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100 thoughts on “Crossing Field – Sword Art Online OP1 – Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

  1. ok 1, this is amazing and just starting guitar, I dream to be able to do this 1 day. and 2 im almost sure people who dont like Sao have watched it but it is kind of a stigma that it sucked so if you haven't, give it a shot. I liked and disliked certain parts of each series. every thing until kirito and asuna got married was ok then it turned into a basic romance anime. alfheim online wasnt the worst I've ever seen but it was underwhelming to say the least. gun gale online sucked major ass but the last season was a good touch. honestly, I think they couldve done fine with just season 1 but it was good at some parts and tied up all loose ends.

  2. Опенинг, прям душу греет. Особенно на гитаре, красиво звучит

  3. Excuse me, Sir. I'm your new subscriber here. I want to say that when I saw you playing the guitar, I remembered my father

  4. SAO was my first anime. I loved it, but I now notice it sort of fell apart eventually. I love the openings, and they are still one of my favorite parts of the show.

  5. Mitometeta okubyou na kako
    Wakaranai mama ni
    Kowagatteta ushiro no jibun ga genjitsu wo
    Ima ni utsusu

    Ikutsu mono sora wo egaita
    Koko wa kitto hakanai kokoro

    Yume de takaku tonda
    Karada wa donna
    Fuan matottemo furiharatteku
    Nemuru chiisana omoi
    Hirogaritashite kidzuku yowai watashi
    Kimi ga ireba
    Kurai sekai tsuyoku ireta
    Nagai yumemiru kokoro wa sou eien de

    I wanna always stay with you
    I give you everything I have

  6. Sao Isn't The Best Anime, But It Will Always Have A Place In My Heart. It's The First Anime I Ever Watched

  7. SAO has improved a lot from season 3 alicization, or maybe from mothers rosario arc(yuki😢) and ordinal scale movie.Sadly the great anime is going to end soon,as season 4 is going to be the last,longest and most legendary final fight. 😢❤👌

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