Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: New 2019: Freshly Brewed | Trailer | Netflix

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: New 2019: Freshly Brewed | Trailer | Netflix

Here atComedians
in Cars Getting Coffee,
we have noticed that we have,
shall we say, influenced a number
of other shows. I like anything with wheels.
Such as:Carpool Karaoke,
Alec Baldwin’s Love Ride,
Comedians Watching Football
with Friends,
Funny Uber Rides,
Clergy in Cars Getting Coffee,
Hiking with Kevin,Politicians in Cars
Getting Coffee,
Comedians on Bikes Getting Soup,Coffee Break, Coffee Run,
Cougars in Cars Getting Cosmos.
These are all real shows! And we are proud that others
have taken notice of our style and have been inspired by it. The only comment
we would like to make is, if you’re gonna knock us off,
get it right.Seth, Jerry Seinfeld.Oh, my God.You forget we have a show today?Oh, so we’re gonna
drive around all day?Bridget.Oh, my God.-Hello?
Yeah, what’s poppin?
It’s Foxx, baby.
What’s up? What we doing?-Whoa!
Today’s gonna be good for Ricky.-A beautiful…
-Good day for Ricky.-Fresh…
-Happy Ricky.
Delicious day…Is that what you wanted? It’s what I’ve got. It’s a car show,
you drive around. Comedians attempting to function
as normal people. This Wednesday… Oh, you a comedian, huh?
Comedian, my ass. Just give me one solid note. He used to
rail against comedians because they weren’t as wild
and dangerous as he was. Because he sucked. Why do you have a beard? Because I realized I could
change the shape of my head. There’s nothing like
professionalism, Mario. It’s the only thing that really makes humanity
worth preserving. I was mowing them down; left, left, then I drop a right,
left, left. It’s like a bar and a
living room soaked in beer. Look at that face. It looks like they made
the sandwich out of his head. -Can you say it?
-No, no, no, no, no, no, no. We have the meats! Oh, we’re really just eating. Yeah. I’m not saying
anything entertaining. This is it. My God… So… show ’em what we got. This is nice. Once you’re on it,
you wanna stay on it. I mean, why would I walk
when I could do this?

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: New 2019: Freshly Brewed | Trailer | Netflix

  1. Good series, then some chick does a Natalie Portman imitation. Who the fuck knows that? Jerry laughed. 👎 like he's next to Rich Little.

  2. Only in America would a billionaire drive a 1978 Dodge beater, go to Arby's, eat the roast beef sandwich while driving, film it, and have millions watch it.

  3. After Jerry Seinfeld took the idea off of Robert Llewellyn in the first place everyone probably thought it was fair game.

  4. Just watched the Eddie Murphy episode. EPIC!!! The greatest episode ever – hands down. Newsmaking for sure, and entertaining as hell!

  5. I don't get how Jerry Seinfeld started doing Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and saying that's he's the one to influence and created the idea of having celebrity/ famous people both go and drive to get coffee or something, when Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 has been doing this since 2014 lol! C'mon Jerry really!? 🤦

  6. Imagine walking into a coffee shop and you see two G.O.A.T.s like Jerry Seinfeld and Eddie Murphy just chilling there sipping on some brew🤯

  7. 😂😂😂😂😂 they are so right about how a comedian doesn't necessarily have to be funny if the people coming to see them loves them. I'm not sure if the Sammy Davis Jr. and Michael Jackson story was actually funny or not but I was in tears laughing at them.

  8. Why doesn’t Jerry do drug testing so he can avoid nothing episodes like Seth Rogen? I’m not saying any or all of the others weren’t multiply medicated, but for the most part they ranged from good to fantastic. Except incoherent Rogen

  9. Jerry's appears to be overlooking the fact that this format was itself 'influenced' by Carpool; which started running in 2009.

  10. A follow-up for Jerry's homeless joke:

    Q) What did the super rich guy driving a Porsche say to the other super rich guy as they drove by the homeless?
    A) Fuck the homeless! They give each other advice… and they're total scumbag losers!!!

    Jerry Seinfeld is really at the top of his game here! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH

  11. What’s with all the references to nazis on this program? Funny show but it’s a bit disturbing when it’s so prevalent.Matthew Broderick.Dud.

