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Yes we are live hey cruisers of welcome
to our Tuesday night livestream it is our honor and privilege to be here
tonight answering cruise questions for all of
you it is what gives us energy is what makes us tick we love it so be patient
with us tonight as the chat tends to move very very quickly if we don’t get
to your question hold out for a few minutes wait till things calmed down a
little bit and re-type your question tonight’s episode is sponsored in part
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everyday cruisers just like us just like you guys we’re really really excited to
be here everybody was warming it up in the pre-chat tonight we had it a lot of
questions coming in already so be sure to hold onto those questions and start
typing them right about now again though you can space them out a little bit so
that we can answer all of the questions so if you’re new to our channel I’m
sherry it’s a pleasure to meet you we have over 500 videos here on YouTube and
we’ve been on about 32 cruises as a family some before child some with child
and we love to create content all about cruising here on cruisetipstv we have a
second channel called cruise gear where we talk all about stuff for cruises like
luggage and toiletries and beauty products and all the things that you
might need for a cruise so this is our passion this is what we love to do and
we are absolutely and totally here to help all of you so we’re gonna get into
some questions tonight I wanted to start tonight’s Q&A session off with a really
funny request that I got on Facebook as some of you may know I was on Matt at
Royal Caribbean blogs podcasts last Wednesday and Matt interviewed me we
talked about dollar store shopping for a cruise I’m gonna pop a link to that
podcast really quickly in the live chat right now because it was so much fun
whenever Matt and I get together we always have a blast but there’s the
podcast but one of the funny things that we talked about on that episode was
shower caps and the reason we talked about shower caps is because the
disposable shower caps like the really thin plastic kind that you can buy at
the dollar store really great to use as shoe covers when
you’re packing so they’re really inexpensive they’re very thin and
they’re very sheer plastic like thinner than a ziploc bag think of like a you
know one of those like eco-friendly vegetable bags that you get at the store
now and they just have a little elastic around them since someone on facebook
said please tell me how you do this shower cap shoe thing so I’m here to
tell you my friend on Facebook who asked I’m so sorry I didn’t get your name all
you do is you take the little disposable shower cap you open it up you stuff your
shoe in there and now your shoes aren’t gonna get all your clothes in your
suitcase dirty so you’re welcome that’s how it’s done and I have a link
to that fun little podcast in there so yep matt is in the house hi Matt Matt is
here from ro Caribbean blog we always love it when our fellow creators and
podcasters and bloggers stop by Matt if those those of you don’t know him which
I’m sure that you know him if you’re not living under a Royal Caribbean rock
somewhere matt has an awesome website for Royal Caribbean cruisers and there’s
something to be said for focusing on one cruise line because when you focus on
one cruise line you can really really go deep with a topic so you got to make
sure that you’re following Matt’s website his forums his podcasts all the
things so good for Royal Caribbean so yes Shailene and Kurt just be bald no
or shower cap needed I know my husband is like one of those really low
maintenance hair people – not bald necessarily like your self-inflicted
bald Kurt’s but he does his own hair with a with a
you know a little what do you call that a trimmer trimmer and he you know
doesn’t have to worry about it so I think that’s that’s a good life I’m so
jealous man I have to curl this mess all the time that’s no fun so let’s answer
some questions y’all let’s see what we’ve got in the house mr. Chris dudes
TV are you working on that for me right now if you’d like I can just take some
from the bottom here nope okay good okay Linda Curran we got you Linda’s question
is what should I know I’m somewhat disabled got a scooter
Linda what you should know is you’re gonna have an awesome time on a cruise I
don’t know what cruise line you’re going on but I would recommend maybe
considering princess or Hall in America as Cruise Lines they’re very
accessible friendly you’re gonna do great with a scooter a lot of people
cruise with scooters and I got to tell you I’ve seen it a lot on princess and
Hall in America so maybe check out those lines they’ll be really comfortable all
right John B is coming in with a mr. cruisetipstv question already he said
I’m thinking about getting the GoPro fusion now that they’re on sale what do
you think I’m gonna answer that for mr. cruise tips TV and say we think you
should go for it right don’t you love the fusion I do love the fusion but I’m
gonna say to not go for it Oh she shoots she misses yeah here’s the problem and
that’s unless you’ve had your eye on it for a while and you really know what
you’re getting into there are two reasons I say two not you know number
one I think they’re gonna they’re gonna be coming out with something new
probably relatively soon my problem with the GoPro fusion is it it’s very
difficult to work with the footage after the fact now what you end up getting is
very very good now you compare that to the insta 361 and it’s just night and
day the instant 361 is so much easier to work with it I almost always find myself
reaching for that instead of diffusion now the the the exception to that is if
I were to being be doing some water excursions something like that but I
would hold off unless you like I said you really know what you’re getting into
and you’ve been holding off on that I was wrong John so I was gonna ask you
what the alternative was but she already told him it’s the insta 361 oh and E 1
that’s a great camera um well there you go that the expert has spoken CLX said
have you booked your Royal Caribbean cruise yet no I haven’t but I do feel
like I feel like this whole planning and cruise thing is taking too long so I
think what I need to tell you guys at this point is even though we don’t have
a cruise booked we are trying very hard to go on a cruise in September which is
next month so there’s a lot of things going on right now with us we’re trying
to make a decision but we’ve got some factors that have to line up with my my
day job that haven’t lined up yet and I’m waiting to see how flexible my
schedule is going to be and if we can squeeze one in we’re gonna squeeze one
and so we’ll keep you posted but September oh please we’ve got
