Create Web and Mobile Applications with Oracle Visual Builder

Create Web and Mobile Applications with Oracle Visual Builder

Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service is a
powerful yet easy-to-use tool that empowers you to create and host engaging
web and mobile applications in the Oracle Cloud. With Visual Builder’s
intuitive WYSIWYG page designer and visual development experience, users
quickly create modern, responsive applications for desktop browsers and
mobile devices. Simply drag-and-drop UI components to visually create your pages. You can create custom reusable business objects that store data, implement
business logic, and connect to processes. In addition, you can easily connect to
REST service APIs to integrate data from other applications into yours. For
more complex needs developers can extend the functionality of the application
using standard JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Visual Builder is designed to integrate
seamlessly with Oracle SaaS applications. The built-in page templates make it
simple to design an application that matches the SaaS application’s look and
feel and interaction design patterns, making it ideal for use either in
standalone applications or for developing the UI that is embedded in a
SaaS instance. And with single sign-on and a catalog of SaaS services available
out-of-the-box it all just works together. When ready, publish an
application with just the push of a button, instantly making it available to
specific users or the world. Powerful, easy, no coding required. Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service.

Danny Hutson

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