Cook Your Meat Online!

Cook Your Meat Online!

*Toilet flushing* Oh! Hey. Michael here. Uhh didn’t know you’d be waiting right outside the R-room. That’s what the cool kids are calling them nowadays. I know it looks like I just used it and didn’t wash my hands and I didn’t but I didn’t actually just use the R-room. Yeah this was acting. Hollywood magic! Am I really Michael? I always felt more like a, a flickable DONG. Something you can do online now guys. Lets get cooking with Cooker simulator. This site shows you heat transfer throughout various meats. The default is a 3cm steak at 23 degrees celsius. The maximum thickness you can choose is 30
cm so hopefully you don’t need more than a foot of meat. Here you can adjust the two previously mentioned factors as well as duration. Play around with this and see how it affects the internal protein state with this graph. If you cook each side of a 3 cm steak at 70
degrees celsius and for four minutes per side the internal protein will look like this. After 8 minutes, 7% of the protein in the
steak will not be affected at all and this is in the middle at 1.5 cm. But around .25 cm deep you can see that an oxygen-providing protein called Myoglobin, has been denatured. Click on temperature to see how hot it gets
over time and time flies when you’re having fun cooking meat…but why? Find out on Why Time Flies, an interactive
timeline you scroll through to understand why time is relative…psychologically. It starts off at birth. At 4 weeks old, a week is a quarter of your
life but after a year, it is only about 1/50th. As you go through you’ll get interesting
perspectives. For example, waiting for Christmas for 24
days at 5 years old feels the same as waiting a year at 76. Each of these amounts of time is about 1% of the respective lifetimes. So, as you go you’ll notice that the scrolls
go faster and faster. It goes up to 99 years which gives you just enough time for the next DONG. The Airplane AR Viewer is a Double Dong. In a sense because you do it on and offline. Download and print this document and let the site use your webcam. Hold the paper in front of the camera and
a 3D airplane will pop out. It’s super cool. But this isn’t the only demo. You can also do it with this watch. That’s a pretty cool watch…OUT For these obstacles on Vision Run using your arrow keys. Try not to hit a cactus or a tree but especially
not a rock because this will cause you to lose a life. As you go you’ll encounter certain situations that will affect your vision so use the spacebar to change the lense. Try to make it to the end with at least one
life and then burn some calories on Digital trap. Which is another game with loads of obstacles. The difference is that you can actually use your head to control the direction you fly by moving it left and right. But if you’re in tip top shape like me you
can take a break from strenuous exercise and use your mouse to move along your path… Finder. This site lets you visualize computer algorithms at work. Position the green and red node wherever you’d like to start and end. Now draw a path. Choose from an algorithm on the left like
Dijkstra and click start search. This specific algorithm works by using a step-by-step process and you can see the path it finds here. You can also choose the option of not allowing diagonals. These algorithms can get complex so give yourself some SPACE and find out what will happen to your body in space with “How Astronauts are Affected.” Select from bodily systems or habits.
Cardiovascular or exercise. If you have lower cardiovascular function, now this could jeopardize health and performance. But exercise can help with this because it
can counter the effects of reduced gravity. So really maybe it’s better to stay where there is more gravity like in New York City which is a great place filled
with GROUNDED people. This interactive visualization of NYC street trees uses open data to show the variety and quantity of street trees in all five New York City boroughs. There are lots of species to choose from so
conCEDAR all of thELM and ALDERnate between the small and LARCH ones. Links to every single DONG discussed in this episode can be found in the description below And there’s a playlist up above so check that out. I’m gonna go take a little break after doing all those tree puns. But please don’t CYPRESS your instinct to subscribe to this DONG channel You’ll be happy that you did. And as always, thanks for watching.

Danny Hutson

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  2. It's so weird that Michael mispronounced D.!.N.G. as D.O.N.G. when that has totally no connection to the channel or it's name.

  3. meat consumption is one of the most dangerous threats to humanity and life on this planet, let's forget about meat please

  4. Have been searching the relative time thing for days but cannot find it since I forgot which video it's. I've tried dozens of vsauce videos and didn't get it, until now. It came to my YouTube feed today, thank you YouTube Algorithm

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