cole carrigan ‘not everything is what it seems to be online’

cole carrigan ‘not everything is what it seems to be online’

Some of you may have seen this video floating
around lately. I wanted to ask the guy in the video Cole
Carrigan for more information, so I contacted him on Twitter. I asked him if he could give me more information,
and he refused. I told him that I was just trying to clarify
a couple of things, and he told me. “There’s literally nothing to talk about. Just know that if you use my footage, I will
take down your video for copyright.” So yeah, it was a pretty short conversation. And then Twitter was like: “You can’t
send messages to this person.” At first I was thinking “It’s because
I have an Android isn’t it”. But no, he just blocked me. Like, I could not believe what I was seeing,
I could not believe it. And you shouldn’t either because I made
it up just now and the screenshots are fake. //roll intro
Today I’m talking about how influencers use drama to manipulate millions of people,
inflate their bank accounts, and 9 times out of 10, completely get away with it. You know, Kind of like Cole Carrigan and the
Ace Family. But first, I have to preface with two very
important things. One: the Ace Family is disgusting, and I’m
not, not planning to, or ever have been supporting or defending them in any way. And two: I’m not here to prove or debunk
the allegations that were recently brought up against Austin of the ACE Family. Because, both of those things are very serious
topics and there’s no way I could make a video about it so quickly. So instead, I’m here to talk about why that
video should never have been made in the first place. It all started when makeup vlogger Cole Carrigan
tweeted out that Austin McBroom of the ACE Family, a family vlogging channel with over
17 million subscribers, allegedly cheated on his YouTube wife with many of Cole’s
friends, and in addition to that was a criminal, who actually assaulted one of Cole’s friends,
and that he paid off one of the largest drama channels $500,000 to keep the story quiet. This information came out of literally nowhere
and everybody was asking Cole to make a video about it. So make a video he did. He started by addressing the fact that after
his tweet started going viral, someone from Austin’s team allegedly contacted the victim
and warned her that she should stop Cole from making the video before they face consequences. Someone from Austin McBroom’s team actually
texted my friend that this happened to, I’ll put the screenshot right here. And I proceeded to tell her, they’re just
trying to scare you, I just went through this exact same thing so I’m not scared. What needs to be said is going to be said
regardless, and if I need to say it, I’ll do it. So this was already a weird start to the video
for me, because Cole just admits that he was the one who decided to come forward with the
story . . . in fact, she wouldn’t have even gotten those threatening texts if he hadn’t
been Tweeting about her situation in the first place. Anyway, then Keemstar from DramaAlert, the
big channel who allegedly took the payoff, contacted Cole and asked if he could speak
to the alleged victim. She said no. I talked to her and I just told her really
how much she would be helping other girls, and not only herself and getting justice for
herself, but helping other people in the future from this happening. I kind of convinced her to talk to him. So here he pressures her into giving her story
to Keemstar when she didn’t want to. So according Cole, Keemstar wound up backing
out because of the payoff. So I texted him, saying “how much did they
pay you to keep quiet” and he responded with this, and I was completely shocked. I immediately called my friend and told her
that he was paid off $500,000 to keep quiet about the situation, and that I needed to
come forward. Okay so, he just said point blank, that he
decided to come forward again. And he even explains that she did not want
to because she felt unsafe. Obviously she was really hesitant about this
because that would lead to more information about her being put out there. If she didn’t want to do this, she didn’t
have to, and I wanted to make her feel as comfortable as possible. If she didn’t want to do it, she didn’t
have to. But she didn’t want to do it. Cole said that this was his idea. The more times I watched this video, the more
concerning it got as I realized he’s just explaining how manipulated and forced his
friend to kind of “give him permission” to go forward with her story. Now, the rest of the video is what you would
have to watch for yourself to decide how you feel about it. It’s just him going through the timeline of
events, then he decides to call, not the friend, but one of his other friends who was also
there at the time apparently. And all of a sudden, I hear her yelling “no”
and screaming and crying. So this other friend heard it going on but
wasn’t in the room, or something. I don’t know, It was kind of hard to follow. But after that, Cole concludes the call and
that’s it. Okay, so now that you literally have the point
of view from someone who was actually there, that is enough proof and I really don’t need
to provide anything else. That’s not really how that works. After all, he showed a couple of photos, a
lot of screenshots, and one anonymous person talking through a voice changer. Now, just because those things aren’t evidence
does not mean that’s what happening in the video isn’t true, but at the same time, that’s