to go on a cruise pretty likely that it could be Royal Caribbean also possible
that it could be princess alright Barbara Hampton said how easy is it to
get around st. Maarten and st. Kitts in a wheelchair Barbara my understanding
was st. Maarten is I know st. Maarten is pretty accessible it’s pretty flat very
port friendly but I’m gonna call on our wonderful community here to maybe help
me out about st. Kitts Marin’s I just said what are some good
and cheap things to buy for a road trip on the way to a cruise oh I love it it’s
a challenge some good and cheap things to buy on for a road trip on the way to
a cruise well it just depends on what you’re talking about if you’re talking
about snacks or what it is that you’re talking about I would say a nice car bag
for practical purposes consists of this is really practical stuff a roll of
paper towels some hand sanitizing wipes a couple changes of clothes a really
good little snack pack maybe even a little ice chest full of some snacks for
yourself lots of small bills lots of patience your best sunglasses and you
know I guess for those like overnight in a hotel maybe some good card games or
something like that so let’s weigh in and see what we can
tell Maren here okay Matt thank you very much for the
super chat Matt are you trying to say that that I’m old I’m joking that was
just me being feisty you know it’s not true Sheldon Griffiths thank you so much
for the super chat Sheldon you have graduated to the advanced world of
YouTube I am very impressed we were first we’re figuring out live chat and
you’re already graduated a super chat thank you my friend we really appreciate it
and yes Matt I appreciate it you’re so cute okay Sarah O’Reilly said any tips
for your v– viewing when staying in an inside cabin planning Norway Ireland and
Iceland for next June okay Sarah so here’s what I want you to do when you
book your cabin I we’ve done this too for Alaska we’ve booked inside cabins
because it literally sarah saved us two thousand dollars who’s not going to do
that we are the kind of family who wants to cruise as many times as we can so
we’re gonna choose to save money so what I want you to do is really look at those
deck plans and try to get your cabin relatively close to an exit door that’ll
take you out to an open deck this is a question that you might want to go post
on one of the cruise message boards depending on what cruise line you’re
choosing you might want to say okay I’ve chosen to cruise on Royal Princess does
anybody know where the best cabins are where I can get to the outside very
quickly oftentimes there are exits to the aft pools on some of the ships so it
depends on what your cruising on but my suggestion would be get near an exit you
should be fine Janey van Hooser says hi Cherie thinking
about branching out on my first solo cruise will a good travel guide direct
me through New York through New England you’re scared but gutsy any worries I
don’t think you should have any worries Janey I think that solo cruising is a
wonderful solo vacation and you can keep that Solo Cruise a solo experience or
you can keep it you can make it a more friendly communal experience if you want
to so I want you to go for it and I want you to let me know which ship you booked
on send me a direct message on Facebook and let’s chat I would love to ooh okay
so nurse Nancy said what excursion should we plan for La Romana Dominican
Republic okay let’s help Nancy guys to do some excursion hunting for Laura – so
I’ve never been there Nancy I’m gonna need to call on the help of our people
here but I think one thing I would say is be cautious with the Dominican
Republic right now because we know that there have been some there’s some
controversial HAP things happening right now you might want to consider booking
something with the cruise line oh my gosh I just read the rest of your
comment Nancy we’re a bit concerned about safety
Nancy booked something with the cruise line for deep for the dr for now Susie
Brown said going on Alaska cruise what’s a good place to eat in Juneau Tracy’s
Crab Shack Susie go for it do the Crab Shack Rita
Lockett said how much medical travel insurance do you suggest buying brandy
it depends on your situation usually we buy the higher plan so usually there’s
kind of a good better and best type plan we usually go for something a little
more premium especially if the trip is really expensive
that’s your decision talk to your travel agent they can advise you if you need a
travel agent direct message me on Facebook and I’ll hook you up
brandy Clark said hi am I allowed to bring a flat iron or curling iron with
me traveling on princess brandy hallelujah girlfriend the answer is yes
and thank heavens because if it was a no I would not cruise because mama needs to
curl these locks this is not how I wake up in the morning so yeah you can no
problem I know that we all freak you out about heat elements don’t worry you can
take it with you all right mr. Kristo Stevie I’m ready for some more and bring
it on busy chat tonight eh you got it okay sounds good I’ll work on it right
now okay I’ll work from the bottom yeah I get to do that okay sounds good all
right let’s get some questions here all right Jennifer lamp says what is fun to
do in Nassau Jennifer there is so much fun stuff to do in Nassau
you could go to Atlantis for the day and get a pass to a water park I was just
watching Sharron at sea on YouTube I don’t know if Sharon and Jamie and
Matthew were in the chat tonight but they just did a really great video on
things to do in Nassau that are safe so go to Sharon at sea and watch Sharon’s
most recent video one of the things Sharon recommended is getting a hotel
room at the I think it was the Comfort Suites I think it was the name of the
hotel adjacent to Atlantis and you get free
water park passes so that’s a fun hack for you if you want to do that alright
popular Kim said what should we do on a sea day on Norwegian Pearl so popular
Kim expect the pools and things to be crowded what I would do is try to you
know think about things that other people maybe aren’t doing and if you’re
on a sea day they’re gonna be in those public areas if you want to hit
something popular make sure you do it in the morning like waterslides any kinds
of special things that might be crowded on a sea day hit them in the morning I
would say relax enjoy your cabins that on the balcony order room service for
sea days for us we like to just really relax and kind of do nothing I think
that’s you know well I don’t know I can’t say we really do nothing but we do
more of nothing than we normally do on a port day on a sea days so take advantage
of it popular Kim and just um Lawrence I haven’t heard of what’s
going on with Liberty the C’s I did hear about a delay coming back into Galveston
but I don’t have an update for you on that my friend I’m so sorry I had a busy