  12. Pull ova…pull ovaa! I'm gone read him his rights…you have a right to remain silent anything you say will be held against you in a court of law…what is this?!…WHAT IS THIS?!!!

    I bet yall read that in his voice


  13. I like jerry s, this show and i like the rapport he has with all his guests. everyone that i am recalling seem like genuinely nice and funny people. i just wish they would make a point of keeping the butt-kissery to more of a minimum. i get there is mutual respect that they want to express just please edit more of it out, we don't need to see all that.

  14. Just watched the Eddie Murphy episode, only the third or fourth episode Ive seen. I was amazed to see how great he looked, but even more amazed how much it meant to me that he was doing so well.. Its not that Im a huge fan of his, I just have so many fond memories of his movies and stand-up from my childhood and teen years, Im really really glad he seems to be doing so well.

  15. I'll say this Seinfeld is good at concepts, but sub par comedian n don't give that number 1 show shit, it had a good cast he wasn't even top cast member

  16. I was not abled to watch it to the end…. it seems that i was more about Jerry bragging about himself…

  17. I'd like to see Chris Tucker, Jason Alexander
    , Sinbad, Bill Murray and Adam Sandler on a future episode. Love this series.

  18. How is it possible to have two of the so called 'greats' and yet there is no jokes or anything funny happening???

    I know Jerry has his legacy but as a host he is very dull, and the fake laughing at not even funny remarks are so cringy.

  19. More awkward outings with lesser know comedians who have to forcibly laugh their way through Seinfeld trying hard. It's so damn cringey.

  20. Here is the interesting aspect of this episode with Seth Rogan and the one that follows, with Ricky Gervais. In this episode guest is known for politically correct speech, being friend with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who also happens to be extremely PC. We also know Jerry Seinfeld is against that PC and is willing to go a bit across the line. So Jerry picks Seth with a broken, old, police car which symbolizes "though police". In the car he poses the question "would you rather be insulted or have someone insult you" and Seth , as expected answers he'd rather be insulted. This whole theme of what is correct and what is not stretches across the whole episode here and there, touching on Bill Cosby scandal as well. Then in the next episode he picks up Ricky Gervais who is known to be anti politically correct, but he picks him up with Rolls Royce. They soon start talking about the same thing "what is appropriate" and it is opened again by Jerry with the "Chinese all looking alike" joke. And this is really interesting concept he took – in one hand he represents those who are for PC, who feel like "victims," in this shitty position (broken police car metaphor) and those who have the luxury to be anti-PC are represented to be in the upper echelons of society (Rolls Royce metaphor). In other words "if you live like a king you probably don't have a reason to be offended", which oddly enough is exactly the position "victims" take. It is also interesting how he slams these two positions with similar points and at the end of Ricky Gervais episode how he spoofs it into this gaff with cartoonish inserts.

  21. Towards the end of the Eddie Murphy episode, Jerry and Eddie sit in the Hollywood Improv and talk. Eddie brings up the issue of Bill Cosby telling him how to work at which point J observed "What's so funny to me, when I think back on it, how funny it was that he thought he had the power to tell you to work the way he wanted you to work. What crazy fantasy was that?" While I don't doubt that he believes all of that (and certainly he's right), I also suspect that Jerry never would have said any of that if Cosby's sexual assaults had never come to light. That is, he wouldn't have openly criticized a comedy legend. But now that he's a shattered icon, he'll talk smack about him. If Cosby had never assaulted anyone (or if it had simply never come out), Jerry wouldn't have been bold enough to air those thoughts publicly. Of course I could be wrong. But that's the sense I get.

  22. "I'm the first to drink coffee, the first to podcast while mobile, and the first to podcast with other people". – Jerry Seinfeld Probably

  23. Why did he not mention “‘Comedians’ on Hoverboards getting Chicken McNuggets” in the beginning??

  24. The show works because Jerry is the biggest fan of his guests. His big laugh makes his guests comfortable.

  25. He has to get Steve Buscemi on this show. The car is a 1966 Coupe DeVille and the cafe is called “The Worlds Smallest Violin”

  26. You didn't invent the concept, my dude. A lesson in humility and an ego check would make the show more watchable.

  27. I love all of the episodes on this show. It is so interesting hearing comedians speak about their craft. I really enjoyed the episode with Eddie Murphy as he is one of my favourite all time comedians. The first time I saw Raw and Delirious, I was 13 years old. We wagged school, went to a friend's place, made a bowl of ice cream and poured in some of her brother's rum, sat back and had our minds blown.

