Cord Cutters Need Better Internet … We Have Charts!!!

Cord Cutters Need Better Internet … We Have Charts!!!

Cord cutting is good,
cord cutting is great, but cord cutting comes with
one giant, flashing neon requirement: kick ass internet. —Check this out guys
this is insanely great. It’s got a 28.8 bps modem.— And it’s not just about
speed either so lets dive in. (upbeat music) Now don’t forget to subscribe, because we are constantly
doing giveaways these days, and that’s how your gonna hear about them. So hit the description below, if you want to see a
link on today’s giveaway. Now if you’re an experienced cord cutter, you’re already familiar
with the internet issue. If you’re new to cord cutting though, well now you have to pay
attention to more numbers on your bill than just the price. Now you have to be acutely aware of how fast your connection
is and how much of it you’re allowed to use every month. Because if you’re streaming, you’re dealing with huge amounts of data. Lets put it this way. The text file I wrote this
video on is about 20 kilobytes, this stunning headshot of
me is about 100 kilobytes, an episode of Stranger Things in 4K, that’s around 50 gigabytes
and that’s five million stunning photos of me. Times that by all eight
episodes of Stranger Things —because I know you binged
it straight through, don’t lie to me— and then
times that by all the shows you watch either obsessively or maybe just in the background. Now, even if its not in
4K maybe its just 1080p, those shows are still measured
in the many gigabytes realm. Heck, this video is probably
what, two or three gigabytes. Point being, if you’re cutting
you’re putting a serious yolk around the neck of your ISP and just asking it to keep plowing. So that internet connection
had better be strong. Now how strong? Well lets go with Netflix’s
suggested speeds as an example. Netflix says that if you want
to stream crappy, standard definition video, you’ll need
a connection of 1 megabyte per second. 1080p which is the upper
end of what’s considered HD takes 8 megabytes per
second and streaming 4K takes a whopping 18 megabytes per second. And that’s just a single stream. Do you have multiple people
streaming simultaneously? Do you ever browse online on your phone while you’re watching TV? Guilty. Got a bunch of connected
devices like smart thermostats, and light bulbs, maybe a security system? All of this adds up quick. And if you cut the cord and
you wanna keep watching TV like I said it can tax your connection. So for cord cutters with more
than one person in the home I’d say a 50 megabit per
second plan is pretty much your minimum, but you
can probably get away with half of that if you live alone. Now Netflix is just an example, but we can use it as a benchmark whether you are talking about
Hulu, Sling TV or whatever. And if you want more info, you can check out how much speed you need, we’ve got a page on that on So that’s the speed
issue, but like I said, there are two numbers
you’ve gotta worry about, speed and the dreaded data cap. data cap, data cap, data
cap. (deep slow motion voice) This is, well it’s exactly
what it sounds like, a cap on how much data
your internet provider will let you use on a monthly basis before they slow your
connection speed to a trickle or charge you hefty overage fees. With data caps I’ve got
good news and bad news. The bad news is they exist. The good news is not
every provider has them, and those that do will
almost always provide a plan where you can buy your
way out of a data cap. The major exception of this
for now is satellite internet, hues nets data caps for
example are 10-50 gigabytes, this is low true, but it’s not like your gonna
be streaming a lot of 4K video on a satellite connection anyway. Now for the big DSL,
cable and fiber providers, we can check this handy
chart from our friends at and see
that most commonly if you do have a data cap it will
be set at a terabyte. So how much video is that? Well lets use Netflix
again as our example here. You can stream a thousand
hours of standard def video on one terabyte of data. 4K video drops you all the way down to a hundred and forty two hours which again, especially if you have
multiple people in the home, will go faster than you think. And HD video in 720p or 1080p
will allow for a bit more, but if you’re streaming live
TV and that 720 or 1080 range is where most of them they will sit, then you’ll chew through a
ton of data really quick. (screaming) (chomping noise) So I guess the real
lesson from all this is if you want to cut the
cord good, I applaud you, but at least a little bit of
the money you’re going to save should be going into
getting fast connection, and shelling out for an
unlimited data plan if you can. All right thanks for watching
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Danny Hutson

31 thoughts on “Cord Cutters Need Better Internet … We Have Charts!!!

  1. Tell us about any streaming limitations you have run into after cutting the cord? Anything we forgot to mention? Be sure to like and subscribe!

  2. I've thought about cutting the cord but have yet to do it because we have a very basic cable package but the pros and cons along with the cost to upgrade the internet isn't worth it right now. Plus, having to explain how to do things to my husband who is not tech savvy would be a huge headache.
    Thank you for these videos though because they definitely are informative.

  3. I have AT&T Fiber the unlimited no data cap and 1Gpbs down and upload speed so I don’t have to worry about any streaming issues or network being congested with me having my own Fiber line from the pole to my house.