day at work and I wasn’t following the news
Meredith Doyle said going on cruise with a friend but you may not want to go on
the same excursion together is it safe to go on an excursion by yourself yeah
Meredith I think in most ports it’s absolutely safe use your best judgement
if you’re in doubt just book something with the cruise line and you will be a
hundred percent safe try not to worry about it it’s the one thing that I think
that’s the message I really want to get across to solo cruisers or people who
want to venture out cruising is such a wonderful safe way to travel you know we
hear sensational things in the media all the time about dangerous things that can
happen but incident for incident statistically speaking I think you’re
safer on a cruise than a lot of different types of travel okay Peggy
said is there such a thing as a portable charger for phones and iPads I am not
sure what they are called any suggestions Peggy absolutely my dear and
those are called the you they’re just portable chargers and I would be happy
to link you some portable device chargers look like little teeny tiny
battery packs and they just have little USB plugs in them that you can plug your
device into so Peggy if you are familiar with our Facebook page send me a direct
message over there and I’d be glad to get you a link okay Leah Piercy said I’m
going on a cruise February 2020 duty military are going as well how do
you handle I can’t see the bottom of that sweetheart can you move Leah’s
comment up for me Peggy’s you can move out and then move Leah’s up how do you
handle the anticipation and excitement when it’s still six months away all
right Leah mr. cruisetipstv is your microphone on
do you know what he just did he just pulled up to his microphone and he went
like this shop shop shop shop this is my drink this is on my breath all right so
Leah are you are you familiar with the Enneagram I am Anne Enneagram – I am the
what do I don’t even know what the intagram 2 is it’s the helper that means
I get like really anticipatory Leah really excited about things
and I’m I can’t handle the anticipation so I try to channel that anticipation by
planning shopping putting a lot of energy into putting together a nice
binder for the crews but trying not to over plan and just getting excited but I
am with you the anticipation is real and for some of us that makes us a little
bit anxious I get I get a little bit anxious before our crew it’s like
anxious excited but you know I would say plan participate in message boards
different message boards look at photos look at menus get involved it’s a good
time to get your packing in order to I mean if you feel excited about it and
put together a practice bag and see what things are gonna make the cut or not
make the cut yeah do it over again yeah great very good tip my dear Cheryl
steers says going on Carnival conquest in November anything cool to know mmm
Jerell I haven’t been on Carnival conquest but Carnival is so much fun
let’s see if our community can help you out guys tips for Cheryl Carnival
conquests – go for it Cindy Kelly Juno has Tracy’s Crab Shack
it’s pricey but it’s worth it Kathy Klausner said what are some fun
activities to do on the ship during a transatlantic crossing on regal princess
ooh you lucky dog well lucky for you regal princess is a beautiful new well
outfitted ship and on regal princess lucky you you are going to be blessed
with medallion net technology so you’re probably gonna have a really good
internet connection you’re going to have all of those different wonderful
features that make medallion class cruising so so cool so I would say
really maximize your daily planner take a look at the newsletter take a
highlighter pen with you highlight the things you want to do and just be
indulgent do those things that you wouldn’t normally do at home attend a
lecture sleep in sit on your balcony and do nothing order room service and you
know get involved as much as you want Sarah Schroeder said have you been on
Norwegian Joey if so did you like it Sarah I have not been in Norwegian joy
but I have been a Norwegian bliss and she was uh just um
beautiful ship the hardware on that ship is just exceptional it’s a big ship but
it doesn’t feel that big joy is a similar ship in many ways I think you’re
gonna love it just I can’t say enough about how unique and innovative those
ships are with the go karts the restaurants all the specialty dining
you’re gonna love it all right Scott says what would you recommend for so low
cruisers hey Scott Scott is our guys he’s are you all know Scott but he is
our Facebook group owner for carnival panoramas first to inaugural voyages so
Scott I would say for solo cruisers choose the right ship for you really
think about any advice I would give to a solo cruise or be really choose your
ship carefully make sure that it’s the right culture fit for you just like a
job would be a fit right a ship can be a fit too and I would say for example if
you’re sailing with Norwegian get involved get to know the solo cruising
host get out there meet new people have some fun if that’s what you’re into if
that’s not what you’re into there’s always the alternative of kind of just
chilling out and doing nothing for the week – Manny said what cruise line have
you not gone on yet but you want to go on sometime in the future I am really
intrigued Mandy by expedition style and smaller cruise ships some examples would
be like uncrewed to Alaska American Queen Steamboat Company to the Pacific
Northwest some ships like that that offer those expedition experiences are
very intriguing to me I would like to also get back on Holland America because
it’s been many years and I feel like I’d like to get reacquainted with halt in
America alright just Guara says anyone have any must-see ports in the
Mediterranean thinking of either allure or Explorer for August next year on
Celebrity constellation you know what Jess I gotta tell ya I don’t I think you
just can’t lose with a Mediterranean do whatever looks good to you this year and
then do the other side of the Mediterranean next year so maybe do
Western for the first for your first journey over there and next time do the
eastern there’s so many different options you could even do the Northern
No in Europe area that’s not the Med but
you know something that’s an option we really liked the Western but I think
we’re looking forward to the eastern as well
Clemson said other than washers and dryers what other items are in the
facilities on most princess ships ironing boards water to spray your
clothing with and dispensers that include detergent and softeners you’re
gonna love star princess Clemson Christine Levesque said going to be
cleaning planning a cruise to Europe is it better to do a transatlantic or fly