nowhere near enough for everyone to just blindly believe everything he’s saying in– oh, nevermind,
they did. Nothing in this video really proves or disproves
what happened, it’s just bringing allegations to light, which is much different. But, as stated multiple times by Cole himself,
the victim didn’t want to do that. So why did he make the video? It’s just not something that I as a person
can stay quiet on, it’s just against my morals and it’s something I absolutely won’t do. This is literally just to bring awareness
to people who are in a similar situation that it’s okay and it happens and you’re not alone. So I hope you guys take something from this,
that not everything is what it seems to be online. You know. That’s the only thing he said in this video
so far that I’m positive about. I really don’t think this video is what it
seems, because I’m pretty sure he’s lying about the entire reason he made it. See, if there’s one thing Cole’s good at,
it’s getting people to talk about his videos. The society that I was raised around in Texas
was so different than how things are today. People normalized saying those words around
each other like it was normal. That’s crazy because we’re the exact same
age and I grew up in Texas too, and I just– don’t remember people saying things like “Johnny, can I have a God Damn […] Pencil? Sorry Ms Grayson, I didn’t do my […] homework” when I was 12, but . . . yeah, I don’t know,
that seems like something I would remember. But honestly, saying that kind of stuff when
you’re 12 is literally harmless, It’s just the fact that the behavior continued up all
the way up through 2017 that led many people to question his apology video. But you know, having a “dark past” wasn’t
enough to propel him into the spotlight, unlike some people. So, he looked for other opportunities. He tried joining, and subsequently leaving
Team 10. That got him a couple million views, but it
didn’t really do anything for his career. He tried starting a very one-sided beef with
Cameron Dallas and again, that didn’t do much. See, for someone who tried to get into the
limelight so frequently, his friend coming and confiding in him with her story of assault
was a business opportunity. There’s a reason we don’t pressure people
into talking about things that they’re not ready to yet, because the day that video went
up, people immediately found the girls he was talking about within the same day. He said he made the video because of his morals,
but he knew about this story for four months before saying anything, and he only went public
with it once one of his tweets about the Ace Family got nearly 100,000 likes. He’s an opportunist. Well, if all this wasn’t weird enough, he
tried to extort $100,000 from the ACE family. 100,000. See, when Keemstar told him that he got paid
off $500,000 dollars, which was a joke by the way, but Cole conveniently left that out,
Cole initally believed it. So Cole thought “I can get at least a hundred
thousand dollars out of it.” He told his friends that they would split
the 100k. And see, I wouldn’t believe this screenshot
was real either, except the YouTube channel Tea Spill asked Cole himself if these were
real, and Cole himself said they were. After realizing that they weren’t going to
get the money they went forward with the video anyway, and all chaos ensued. Some people are saying that she should have
gone to the police if it really happened, some people are saying that Austin McBroom
is a saint and he would never do this, other people are saying we should just believe everything
that’s in that vidoe, and honestly those are all pretty ignorant and dangerous ways of
looking at a situation. So unlike most videos I’ve seen about the
topic, I’m not here to try to lead you to believe one thing or the other. What I truly believe is that we shouldn’t
be talking about this. Misconduct allegations, life-threatening issues,
criminal activity; these are the kinds of things that don’t get fixed by talking about
them on the internet, but definitely get worse. It’s not like some old tweets here and there. The reason this doesn’t work online is because
the internet doesn’t have respect for victims; it puts all its energy into bringing down
the accused. People don’t care about how the people who
have been hurt feel, they just want to see somebody get taken down. And so with all that knowledge, I can completely
understand why Cole’s friend did not want to bring this to everyone’s attention just
four months after it happened. But Cole still pressured her into doing that
anyway. People think that drama is a game and we’re
all the players, but the issue is these influencers see us as the pieces. They don’t even have to have a straight
story anymore, as long as you’re talking about it, they’re profiting. So if they can manipulate us into having these
conversations that we should never have had in the first place, it’s free “entertainment”
for us, free money for them, and it’s only at the expense of the actual victim. And in this case, the victim herself never
wanted to come forward in the first place. In conclusion, I made this video because I
feel like everyone was looking at this as a very black or white situation. But it was never our situation, in the same
way that it was never Cole’s to begin with. We had this whole dialogue where everyone
got to speak except the victim. Or that’s my perspective anyway. Anyway, leave a like, tell me what you think,
and subscribe if you haven’t already. Thank you for watching and a big thank you
to my 215,000 subscribers.