  4. Yes after cutting the cord I had to pay an extra $50 a month to get a Comcast unlimited data package as I went through 1TB a month no problem.

  5. Are you serious keep track of your data on home Internet sorry bro but here in the United States most home Internet providers don’t have data caps! I’m with spectrum they don’t have data caps !

  6. Netflix suggestion is what I use for all my streaming needs! my unlimited internet speed runs 5-10 MB and I watch Sling, Netflix, Hulu, amazon prime, and a host of other free streaming apps on roku ultra flawlessly!!!! The reason I don’t have to have 4K or very high Dif to enjoy a good show or sports!! I remember the days when people was excited to get a dvd in SD quality!!! So point being use wisdom and don’t be spoiled by the hype of 4K viewing that cost way to much money to obtain… keep it simple!!

  7. You are right sometimes people don’t understand that not only do you need top notch internet but a excellent streaming device modern and router and to go further 8khdmi hookups or fiber optic hdmi cable depending on your ?

  8. Our biggest issue after cord cutting was that the very first month, we blew through the data cap the provider slapped on us. They give you two months gratis so I did some investigating. The biggest issue was our Amazon Fire stick, which runs UNLESS you put it to sleep after you’re finished with Prime. It was worth with a Roku we had. We used to leave it on at night for our TV-addicted ?. We soon learned it had to be unplugged when not in use because it too stayed on otherwise, just munching away at data like Pac Man. Such a hassle our cat must simply endure regular TV now. ? I don’t really miss the Roku, but think it sucks that we have to go all the way into settings to put the Fire to sleep.

  9. I unfortunately am on a plan with a data cap. Fortunately I don't use my internet heavily yet. For any streaming I do, I try to reduce the resolution to 480p whenever possible. If I was in a better financial position, I would get an unlimited data plan. At least for now, it's just me, and I don't use a lot of data. When I can afford to get pay TV service, except for Hulu and Netflix, I'll likely get Orby TV for TV service.

  10. when I first cut the cord back in November, we were running up against the 1 TB limit (or over) on a monthly basis. I'm fortunate that my fiber plan is unlimited. Once I added an antenna for locals, I rarely go over 700 GB a month.

  11. Not only do I have no cable, but since December I no longer have broadband (after Frontier's price increase, with no speed increase). My T-Mobile Unlimited is now mt sole internet connection. I HotSpot my Win10 NUC, NVidia ShieldTV, Roku Premier and Android tablet. Speed is less than ideal (hoping 5G's minimum speed will remedy that), but is working "good enough." I've topped 100 Gb only once in the past 7 months. OTA antenna to tuner box to BenQ projector. No streaming subscription. Total monthly cost is $60 for the 2 cell lines.

  12. I work for an ISP and I appreciate you making this video. I would basically agree with everything you said. Great job.

    Maybe you can fill people in on their miracle, "I beat the system" tv stream boxes for me and why upping their speeds higher and higher will have little to zero effect on the buffering streams from across the world. ?

  13. Cord cutters: "I want things for free or super cheap, I don't care about the HUGE expense in infrastructure to get me those really fast speeds and the congestion that somes with tons of people 4k streaming. I would rather take the money out of the pockets of ISP/cable providers that make this all possible and give it to the internet leeches like Netflix. Thanks for the backbone investment, but here is a big FU".

  14. I cut my att uverse to go streaming, I had unlimited data when I had u verse, but cutting out my cable, put me on a 1tb data cap, and we have 3 TV's, 3 ppl, we go through that 1 tb in a week, so in order to upgrade my internet back to unlimited after cancelling the cable, att charges me an extra 30 bucks a month on my internet plan for unlimited, it's like att has every corner covered if u try to go streaming, no matter what corner I cut att had additional fees, so I'm basically paying what I did when I had cable with att, i pay 45 a month with sling, but had to pay 30 dollars more a month with att internet for unlimited , so I feel like I'm paying 75 a month for sling TV because of att and their data cap, att also says u get unlimited data if u bundle, I'm bundled with internet and home phone, and still won't give me unlimited data, only if u bundle with cable, it's fucking sucks how they nickle and dime you on every corner

  15. Great video as usual. I'm stuck at 10Mbps, and stream Hulu Live TV and my kids watch Youtube. It's not unbearable, but could definitely be better.

  16. BS! Cable companies need to stop having data caps especially for those of us who pay for GIG internet. We pay the most so we should get the most.

  17. When I cut the cord I upgraded my antenna and bought a Tablo DVR. It only uses internet data for updating the program guide, no data is used for actual streaming. I also have YouTube TV and only watch/record those shows that aren't available via my antenna. I have Comcast so I have a data cap and didn't want to pay extra for unlimited data. Works great and highly recommend for those hitting their data caps or slow connection speeds.

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