Code of Conduct – European Youth Forum

The European Youth Forum promotes a working culture based on respect of human rights, dignity and equality to ensure an inclusive environment and democratic participation. The European Youth Forum represents
over 100 Member Organisations and tens of millions of young people from all over Europe. The young people involved
in Youth Forum activities come from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. To protect and promote
this unique environment and respect cultural diversity
and different opinions, Member Organisations have agreed
to have a Code of Conduct. We want to guarantee the right
for everyone to be heard and, therefore, the European Youth Forum is committed
to removing all obstacles to equal participation or factors,
which damage respect and dignity. At the Youth Forum there is no space
for any kind of violence, discrimination, segregation, humiliation and sexual or emotional harassment. We want everyone participating
in any online or offline activity or representing the Youth Forum externally to embrace and promote
European Youth Forum values. If you observe behavior, which is not
in accordance with the Code of Conduct or against the Youth Forum values; or if you are affected by such behavior yourself, there are ways to make this right! If it happens during the Council of
Members and General Assembly You can approach the Co-Chairs
or the Secretary General If it happens during any Youth
Forum events or activities online, you can report it through an online complaint. All information will be treated confidentially. Help us create a great atmosphere for working together!

Danny Hutson

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