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “cole carrigan ‘not everything is what it seems to be online’

  1. surprise video in the middle of the week because i just wanted to point out that we can remain critical of a situation without victim-blaming

  2. People need to realize the seriousness of these accusations though, my problem is the entire internet believed Cole. Nobody was defending Austin. So I’m entirely confused as to why people are saying “this is why victims don’t come forward” actually…THIS is why innocent people go to jail. You can’t have one without acknowledging the other. Austin is disgusting but that doesn’t mean he’s a rapist, I believe in innocent until PROVEN guilty. That is how this country WORKS! Also, everyone is saying the victim accepted payment from Austin to post her statement that he did not rape her. If she accepted payment then she herself doesn’t even care as much about her “rape” as she did about the money. So why should we? I’m all for standing up for victims but she’s not standing up for herself by letting the whole world know he did nothing to her. She had the opportunity to expose him and tell her story, and it had nothing to do with her being scared, she insisted on doing the EXACT OPPOSITE and clearing his name. Now ask yourself WHY? Also, Cole released HIS OWN TEXTS where Leslie was upset about some of the content in Coles video and he basically called her a drama queen and even admitted himself his original intentions were wrong. Aka for the money! So why are we to believe a man who lied about his intentions and purposely left out small details all throughout his video?!

    I don’t trust coles motives. Not even a little bit. For those reasons, I refuse to call someone a rapist and ruin their life over a YouTube video! Look at what happened to James Charles! The internet is way to powerful and that is sometimes NOT good.

    I hope this goes to trial, is handled appropriately and all those who are guilty of a crime, be punished to the fullest extend of the law.

  3. Forcing someone to come forward with event that scared them isn't right Cole, that makes you just as bad. Even if this person is lying, forcing someone to do things that make them uncomfortable isn't right.

  4. She should have went to the police. I say this because she could have literally done that without anyone knowing. People found out who she was within minutes of Cole posting his video. That would not have happened had she just went to the police in real life. People are saying “the police never do anything” well, I know for a fact they have to take your statement and have you sent off for a rape kit. They DO THEIR JOB. Yaknow, since it actually is their job and not Coles. He did nothing but dilute the situation with drama and now the girl is probably more scared than ever. She should have taken the appropriate steps and left the opportunist out of it

  5. At first I was salty about you making this. But after watching, I was wrong. This video is accurate af lol

    Edit: altho i will say that the girl he called was also allegedly raped and she told her story right before she talked about the other friend. Idk maybe u missed that?

  6. I think that people are just trying to find any way to cancel the ace family

    and like I don’t mind I want them gone too 🙊🙊✌🏼✌🏼✨

  7. The fact that Cole would’ve kept a third of the $100k had the extortion been successful is disgusting alone. Why wouldn’t you give all of the money to your friends who were assaulted?? It’s THEIR story, not his, yet he’s willing to keep some of the money? 🐍

  8. Finally someone dropping facts and knowledge! I watched the video myself and felt the same way. If she didn't feel comfortable going forward, and hasn't gone to the authorities. Why would you come forward for her.
    I feel like this situation had absolutely nothing to do with Cole or the internet. It shouldn't have even been brought up by him.

