Combat Arms – Granadas de Spammers(F.A.N.S.)

Combat Arms – Granadas de Spammers(F.A.N.S.)

hang around my mask on right cool hi I’m May did you know that there been over 1.5 billion grenades thrown in combat ops on average about one in six results in a kill for a total of 240 million kills make that 240 million in one killed hey it’s a problem you know how we take care of nade spammers and combat arms with guns so if you like spamming Nate bring your little friends and meet me in combat arms so I could you up

Danny Hutson

15 thoughts on “Combat Arms – Granadas de Spammers(F.A.N.S.)

  1. Ei kkkkkkkk a perte q ela fala dos feridos ela leva um tiro kkkkkkk e ainda fala 240 e um milhões q saem feridos kkkkkkkkkk Mt show

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