Create an Oracle Database Cloud Service Deployment

Create an Oracle Database Cloud Service Deployment

Oracle Database Cloud Service enables
you to deploy Oracle databases in the cloud. You have full access to the
features and operations available with Oracle database, with Oracle providing
the computing power, physical storage and tooling to simplify routine database
maintenance and management operations. After logging into your Oracle Cloud
accounts, go to the Oracle Database Cloud Service page and open the Service
Console. Then launch the easy to use wizard to create a database deployment.
On the service page, enter a name for the service also known as the database
deployment. Select the service level of Oracle Database Cloud Service, which
includes Oracle database and supporting software; and then the release of Oracle
Database. Choose a software edition. Each includes a set of predefined Oracle
database features, options, and packs. You can also select the database type,
including a Data Guard configuration and a Real Application Clusters database. On
the details page, enter the database name, also known as the system identifier or
SID, and provide the password that will be used for administrative users, such as
the SYS and SYSTEM database users. Enter the amount of usable data storage for
the database in gigabyte increments, up to a maximum of two terabytes. You can
add more data storage later, as you need it. Select a computing power for the
associated compute node from a list of supported Oracle CPU and processor RAM
combinations. To use Database Cloud Service, you need a secure shell or SSH
public and private key pair. You can easily create a key pair through the
wizard. Once the wizard creates the key pair, download the zip file to your computer. To take advantage of automatic backups
and store them locally and on an Oracle Storage Cloud Service, select both cloud
storage and local storage. Provide the name of an existing Oracle Storage Cloud
Service instance and identity domain. The wizard will create the storage container
using this name. The cloud storage container has been
created for the backups. After reviewing all of the configuration choices, you’re
ready to create the database deployment. After the database deployment is created,
you can view more information about the database deployment on the overview page,
including the public IP address of the compute node. You will need this IP
address to access the compute node through certain tools, such as PuTTY.
Now you open ports to enable secure network access to the database
deployment, by enabling predefined access rules. You want to enable the access rule
for the Oracle Net Listener on port 1521, so expand the menu for the ora_p2_dblistener rule. Confirm that you want to enable the rule.
The rule is now enabled. You can go through the same steps to open the ports
for tools you want to use, such as Oracle Enterprise Manager, Database Express, and
SQL Developer. And now you’re ready to begin working with your new database in
the cloud. To learn more, visit us online at
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