to gear up and do a cruise from there personally my personal opinion Christine
and again I’m a port day girl I’m not a seed a girl so I vote fly over do a
little pre cruise land travel around whatever city you’re in and then jump on
the ship I think a transatlantic sounds good but it’s not the top of my bucket
list because I get easily bored so that’s just my opinion
Cindy Kelly says does anyone know where I can purchase the magnets with lights
thanks I don’t know about the lights Cindy Kelly elaborate on that DM me on
Facebook I’ll try to help you oh oh okay if you’re talking about the light that
we featured on our crews gear channel go to forward slash shop forward
slash cruisetipstv click on the folder that says new for 2019 and the motion
sensor light is in there and maybe that’s the one yeah it does have a
magnet Ciara Dickerson said things to do and believes if you’re not interested in
diving ziplining or snorkeling Ciara do the ruins or go tubing Katie Adams
said we went on our first cruise to Alaska in June what destination would
you suggest for our second cruise Katie try the Caribbean just totally different
experience but go for it oh I missed a super chat how did that
happen I missed a few Brooke Marie I’m sorry Brooke that you had a bad day at
work you know that I’m thinking about you and I’m so happy that you’re here
tonight thank you for the super chat my West Coast friend
and the very lazy travelers oh the very lazy travelers want a hint for
tomorrow’s pod I would be happy to give him a hint in fact I could just tell him
right mr. Kristoff’s TV do you see this face what does this face me I forgot
what the topic was what are we doing on the podcast tomorrow see guys we’re too
busy this is crazy I’m busy right now ah money saving no hidden cruise cost
that nobody is talking about you’re gonna like this one
the very lazy travelers it’s fun it’s really fun I know there’s another super
chat up here and I I know it’s from oh it’s Stephanie Abbott Thank You
Stephanie Stephanie did you change your profile picture
smokin girl you’re lookin smokin thank you very much for that okay so Kathy
Odom’s Adams our Katie said we went oh no I
already got that oh I already got that okay shorty shorty where you been shorty
one two three four one said how long do you have to transfer your cruise to a
travel agent I’m curious if we get better perks for your Amsterdam cruise
oh do you have any travel agents in the house what is that timeframe guys on
when you can transfer is it 30 or 60 or 90 days I know that there is a
particular period of time for each cruise line we’ll try to get you an
answer if we can’t just message me and I’ll ask my travel agent for you quality
child care so it said going to Barcelona in July any recommendations for
excursions or restaurants um quality child care I don’t know about
restaurants I’d have to research that a little bit more but ask a local when you
get there and they’ll give you really good tips excursions well we did a great
Segway tour I can’t remember if it was Barcelona’s Segway or something like
that you can just just google Barcelona Segway tours that was so fun it’s such a
good way always Sheldon I already let the cat out
of the bag somebody else asked about the pod too so yeah it’s the hidden cost of
cruising that nobody is talking about so we kind of went into like all those
little like those little costs that that we really don’t hear very much
about like we talked about the casino costing me more in the spa and
gratuities what about the little things that eat into your bank account that we
just never talked about so that’s what we did on the pot bill biingo thank you
for the super chat really appreciate you okay let’s see Larry for jet twenty-year
Navy vet loved sailing what is the best cruise line for Mediterranean cruising
Larry best cruise line for Mediterranean cruise like cruising is whatever cruise
line you normally like so I would say that if you can afford to do the MSC
yacht club that’s a really special experience that’s what we did in the
Mediterranean but you can also think about what you like to do in North
America if that’s where you normally cruise think about that and then seek
out that cruise line over in the Med or Europe and and do that but there’s a lot
of options I mean pretty much every major cruise line is over there so you
have a lot of choices yes sherry I’m glad I bought the bon voyage luggage too
I’ll show it to you okay guys so for those of you who follow me on Instagram
if you don’t follow me on Instagram go over there and follow cruise tips TV
because I was telling everybody that I saw this bag at t.j.maxx and I didn’t
buy it Saturday and then I told everybody about it and they’re like what
are you doing you idiot go back and get so what do we do we drove 32 miles back
to TJ Maxx on Sunday and mama got a $50 bon voyage suitcase that I don’t need at
all right mr. cruise tips TV excellent work you’re happy for me buying
frivolous stuff that I don’t need no he was proud of me but I don’t need more
suitcases I’m already so excited about my white go penguin look at that I have
nicked nicknamed marshmallow so what am I thinking like why would I buy more of
this more carry-on bags you notice I never buy big suitcases anymore guys we
were like converted to carry on people okay
central Illinois housing network I Nick says guys burgers on conquest is the
place for lunch there’s your carnival conquest tip thank you misty gray said I
went on Amazon store and ordered some things for
my cruise next year in September good job misty we hope it’s an easy place for
you to shop and thank you for supporting our channel by shopping there that’s
absolutely what you’re doing dee loot said hey Cherie how are your
eye allergies doing hope the aquaphor helped Oh Dee We Need to Talk I’m gonna
try to make this really quick guys because this is not the makeup and
Sherry’s face issues Channel but Dee um I think it’s my Latisse I bought Latisse
to try to lengthen my lashes and I have chronic eye watering and some sagginess
so yeah guess who stopped using Latisse two days ago I think my problem is going
away I think it was that darned lash stuff so we’re gonna be using the strips
and we’re not gonna be using the Latisse any marks you guys think I should do an
episode on that on cruisegear called why I stopped using Latisse do you feel like
there’s a bunch of like YouTube videos out there that’s like why I don’t do
this I don’t know if that’s me but I feel like I need to share my story so
anyway sorry guys let’s get back to cruz questions or people are gonna start
getting really mad at me Matt yes you do know about all things buying things you
don’t need before the cruise so this Matt this podcast that we did tomorrow
was totally because of a conversation that my husband and I had after we did
the podcast with you we were like Matt and I were joking you know about the
