Cyborg artist Neil Harbisson at Misk Global Forum 2018

I was born with an unusual visual
condition called achromatism which means that I see things in greyscale. I’ve
never seen a colour, I don’t know what blue looks like or what yellow looks
like. So I was always interested in colour because I couldn’t ignore that colour
exists. That’s why in 2003 I decided to create a system that would allow me to
sense colour. I created an antenna with friends that allows me to hear the
vibrations of colour. Each colour has a vibration of light and the antenna
allows me to hear this vibration of light. This system allowed me to suddenly
hear the sounds of colours around me so I memorised the sound of red, blue, but I
didn’t want to use technology as a tool, I wanted to use it as a body part so
then I started designing this antenna as an implant and then this antenna was
finally implanted inside my head so I was able to hear the colours around me.
So music now is colour and colour to me is music so merging with technology has
given me this new sense that allows me to express artistically. Hopefully in the
2020s people will just think it’s a new part of the body and we’ll see more
people merging with technology for artistic reasons. I think that by merging
with technology we can open up lots of artistic and creative expressions that
up until now have been undiscovered. Thank you very much.

Danny Hutson

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