  9. You people are weird. Investigating sexual assault cases and the topic of proof is much more different than other legal cases or YouTube drama.

  10. This was so well made, I knew this situation wasn’t meant for the Internet but this really opened my eyes up to how quickly I take sides on something that’s not a game and isn’t my place

  11. With all the social media AU fan fictions on twitter, you would think people would know by now that screenshots can be fakes

  12. Finally someone says it. Even theme park channels are doing it to with the clickbait drama about star wars land. It's getting effing annoying.

  13. I just want to thank you for adding subtitles to every single video. Not everyone can understand and/or hear American english, or even focus without them. I know it probably takes a lot of time, so thank you. I watch every video of yours knowing certainly that I will understand everything 😊

  14. I can't stand people like cole. Thanks for talking so objectively and also respectfully. The only drama channel i actually watch. Keep it up!

  15. People are so gullible these days. Do you guys not realize the world has changed and you can pretty much fake anything these days and how easy it is. You know he or the girl could’ve faked the ss by editing it. Stop believing anything you hear and let the authorities deal with it.

  16. Saw this guy in my recommendations and was waiting for someone to call him out because just the look of the video looked wrong

  17. His friend has an Android in the message she supposedly got from his teams (green message) then when Cole is taking to her it’s blue? Also weird how the 110 unread messages never changes

  18. the anonymous phone call once i pitched back the voice changer sounded EXACTLY like Spilly from Spill Sesh… the tea channel. Someone please look into this.

  19. I feel bad for the Ace family's daughter, we all know how horrible her parents are and she has to have the last name "Mcbroom", like, what kind of name is that?

  20. ✋🏽Hi! I work for a hotline dedicated to helping sexual assault survivors and uh…. everything cole did is 10000% not okay and not how you help any survivor of this kind of trauma.

    I agree that this discussion is not appropriate for the public internet. Anyone who had enough understanding surrounding the power dynamics involved in with SA knows that there is never 1 right way to react to heal from this kind of trauma, whereas random ppl on the internet usually have black & white thinking.

    Thanks for making this video, we need more voices reminding ppl that using this for clout chasing is Not Okay.

  21. This can having damaging affects on young girls who have been sexually harassed and assaulted. This can make it much more difficult for girls and women to come forward.

  22. More people need to share your view on these “drama” scandals. Why can’t everyone just not share this stuff online when there’s no solid proof? I feel bad for the friend that she had to deal with this. I can’t even image what she’s going through.

  23. the fact that his was more upset the ace guy is famous and has money and following rather than this guy has kids and is influential to kids says alot of what are his intentions

  24. Under 1 minute in and you shocked me .. sassed me.. and immediately swayed me into now being a loyal subscriber lmfao .. also the android joke had me cracking up 😂😂

  25. Honestly didn't even know of this. I'll let it die on my lips. If anything, that guy who started this should lose some credibility by now?

  26. This is the first video I've seen on this topic where all I want to do is scream Tell them! Louder for the people in the back! None of this is our story or our place and Cole needs to go somewhere else. He is always trying to stir up not only just drama, but legit get people in all these questionable even possibly legally punishable crimes! He goes the extra mile to try to get himself noticed and it's scummy.