fact that you could totally stimulate the economy if you just gave everyone a
free cruise and my husband’s like that’s a factor like what about all these other
things we spend money on so that my friend was our inspiration nice work
hi Dave Savard happy Tuesday to you too my friend
okay so yeah you guys want the Latisse vlog okay I’ll work on that I’m gonna do
that um Oh Canada says how can we listen to the podcast mister Kristoff’s TV can
you put a link in there do you want me to do it for you I can do it I’m speedy
fingers over here huh okay I think it’s actually on her
website huh it’s on our website working on that for you my friend there it is
I’ve got it okay here’s here is the link to listen to the podcast now you can
listen the podcast anywhere you listen to
podcasts I’m directing you to our website just so you have a home base but
if you’re on iTunes pod bean stitcher Spotify all the places just search
cruise tips TV unplugged okay then vangelia said how much cash should I
bring on a seven-day Caribbean Fandral Kelly it depends on how many credit
cards you’re gonna be using if you’re gonna be using I’m sorry I mean how many
credit cards how much you plan to use your credit card we use a credit card
quite a bit when we cruise we’re pretty comfortable with that but I usually take
about 400 bucks with me totally depends on if you’re gonna be buying your
excursions on the ship or if you need cash for your excursions so you kinda
have to think about that take more than you think you’ll need Margaret rich said
cruising later this month what is one thing that’s a must do on Carnival guys
burgers Margaret rich guys burgers whatever you want on that burger and you
make it your own but you got a try one popular Kim going on a cruise August
30th what should you do on boarding day on Norwegian Pearl popular Kim I would
recommend getting there early walking around the ship exploring the ship watch
some of our embarkation Day videos too we have a lot of embarkation Day do’s
and dont’s videos or just straight-up embarkation Day videos where you can get
an idea for what to expect but explore go get a cocktail or a mocktail check
out your stateroom have some fun pack your sunglasses pack your swimsuit and
have a great time okay everybody’s answering that question that we had
earlier about when you can transfer a booking to your travel agent and it is
60 days Thank You Jackie thank you Stephanie thank you chan WMS Thank You
Jackie so many helpful people Thank You sage and Moon roll crews may 20 2011
Cooper best tips for excursions on the island yes I have an excursion provider
that I keep recommending I heard about this on a podcast go to Robert’s Hawaii
comm check out your excursions there I’ve heard nothing but good things
Brooke did you give us another super chat you did not have to do that my dear
but thank you so much that is you’re so cute Brooke yes we will feed our child
so we’re having chili bowls this week guys for our dinner on Sunday I made an
instant pot full of really healthy turkey chili with all kinds of beautiful
beans in it and stuff and we’re making chili bowls so we’re taking brown rice
we’re putting our chili in there and then we’ve chopped like five kinds of
vegetables and we’ve got them in little extra dishes so it’s like lots of
veggies on our chili so we’ve got like pasilla chilies radishes avocado which I
know isn’t really a vegetable but you got to have a little avocado on your
chili red cabbage cilantro so we’re trying to infuse the veggies into dinner
so yeah chili bowls that’s what we’re doing miss Brooke thank you another for
the other super chat okay Kayla Lowry says are the kids centers open during
dining hours so Kayla you know Matt at Royal Caribbean blog and I were just
talking about this is that some Cruise Lines closed for the dinner hours it’s
kind of frustrating because you have to like pick up your kids during meal hours
and then drop them back off and your kids are like get away mom and dad I
just want to chill with my friends it’s not the parents it’s the kids but but
they don’t want to be picked up right so usually they do clothes for it sometimes
sometimes though they have dinner nights but again this depends on the cruise
line it varies so yeah David no I would never skip mandatory tips in fact we tip
extra Michael Arnold said are the following ports dock or tender ports for
Royal Caribbean Cozumel okay Cozumel is a dock Grand Cayman is a tender Falmouth
is a Falmouth is a dock and I believe labadie
is also a dock right Matt isn’t La beanie dock yeah Eleanor said is there a
way to find out exactly when the key will drop for your cruise Oh Eleanor I’m
not sure about when exactly it will drop for your cruise but I have to tell you
Eleanor I’m hearing more and more depending on what ship you’re on that it
just may not be worth it so I would say use caution when you booked the key it’s
expensive really but you know really do your research what’s up
it’s okay we got this okay all right so tropical tree said you’re sailing on
Carnival sunrise tomorrow you’re packing as you watch the stream any tips for
Carnival sunrise and the Manhattan cruise terminal should you bring your
iPad aboard or is an iPhone and a personally tropical tree I would just
bring your iPhone that’s what I think I would do yeah that’s probably good
enough unless you need to work in which case I think a laptop would actually be
easier Oh Brian Medina said what are the benefits of having a TSA PreCheck card
Brian Medina for TSA PreCheck we got Global Entry but for TSA PreCheck you
get expedited security check-in process on domestic flights you might want to go
Global Entry though in case you’re gonna be traveling international because then
you can also get TSA PreCheck when you have Global Entry but then you get
expedited security coming back into the country from outside the United States
with Global Entry and TSA PreCheck Mandy yeah we have lots of cruises and talks
for 2020 so premature but there’s a lot of different things that we’re
considering we will keep you posted okay D loot said MSC maravilla a yacht club
are all alcoholic drinks available without no additional cost besides not
all of them D there are a few ultra premiums that are not but for us I
couldn’t even imagine what those would be
maybe ultra premium champagne and wine and things like that okay alright guys
now is a good time that if I have missed your question I want you to retype it
now that way we can we can make sure we don’t neglect you John Gemelli thank you
so much we love you too and we really appreciate your support thank you let’s
see here mr. cruise tips TV how we doing oh I got tropical tree at the top
already if you could delete that I’ll look at Renee’s Rene Rodriguez says
hello when will more Carnival Cruises release soon you know they’re always
