Computação na Nuvem: torne sua gestão mais segura e inteligente!

Computação na Nuvem: torne sua gestão mais segura e inteligente!

Hi guys, I’m Átila Castro,
I’m an AWS Solution Architect at Teknisa and I’m here today to tell you
a little bit about cloud computing and the benefits of being in the cloud. Well, in short, cloud computing is the delivery of
computational content on demand, through a platform of
Internet cloud services with a definition of
price according to use. It’s what we call on-demand or use.
on demand. You pay what you use. The Amazon Web Service platform, also
known as AWS, emerged in 2002, and since then had a
absurd growth, becoming today leader of the
cloud provider market according to the Gartner ‘s magic quadrant
and other research centers. AWS Cloud provides safe solutions,
scalable and economical. In addition to confidentiality and
integrity of information, which is very important especially
now with the LGPD (General Data Protection Act). The AWS Cloud spans 60 zones of
availability in 20 geographic regions. In addition, there are plans disclosed for more
12 availability zones and four more regions. This makes the availability
AWS cloud services, which may be one of the main benefits,
have 99.99% availability. Yes, some AWS services offer
almost 100% availability, this means that if the environment is well configured
your application will hardly be unavailable. Remembering that all infrastructure
is maintained by Amazon. When I talk to some people
about using public cloud, they report that the largest
Concern is about safety. And I say, “Go for me, you’ll be much more
secure in the cloud than in your local environment. ” Safety is AWS’s highest priority. When it comes to security,
more specifically, AWS has compliance programs
important worldwide. There are more than 58 certifications,
meeting the main safety requirements. AWS also has data centers, that look like strongholds with strong
security schemes and specific services focused on safety in
cloud as Anti-DDoS, that prevents against attacks by
denial of service, monitoring, access control, threats detector
and data encryption. And all this for small, medium and large
entrepreneurs, that is, for anyone. Even AWS has AWS GovCloud,
which serves the US Federal Government. That’s why Teknisa has chosen to take this
experience for our customers, through a system
totally in the AWS cloud, with integrated services, high
availability and security. Ensuring the continuity of your business. Break paradigms and revolutionize your business!
Teknisa is here to assist you. For details, talk to
one of our consultants and find out how we can make
even smarter management. See you in the next video!

Danny Hutson

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