Create Database Using Visual Studio 2017

Create Database Using Visual Studio 2017

Hello Everyone, Today We will learn how to create database or create connection to the exist server. Click on view tab and select server explorer. Right Click on Data Connection and select add new connection (if SQL server is installed ) or Create New SQL server database for local Db. i used data connection , so select add data connection and select your SQL server name and find your database name Right click on your database name and now you can add table or procedure etc. just add your column name and the datatype of the field , when you have done click on update and your database will be update . Thanks for watching Please Like, Share ,Comment and subscribe 🙂 !!

Danny Hutson

18 thoughts on “Create Database Using Visual Studio 2017

  1. dont know how there is so many dislikes, this is the one video that saved my ass after 3 hours of stupid visual studio errors

  2. I don't understand why this is disliked this much, it sure as hell helped me a lot, i didn't know you had to click the "Update" button to update the database as silly as it sounds, Thanks for the help!

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