Renee they’re always on a rotation so it depends you know they’re coming out all
the time so I would probably if you’re looking at like things that are 18
months out probably gonna start seeing things soon here like end of August
between August and November Oh
Canada said recommendations in Greece well we haven’t traveled to Greece yet
once we go we’ll let you know but we’re we’re probably gonna target the smaller
islands hopefully less touristy places when we go and another thing for Greece
is I would recommend that you do not go during the peak summer months for us
we’re gonna be looking at like if we do Greece we’re doing like September
October I want to wait until tourist season is up I think that’s my best
advice who said do you recommend overnight in Bermuda yeah Nicole if you
can do an overnight in Bermuda absolutely that’s on our bucket list do
it Oh David Savard said I know it’s early
but any thoughts of Locke tober this year so Dave here’s the thing I was just
talking about this with our friend and our wonderful Facebook admin Natasha
because if we do go on a cruise soon it’ll probably be in September and we
may have another one in October so Dave I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to
do it all but we want to any unique ideas David for like topics or things to
make vlog Tober unique that you would like to see that could be doable for us
I would love to hear Janis Billy said what is a super chat super chat Janice
is a way of contributing to our channel always appreciated but never expected
are never required but there’s a little button in there that says super chat
it’s like a little dollar sign down at the bottom that you can click on but
again we just appreciate you being here Abby Mohammed said do you think
walkie-talkies are a good idea on the ship I don’t anymore I just don’t
recommend them there’s too many people who say that they just thought they were
a waste of space that they couldn’t really get good reception and they just
bug other people they just bug other passengers I would say no yeah okay um
okay so Jill Hansen what’s your favorite thing to do on harmony of the Seas going
in 2021 oh my goodness Jill you could be on harmony for a month and never hit all
the fun things so let’s see what our what our Royal Caribbean experts have to
say about that in the chat amy open house said missed you guys back and
ready to cruise again Amy thank you we’ve missed you too so glad that you’re
here thank you for the super chat okay Oh Leo Tulsa doing the Mexican Riviera
in October would love to know where you get all your great swimsuit cover-ups
are so cute Lee I’m a bargain shopper I get them at TJ Maxx Marshalls and Ross
but go now because that stuff is they’re selling out because it’s like the stores
think it’s fall target still has them try Target Macy’s has a few and they’re
on clearance so hit them now because they’re almost gone
Brian Medina do you really need a passport to cruise you don’t if you’re
going on what’s called like a closed-loop cruise where you’re not
leaving the United States or you are leaving the United States but you’re
starting in a port a United States part and ending in a United States port so
it’s complicated personally we recommend it though honestly because if you were
to get stuck in one of those countries without a passport it could be a big
pain to get back into the country nurse for cure B thank you very much for the
super chat we appreciate you um yeah okay Nicole have I ever sailed out of
New York City I haven’t but it’s I’ve heard it’s absolutely spectacular no
matter what the weather my tip is for you to get out on deck during sail away
do not miss going under the beautiful bridge and experiencing those beautiful
sights I’m going to try to get some of the questions in the bottom here yes Jim
princess does have blended coffees like frappuccinos on board you are good to go
my friend Scott do not feel bad about being late we see it and we’re glad
you’re here desiree does well do anything extra
special on Christmas Day specifically Symphony of the Seas I haven’t been on a
rock ribbing cruise for Christmas Desiree but yes there will be a ton of
special things on Christmas and the week leading up to it so highly recommend
holiday cruises if that’s something that interests you okay Wendy says what is
the best way to book a girls cruise to Bermuda 2024 best discounts which lines
and ships my suggestion to you Wendy is to use a travel agent and to book early
that’s how you’re going to get your best discounts there’s probably a lot of
comparable prices for those cruises and you’re not gonna have a huge amount of
choices so just start looking at them pick the cruise line you like and use a
travel agent all right okay so yichang has a question about the
royal princess and the medallion class cruising which I’m really excited to
answer for you so Yi Chang said cruising Alaska on
Royal Princess in two weeks I’m so excited and confused with the medallion
though the get ready asks asked me to buy accessories the medallion do they no
longer give you wristbands ok Yi Chang here’s how it works with the princess
medallion when you get your medallion in the mail or at the port you’re going to
get a free lanyard for it so I just banged my ring on the desk there you’re
gonna get a complimentary lanyard all of the accessories though wristbands the
bracelets the necklaces and the clips all cost extra money so you will get the
lanyard though you will have something cool to house it in it will go around
your neck other stuff is going to be for an upcharge
excellent question have an amazing time on Royal Princess I’m so jelly eating
purple skies do I recommend Canaletto or pinnacle grill on Holland America both
but if I had to choose I would say pinnacle girl because I’m a steak girl
all right whoo taking a deep breath guys and taking a little drink here we have a
lot of questions this is a good time to remind all of you that if I do not get
to your questions follow cruisetipstv facebook page direct message me there I
will help you privately we’re at your service we always miss questions here
but we don’t want to upset you we want to help you so that’s how you get your
question answered if we don’t cover it Dana Yeager Baltic Sea on Norwegian
getaway in October any tips baltic oh yes I’ve so many tips for you I’m trying
to think of where to start because it’s a tough thing one thing I’m going to
tell you if you’re going to st. Petersburg Russia
Dana is that you the cruise line may lead you to believe that you could only
book your tours through the Cruise Line because of the visa requirement that is
not true if you are looking to book some tours in
st. Petersburg consider SP B tours over there they have all kinds of Baltic
excursions and they can bundle your Baltic excursions some be my best tip
