Compress & Convert Videos Online (Easy Online Video Converter!)

Compress & Convert Videos Online (Easy Online Video Converter!)

Danny Hutson

41 thoughts on “Compress & Convert Videos Online (Easy Online Video Converter!)

  1. I always like your content better the nick nimmin,Derral Eves

    BTW handbrake can usually fix lag video to tho

  2. Nice work mate. Your work on these productions is much appreciated. Hearing another Aussie on YouTube is also a bonus. 🙂

  3. Hi Justin I always use this site to convert my PDFs into Word documents but I never thought about converting videos with cloud convert!! You’re brilliant thank you 😊

  4. I'm so pissed because I missed you at SMMW in San Diego. I wanted to chat and say thank you for all the great videos. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi…… now a day's we all knows that smartphone dual cameras can take really good images just like DSLR cameras can. I like to know that is it possible to shoot videos with those dual cameras?. Please let us know what do you think about that.

  6. Hi Justin, this is great man! Tell me, what do you use for your own videos like this one? Did you use Cloud Convert and what settings did you use? The reason I ask, your videos are so clear, no loss of quality, yet it's only 30MB for an almost 10 minute video.

  7. Here is a proven prog. You do not need to download anything. Everything works without registration and kilometer passwords. converts any video from YouTube into a mp3 file

  8. nice video, just don’t get it why you need 10mins to explain such simple things. Don’t take yourself to important, just get to the point.

  9. Thank you so much! It worked so fast that I didn't even notice it was finished. I've been trying to use cyberlink's demo and all it did was make it wva or something in mono. I like the sound of it anyways.

  10. Do you know a way i could do this with files already on my computer then convert them, then download the new file with just my computer and my internet and the website? Also i need something that does NOT use cloud. I found something a few years ago, but i cannot remember how i found it. Thank you.

  11. Another method is to use iDealshare VideoGo to convert, play, edit video and audio files. It also features to compress, merge, ratate videos

  12. Really helpful.After searching so many videos ,I came across this video.This cloud convert saved my time and easily compressed my video without hassles

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