  28. Huh? what shows are copying this show? the first show of season 1 and the last show of this season was the same car and same guest.

    I think this is the last season. Hopefully…

  29. This show is to a "car show" what Tim Hortons is to Krispy Cream. One is a Coffee shop that sells Donuts the other is a Donut shop that sells coffee. Complimentary is the word for this show. Not enough car talk (for my liking) and too much "comedy" that is not funny. It should be called: Comedians talking about comedy with numerous cuts to coffee pouring B-Roll. Time to liven that isht up!

  30. Eddie was acting so weird in this😒… one minute he sound black then he went into this strange thing and started Talking unnecessarily white… all actors act like they have a mental illness to me

  31. I have never even heard of this show. …then I showed my brother my 1967 Triumph GT6. I guess the cars funny looking enough for him to tell me about this show, claiming that this would be the sort of thing that Jerry Seinfeld would drive.

  32. I’ve seen every Netflix episode of CiCGC and want to thank you, Jerry, for all the laughs. Only found a few duds over all the seasons, which I think says a lot. Looking forward to when you have Howie Mandel and Jeff Dunham on the show. Keep them coming, all the fine comedians, jokes and cars!

  33. Now how is nobody mentioning the fact that this is not something Jerry came up with but a rip off "The Trip", British show from 2010 where two comedians get in a car and try restaurants. No script — just them doing bits in the car, eating different foods and talking shit. 3 seasons and a movie in Britain. I mean — COMON Jerry!

  34. The British did it before the Americans. Anyone remember the "Star in a reasonably priced Car" segment on Top Gear? That started in 2002.

  35. That 1969 Lamborghini Miura is absolutely a beautiful car. What awesome body that car has. I bet that manual transmission feels heavenly to go through the gears on. But I think you over shot just a tad, it's just coffee with Chris Rock… You should have saved the good car for a *recently popular comedian :-O
    I think the Lambo would look a lot better without the eyelashes, or the similar lines on the hood. What a great body that car has though, goodness.
    Damn Chris Rock was hilarious I hate admitting that. Dude cracked me up. That sucks I wanted him to suck but he sucked at sucking and im pissed… Meh! :-p
    Peace & Love

  36. 1973 Citroen Maserati is such an awesome car, I am grateful to have been introduced to a car like this, how very cool.
    Neat touch bringing a car that was born the same year as your guest Dave Chappelle. That was one nice upgraded high school Dave went to, The Duke Ellington School Of The Arts.
    Have you ever met that kid in class that really didn't dress the coolest, wasnt the most socially skilled but always had the coolest toys? He grew up to be Jerry Seinfeld 😮
    Sweet car Jerry… Does this mean I have to help this guy find the sense of humor behind his boring personality and I'd say " lack of style" but I dont think he has ever heard it put so nicely, he may think I am complimenting him. Get a clue Jerry stop compensating with fancy cars and get a stylist omg. And grow some facial hair for God's sake, do us all a favor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Humor aside,
    Love and Respect

  37. Ellen was a great interview, man she is pretty funny for a girl… a lesbian girl…
    You two had funny "Seasoned Veteran" Comedy humor with pretty enjoyable chemistry.
    I think I have been to that shopping center you two were in in Montecito, that is where my brother used to live.

    Ellen you should have kept his keys for two minutes longer, Jerry could have used that little ego test if I do say so myself.
    I have always been fascinated by Ellen as a funny lady, as a openly homosexual female, and as a woman with something hurting her behind her eyes.
    Ellen and her mysterious uneasiness behind her kind, soft blue eyes is what makes me the most curious.
    I look forward to getting those painful memories and emotions out of your consciousness and creating a complexion of nothing but Love and Happiness.
    Ellen, I think that you are a very entertaining, inspiring celebrity and as much as I see the discomfort behind your eyes, the discomfort within me is seeing it but not being able to anything from where I am.
    It is somewhat like the daughter of the man that owns the bar I watch sports at called Cheers. I can tell that she is recovering from some kind of cancer I believe. For weeks now I have just wanted to put my hand on the back of her neck and tell her that I care, but I cannot treat or study anyone in the position I am in with their inability to consciously recognize my identity or abilities.