for you Trevor James you’re going on the 24-day cruise from
Long Beach to Singapore on Carnival Splendor so is my dad
Trevor any tips on what to do for 18 C days my friend I’m not a seed a girl so
that would be hard for me thank you for this super chat by the way Trevor I just
looked down and noticed that I’m sorry I didn’t say that before I I tend to get
pretty bored so for me I would buy the internet package straight up just being
honest packs and card games pack some board games learn to relax spend some
time by the pool enjoy the ship and get to know your fellow travelers enjoy the
steakhouse those of you my tips Paul Chung said I’m going to Pacific
Coast cruise on Holland America and September what should I expect
September is so beautiful Paul for a Pacific coastal there’s a reason why the
cruise lines do September and October and March and April Pacific Coastal to
be quite honest with you it’s the most beautiful weather in California and
Oregon you’re gonna love it pack a jacket that will light jacket in
case it gets cool at night but you’re gonna just have so much fun
I’m jealous okay umm pray trust what’s the one thing you should not miss on
Royal Princess in September enjoy the medallion class experience you’re gonna
absolutely love it it’s so cool but I would say go for one or two of the
specialty dining experiences and if you’re not traveling with kids try a
half-day in the serenity that’s what I would do and maybe a spa treatment or
just some time in the thermal suite fátima McCoy said hi oh wait oh hi hi
okay so DM bulldog hey Cherie what cruise line do you recommend for Alaska
I think Princess and Hall in America are two premier lines for Alaska but there’s
certainly other competition up there right now
you definitely considered Norwegian or Royal Caribbean if those are your cruise
lines of choice but you know princess in Holland America they do a lot someone
said please do an updated solo cruising video I will take that into
consideration we’ve done some some stuff on that before but I appreciate that and
we’ll see what we can do okay alright God Desiree is already honey I’m Stephen
Ames said how busy does Miami port get when there are more than Street three
ships in not at all Steve because Miami is so spread out all the
different ports are they’re always busy so Miami is just known to be one of the
busiest ports of North America it generally absorbs passengers very well
don’t worry too much oh how funny just me taxi said how many costumes
would you suggest for an October Carnival cruise 7 days I would say just
the one for Halloween I think you’ll be ok if you’re talking about like theme
nights like 80s night and things like that just a few like accessories but
yeah but maybe I mean maybe they’re going on Halloween don’t they want an
actual costume yeah so Cynthia said first time what to do with a winter coat
when cruising in February ah yes flying from Pennsylvania to Miami sailing on
Divina to Puerto Rico okay so I hate to say this Cynthia but the best thing you
can do is wear that sucker on the flight because it’s gonna be bulky and then
once you get take a compression bag so take a zip lock type compression bag and
then if you want to just roll it up to take it back home with you if you don’t
think you’re gonna need it and then pop it in your backpack do that but wear it
yes Patrice gratuities are added to each individual drink at the bar and Carnival
Cruise Line unless you bought the drink package and then it’s charged to you
beforehand Julianne tops Thompson said sherry what is the best cruise line in
your opinion when traveling with junior also the best cruise line for the for
the Caribbean junior is not a traditional kid in that sense he’s
getting excited to go on Royal Caribbean and to go on some of the ships where
there’s more stuff to do for kids but he’s had the best time he’s ever had in
his love his whole entire life on a princess ship to Asia he made friends
from all over the world like lifetime friends on that 12 night cruise so he’s
a really flexible traveler he also really loved Norwegian bliss but he’s
getting pretty excited to try Royal Caribbean as far as Caribbean cruises
it’s really just a matter of preference there’s just so many options
Jim ring I think I already got the Frappuccino question yes it got Scott
already haha Scott what are you wearing tonight you’re so funny
I’m wearing TJ Maxx Scott you know I mean no this is Free People actually but
it’s discounted deeply free people all right
so Shelby said best cruise line more geared towards adults
yes Shelby Shaw I can help you princess Hall in America and celebrity definitely
more adult-oriented if you want to go more the higher-end types of cruises you
got biking River and you have the premium cruise lines as well which is a
totally different topic for mass-market though princess hall in America
celebrity and any of the mass-market cruise lines when school is not in was
is in session so if the kids are back to school all those cruise lines are going
to be more adult than they were when it was summer or spring break Maurice
things that hello I’m cruising with my family Royal Caribbean in 2020 it’s a
Western Europe cruise any tips for excursions yes oh my gosh there’s so
many Murray go and watch our vlogs on the western medlab utt in if you’re
going to Marseille try to do an excursion for the day to Exxon Provence
in Barcelona have to say we really loved taking a Gaudi Segway tour that was a
ton of fun there’s just so much to do and in Malta if you’re if you happen to
get lucky enough to visit Malta we did the rolling geeks golf cart tour all of
them are just so good so good fallin I’ll keep you posted on an unboxing over
there I have stuff building up I’ve got to get to that thank you very much for
reminding me that we need to do that each Eng thank you for the super chat
and I am happy that I am responsible for your new cruise addiction that is our
pleasure that is what we are here to do is get you addicted to cruises okay
tropical tree said tip for Carnival many ships have secret complimentary
restaurants which very few guests go to glory and sunshine do go do your
research what what are they called tropical tree let us know okay I got
fallen as well wow it’s been busy tonight huh
yes Darlene Ruby princess for Alaska is excellent so good are you going this
year or next because if you’re going next year you’re going to be on a
medallion class cruise Ruby princess is getting the Medel
an upgrade when is that happening I want to say it’s January of 2020 so that’s
exciting such good stuff we are really excited
can you tell we’re excited to go on a medallion class cruise guys like we’re
really itching to do that okay let’s see here ID I’ve never been to Casablanca I
don’t know about that one but I saw another question that came in that I
