Well hello to everyone, and welcome to this new GeekTech video, I hope you are well, today it will be a video that will allow you to be able to transfer these files from one PC to another, via two elements, the first it is an Ethernet cable and the second thing it is the program that we will be able to used, so don’t quit so we’ll check that all right away. and here we are again on the PC so we can start the tutorial, so the first one thing is to download the program that will allow you to make the transfer, just go to the site that I would put you in the description that is Dukto R6, and you go down to the very bottom of the page, or you will be able to download it you Notice that it is Windows Mac OS and Linux compatible, so you can to be able to transfer between two different systems without any problem, from the moment you do it, you leave on control panel, then on the network center and share, you select Edit map settings, and you connect your Ethernet cable so that it is recognized, as long as it is the case, you make a right click on the Ethernet card then on properties you search the internet protocol tcp ip v4, you select it then you click properties again, now select you use the following ip address or you must assign an ip address: which is, the subnet mask is by default, makes you OK, you close everything, and we go to the second computer, or we do the same on the control panel, Change map settings, remember not to disable wifi if you have it not to create conflict, and we leave on the Ethernet network card, or we do properties, same as before, tcp ip v4 internet protocol, properties, use the following ip address, so this times this we attribute, since on the first we put .1 not to create conflict, subnet mask that is automatic, and we do OK, we close everything. now that the configuration is complete, the Dukto R6 program can be started, so it is done on the first computer, and now it is launched on the second as well, and you will notice that the first and second computers connect since both recognize their username, so long as it’s done we’re on the link and we’re can make for example write messages and send them between the first PC and the second, you see that it is almost instantaneous, we are going to do the same thing in relation to a file, and we try to send an image, we select it and we send and you see that it is also almost instantaneous for sending an image from a PC to an Other, one can have the opposite effect since it will now be sent from the other PC so you will notice it is very fast for the transfer since it is in Ethernet, therefore the link is well established, and it allows you to transfer data very quickly, after there can be a speed change between the two computers, and all depend on from the hard drive and the memory on it, but it’s still faster, if we compare with a USB key or between transmission in WIFI, also know that you have the possibility to be able to change colors at program level which is not something of really useful but that few times make you want a little can change compared to to what we usually see. And that’s all for this program, I hope this program will be useful to you, do not hesitate especially not to ask questions if you have any at the level of comments, and if that you liked do not hesitate to subscribe, I hope that after that you will not have most large file or folder transfer problem between two computers, on those I wish you a pleasant day do well

Danny Hutson


  1. nice vid even though I cant understand what you are saying not because of your language but it is too bassy in my speaker hahaha

  2. bonjour, jaimerais que tu nous fais un tutot de comment telecharger gta 5 complet et gratuitement et facilement care les autre tutot ne fonctionne jamais et il y a toujours des probleme donc sa serais bien de savoir comment le telecharger gratuitement! je te remercie davance 🙂

  3. Bonjour a toi , j'ai un ptit probleme avec Dukto , a chaque fois que je veut envoyé fichier ou message sa me fait " Error Sorry , an error has occurred while sending your data… Error code : 7 " Donc si tu peux m'aider sa serrait cool ^^

  4. bonjour, est ce qu'on doit télécharger le logiciel sur les 2 pc ou simplement sur le pc à partir duquel on transfère les fichiers PC A vers PC B MERCI

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