Config WiFi AntRouter to work without Ethernet cable

Config WiFi AntRouter to work without Ethernet cable

In this video, WiFi Marketing Solutions will guide you how to configure Bitmain AntRouter to mine Litecoin with out RJ-45 ethernet cable So you donot have to connect it with some cable, just plug in to power socket then enjoy your earning and wait for your luck First, you need to connect AntRouter R1-LTC in to network using cable then look for its IP using either your router or some IPScanner program Then login to it using your username and password Now under Network tab choose Wifi Then scan for available WiFi networks Choose WiFi network you want your AntRouter to connect in and enter WiFi password Click Save&Apply then wait for your router to connect to WiFi network My AntRouter is connected to my WiFi now And the miner is still can connect to ltc ant pool Now I can unplug my RJ-45 cable and plug my AntRouter any where within WiFi coverage Later, we can check antpool for my LTC hashrate and balance Thank you for watching, please subscribe for more useful video about WiFi hack

Danny Hutson

6 thoughts on “Config WiFi AntRouter to work without Ethernet cable

  1. Hello, do you know if there is a way to make it connect to wifi and redirect the signal to the ETH jack? I mean, like to reverse it, instead of using ETH to broadcast wifi, to make it use wifi to broadcast ETH?

  2. I have followed these steps and on the second save and submit it says some fields are invalid 🙁 what am I doing wrong?

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