wanted to get to if I feel like it disappeared I Donna where did your
question go it went away she retracted her question okay Jennifer we top cruise
line for the Mediterranean is your favorite cruise line to the
Mediterranean I have to say we really loved the MSC yacht club because it’s an
affordable but very luxurious experience how fun that you’re going to cost the
Blanca D I am so jealous that is so cool Oh Donna what is the weather like in the
Mexican Riviera in November Donna it’s getting cooler it’s not as cold as
December though so here’s the thing with the Mexican Riviera is that those first
few days when you’re on the California coast will be quite cool 60s 50s you can
get into the 40’s in December but not super cold but that breeze can make it
quite cool but then the three days that you’re in Mexico they’ll be very warm
you’ll be wearing resort wear okay Eleanor how often do excursions go on
sale and royal often but booking them early is a good strategy you need to
listen to Matt over at Royal Caribbean blog for lots and lots of information on
that okay so someone here in the live chat is asking what is a medallion
cruise Maryellen I would like to tell you a little bit about about it so
Princess Cruises now offers what’s called medallion class cruises and it
features this little thing called a called the ocean medallion the ocean
medallion is about the size of a quarter and you can wear it in a number of
different ways you can wear as a clip you can wear it as a necklace but it
basically replaces your stateroom card it opens your doors and it opens up this
whole world of different possibilities it allows
you to be tracked by the people you’re cruising with using an app it allows you
to do so much cool stuff but one of the best things about it is that it comes
with medallion net technology which we’re hearing is some of the fastest
internet at sea so you’ve got a ton of different options the mid little
medallion also helps you to get curbside onto the ship really really fast what
you do is you pre-register your little medallion and it makes check-in a total
breeze when you’re sailing with princess and you can then download the app that
princess has and you can order drinks and snacks all over the ship with their
ocean now app and then ocean compass is the the navigation thing that helps you
to find your cruise mates all over the ship so if my husband had his medallion
is ocean medallion on him I could open up the ocean compass app and find out
where he is which is great for your children if you’re you know cruising
with kids it’s super cool you can also play games on it you can also do some
gambling on it there’s just a ton of things to do you also pay for things
with it so it replaces your cruise card it’s just the coolest technology and we
got a little taste of it when we interviewed the hotel general manager on
the caribbean princess last year that ship was just being outfitted with the
medallion the ocean medallion technology the medallion
technology and now it’s really it’s really being implemented across the
fleet slowly right now it’s on Caribbean crown regal and roil it’s coming soon to
Sky Ruby grand enchanted emerald coral and Island so pretty cool stuff okay
pray trust we don’t have any reason to believe that Royal Caribbean is
returning to the west coast at this point but hopefully they will at some
point sarah said any tips on the Mexican Riviera Norwegian in December tons of
tips free Sarah start with watching all of our vlogs just search Mexican Riviera
on our channel or part of IATA or Cabo and you’ll get tons of tips there with
so many I’ve never been shorty to the arctic circle but I hope you get to see
the Northern Lights to Scott Hadley said taking panoramas December 14th out of
Long you want to know about weather and
choice places for excursions yes Scott there’s so many good things so weather
in December in on your days in California that is the absolute coolest
time of the year in California generally speaking it’s quite sunny but it can be
very cold and breezy so our jacket will be good or at least a heavy sweatshirt
something like that some of our excursion favorites there’s so many in
Puerto Vallarta we recommend getting a day pass at the now amber resort we also
loved ziplining at los Ferran OHS if you prefer to book with the ship and court
of ire to trial us collect us that’s a wonderful day in Cabo we usually just
take a water taxi out to Medano Beach for the day and stay there so you’ve got
lots of choices boy we have been going for a long time haven’t we guys how we
do not answering questions Nicole how do you convince one of your brothers that
he likes cruising you can’t do it until you take him on a cruise I would say
just try to get him on that first cruise and maybe you’ll win him over you know I
know that that’s just a common thing just got to do your best
yeah Mandy medallion class is pretty cool stuff really excited no June it is
not customary to tip the live music performers at public places on most
ships they don’t have like a hat out or anything like most cruise lines I think
you’re gonna be okay dexon I’m not sure exactly what the dress-up nights are on
seaside but go ahead and just plug that into the forums over at Cruise Line comm
the message boards and someone over there can definitely help you with that
alright guys we are going to wrap up tonight it is dinner time for our family
as always I will remind you that if I’ve missed your question just pop over to
Facebook follow our page cruisetipstv it has my face on it it is not the one with
the ship there is an imposter page out there it is not us it’s my face follow
us there send me a direct message I would be happy to help you special
things to those of you who hung around and answered questions tonight we love
the help guys because even though we have been on 32 cruises we have not
been on every ship we do not know everything and we need your help
so thank you so very much Joe thank you for the super chat are you
home from your cruise Joe Mach give a super jet Joe we really loved your video
that was really sweet thank you for sharing that on the students and coaches
page theme nights for Princess Vernon I would definitely plug them in on the
message boards over on Cruise Line comm and see what people who have sailed with
Princess recently are saying about when they are I don’t think there’s too many
FEMA outs on Princess but we have to check it out alright guys thank you all
so much for being here thank you all for your contribution we have a video coming
out on Thursday a regular video not a livestream and we’ll probably see you
live within the next two weeks or so thanks for being here tonight until next
time we’ll see you on the high seas good night Hey click me to subscribe

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