  27. The victims in this are both girls who make a living off brand deals on IG. They both have very large platforms.. I can completely understand their hesitation with bringing this public, with even going to the police.. which is VERY SAD! They have EVERYTHING to lose. Austin on the other hand has amassed a mini-empire (want to throw up in my mouth, btw), built on the foundation of 8-12 year olds & a bunch of other eager wanna be family channel vloggers, who won't go against him even if the charges were murder. At 8-12, they don't even understand the gravity of what rape is & how serious it is. They have in their minds, Austin & Catherine are perfect, have the perfect relationship, have the perfect children, etc.. The victims know they are going to be on the losing end of a social media battle, NO MATTER WHAT! Even if there were photos of the actual incident, they'd say the pictures were photoshopped. So, it makes it really tough to even bring it to the police. Then you bring in the decorated, top attorney in the country… That alone, buries the victims. They know they can't hire someone to fight that! Austin followed the "People who buy people" handbook. Hired a PR team, hired an attorney, went after the one weakness they found in the story, which was one thing: Cole & $100k. No one's taking notice, that Austin's not fighting the claims.. he's publicly shaming Cole & threatening a lawsuit of EXTORTION. His PR team is shifting the focus off of the actual crime, to send all of his young followers to attack Cole & make that the centerpiece of the story until it drowns out the real CRIME. None of these tactics or even the crime itself can be comprehended by literal children. He's using the very people who made him the person he is & gave him the ability to have 24/7 security & have NDA's available for anyone who even looks at him, to make sure he can continue doing what he does. BTW~ Does he know he's a Family Vlogger on YOUTUBE??? Not the Queen of England? He must've missed the memo..

    Question of the Day: If this didn't happen.. why did he immediately know who the claims were coming from, who to contact & who to threaten, (the girl in the video who provided the info) even BEFORE the video came out?

    MY whole point in my long-winded Ted Talk is that he's slowly getting away with this. Unless the girls take this to the authorities & something is actually done, he will carry on, doing what he's always done which is being a complete arrogant A$$HOLE, who scams kids for money, cheats on his girlfriend & flaunts his money & made up status. Lastly, why isn't anyone bringing up Paul George?? His PR team is doing such a good job, that seems to have gotten buried. The fact that this story came out was not surprising to anyone with a brain & a little life experience. Honestly, we all knew this day was going to come. He thinks he's invincible. He's NOT. His day is coming..
    Sorry this is so long. Your video was so well done & so well thought out, this is were I decided to finally vent. I guess I thought this was the forum that "gets it". To all those out there with a brain & got this far.. xo's!!! Have a great week!!😘💕

  28. What I truly believe is Cole is a crappy person, and Austin is still a creepy mofo no matter if he is innocent or not.

  29. Wait.. after reading through a lot of FANTASTIC comments, I have a question.. Are we sure she didn't want it out? She willingly told the story ON CAMERA, for the video…? I know that one of the women definitely didn't want it public. But, I kind of think the one who he was getting the info from wanted it out, she just didn't know how to go about it. I agree with everyone he was the wrong choice to tell the story. But, maybe he was her only choice & she thought this would give her the strength to finally report it. I saw a few statements from both girls who are now saying they're now taking legal action.

  30. Don’t get me wrong, I love the videos you’ve made recently, but I started supporting your channel when you had around 10,000 subscribers. I really miss your art videos; videos I subscribed for 😭

  31. I feel terrible for the victims being used for attention. The women did not even want to go public with it, why play the hero?
    The women already took legal action, is he trying to ruin their case?

  32. What he said at the end would be true if he went to the police bye-bye posting a video on social media. Umm no dude you're full of s*** you did it for your own selfish ass reasons and the only people he should have went to is the police but of course attention comes before morals

  33. this whole story is just so nauseating, how is this tea or drama? hearing the graphic details of a possible rape committed by a public figure is something that shakes everyone to their core. and then having a gossip blogger try to profit off it is even more sickening. why are drama channels looking into this when it should be investigated privately by police and prosecutors who can protect the possible victims better??

  34. they should’ve gone to the police first. it’s gonna be so much harder for them to go to court now as so much information is out but of course my man cole was just thinking about $$$

  35. I love your videos but I think the conversation about cole takes away from the real issue, that austin mcbroom allegedly fucking raped someone. the fact that people are coming down harder on cole than on the alleged rapist shows that appearantly on youtube, clout chasing is a worse crime than rape. sad world we live in. ofc cole acted selfishly and for the wrong reasons and shouldn't have outed the victim etc etc yes he's an asshat. but in the end he's not the one who allegedly fucking gangraped someone. I feel like because of this spectacle around cole the real story will now be dismissed by a lot of people.

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