  38. Punk ass old man Howard Stern with that oh so efficient wise man knowledge… O.M. Stern: "Is there a difference between a baby with a bottle and a grown *person that cannot walk five steps without checking their cell phone?" The difference OG Stern is that the baby is not addicted to the bottle. The only similarity is their inability to free themselves of such connection without assistance.
    Howard you have Achievement status hair absolutely, don't let anyone tell you any different!

    Chocolate with peanut butter is my go to as well.

    Hey can you take this show over from Jerry he's so pretentious and car snobby!


  39. I was going to mention Howie's tendency to make negative comments too often. More importantly he makes positive statements too rarely.

    4 years on the streets and I gotta sit here and watch Jerry Seinfeld & Howard Stern psychologically analyze each other. This is not a gift, I failed at life.

    Someone please help me.


  40. Any more Jewish influence and I may just get in the club based on my On The Job Training. My grandfather (mother's father) was born Jewish and I shared a cup with him growing up come on! I want a cool hat and lifelong friends!

    Aziz just because it has wheels doesn't mean you have to call it a bus, especially if it is as long as a city block and folds out larger than the size of an average single family home in the South.

    Jerry that is pretty darn cool that you can drive that big thing, I would need some training before driving that. Haha you backed it up like you're hot stuff. That "bus" is one piece & those 18 wheelers are two pieces with a swivel. Weak!… You should have been there when I was parking my Prius on the small streets of Belmont Shores in Long Beach California. Humble yourself Jerry, humble yourself.
    I come back the next day and finish the episode with Jerry driving away in an 18 Wheeler, lol. Talented & experienced driver, that guy!
    Love and Respect

  41. Bryan Regan is a Joe Rogan regular, that's cool… This episode looks like two old time friends that know they are funny so any random comment is hilarious because that is all they are used to doing together is laughing… They are like a couple of giggly high school girls minus an attention to fashion
    Bryan Regan ya'll
    The Joe Rogan Experience
    And some old comedian driving in some old car
    nice car
    but old
    Jerry Seinfeld
    Can do anything

  42. Jerry Jerry, enough about you, lets talk about or better yet to Stephen Colbert.
    Hello white bearded guy I never knew before Oprah made me.
    I heard you like pursuing God and happiness, and Love and such and you have neat mannerisms.
    Hello nice gentle looking white bearded neat mannerismed man.
    Jerry, uncomfortable and irritated that is how I feel. Violated and ignored. I am disappointed in society for someone not stepping in and helping me understand the complexities of my new brain. USA Shame!
    Love & Respect Funny Guys

  43. Sarah Jessica Parker neat intelligence, gentle, feminine and so well spoken. Good to see you being you. Why are you constantly referring to "back in the day" like we are 75 years old or something? You are talking like a grandma lady!
    Make sure you use that well spoken intelligence to the best of your ability *young Sarah Jessica Parker.
    I'm out here trying to heal the World without a proper platform while my human rights and privacy are being violated at an alarming rate. I am uncomfortable and offended by the disturbing abusive nature of modern humanity.
    "Perverted stalkers" and "rape" are the most common thoughts that go through my head throughout the day.
    Please help me get out of this abusive, bullying, toxic environment.
    Love and Respect, ko

  44. Sarah Jessica Parker neat intelligence, gentle, and also so well spoken. Good to see you being you. Why are you constantly referring to "back in the day" like we are 75 years old or something? You are talking like a grandma lady!

    Make sure you use that well spoken intelligence to the best of your ability *young Sarah Jessica Parker.

    I'm out here trying to heal the World without a proper platform while my human rights and privacy are being violated at an alarming rate. I am uncomfortable and offended by the disturbing abusive nature of modern humanity.

