsIGFzIGEgcGVyc29u ICx0byBmaW5kIG15c2VsZi4gSSBmZWVsIHNvIHRyZWFzdXJlZCB0byBiZSBhYmxlI HRvIG1ha2UgeW91IGFsbCBsYXVnaCBhbmQgdGhpbmssIGFuZCBJJ2xsIGJlIGRva W5nIG15IGJlc3QgdG8gc29hciB0byBuZXcgaGVpZ2h0cyBpbiAyMDE4LiAgTGV0J3M gbWFrZSBsaWZlIHdvcnRoIGxpdmluZy4=I love you Monika

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