    "Perverted stalkers" and "rape" are the most common thoughts that go through my head throughout the day.

    Please help me get out of this abusive, bullying, toxic environment.

    Love and Respect, ko

  45. Jerry Seinfeld please enlighten your pretentious, snobby, douche of a car brain all the statistical facts that the Toyota Prius has absolutely destroyed. I guarantee you there is at least 5 statistical categories within car sales that Toyota has completely destroyed the competition. Don't knock the Prius, Tree Beater!


    Bill Burr is a Ford guy.
    No need to elaborate,
    all has been revealed.

  46. 1976 Lamborghini Countach LP400 is an awesome looking car. Crazy back then a V12 only put out 370 Horses… I like those air scoops on the back I think it makes the car look like a super hero car. Jim Carrey got a cool car oh man I would have made the JC episode be in a Suzuki Sidekick, Volkswagen Thing, or a John Deere tractor. That dude is strange… Why are you so weird Mr. Carrey? Seriously, I said seriously, oh forget it! The artist, the comedian, the actor. One of the OG funny men in modern American Television, oh he's Canadian. From one of my all time favorite movies, quick Kyle make something up Google, Wiki, Larry The Cable Guy, he was great in that one, something positive, I remember that one funny line, haha. The great Jim Carrey y'all.

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber, The Mask, Me Myself & Irene, & The Truman Show are all favorite Jim Carrey movies of mine. a legendary sillyman Jim Carrey is an hilarious piece of North American comedic history.

    I cannot remember a person that gave me more laughs in the 90's, then inspired me to dream to forget in my early 20's.

    Dynamic as an actor, more than he is given credit for. Now let's hope he has something nonstupid to say in this 15 minute interview with The Seinfeld Show guy.

    I am understanding your humor more Jerry, thank you for teaching me tolerance ya yuppie. Your humor is beautiful! Its a non judgmental, snobby, honest, and funny sense of humor.

     Jim after successfully completely the drop test: "Ya know, it doesn't take much to feel good about yourself."
    Jerry: "There is nothing less than that."

    Jim: "Stupid sh!t makes me laugh, why is that?"
    Seinfeld Show guy: "Because it is not stupid."
    Good stuff guys that was funny and deep. Jerry Jerry!
    Because I thought it was funny that is why it is not stupid. Because my brain is creative enough to find the humor in things most people won't find funny. I am laughing sending joyful healthy chemicals to my brain based on the creative non judgmental ideas my brain thinks of. I can rely on the creativity of my own brain to keep me joyful and entertained wherever I am.

    Do not tell me I am hurting others if that is not my intention whatsoever, you dont know my brain, humor, or conscience.

    Oh but anything Jim Carrey says is definitely stupid, and questionably funny so don't take anything I just wrote too seriously, I was referring to anyone and everyone else.
    Sorry I have not taken my sedatives for being stalked and raped by the people I am seeking help from. I apologize if my humor is not perfect while my Human Rights are being violated at an unbelievable uncomfortable rate. BULLIES!!!!!!!
    Perfect sense of humor, lol.

    Jerry feeling Jim's art

    Thank was by far my favorite episode,
    other than the Joe Rogan episode, obviously!

    XOXO, Kyle

  47. Jimmy Fallon ya'll, much Love funny guy. Jerry cool shorts on that episode, and cool experience for Jimmy. Jimmy Fallon, who are you?
    Peace and Love


  48. Yes Jerry Seinfeld Please help to metaphorically bury the martyr. Barry Marder a funny guy for funny times!
    I want my Privacy, I want my Basic Human Rights.

    Enough violating my Privacy, I have been punished, tortured, & witnessed suffering enough, by EVERYONE!

    R.I.P. Elijah Eugene Cummings House Oversight Committee 10-17-19 (27,36)
    I am looking forward to my Rogen & Rogan Sausage Party, this part of the David vs. Goliath story needs to move on to the Love part.

    I will not be left on the stake excessively I am not an Independent martyr, my health is simply a gauge to measure the well being of the Universe.

  49. People interviews…so revolutionary. Whatever…since tv and radio and YouTube and podcasts…oh yeah and journalists…it was ALL Jerry's idea.

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