Cloud Computing – Definition and Skills Required | Great Learning

Cloud Computing – Definition and Skills Required | Great Learning

Let’s take a look at what skills are required
for you to be successful in the cloud growth journey. So the first is Architecture, second is DevOps,
third is Security, and the fourth is the remaining cool stuff for example Machine Learning, AI,
Big Data and other bunch of managed services that a cloud provider may give you. Let’s take a look at the first one – Architecture. The question here is – I will give you an
example, why do two enterprises who are looking to deploy an application on the cloud have
to reinvent the wheel as to how to do it. So when you work on the cloud you will get
plenty of reference architecture from the cloud provider and we can use that as a reference. So in some sense architecture has become like
how efficiently I can stitch together multiple services to give the business value. Let’s look at the second one – DevOps. Obviously we need developers who can write
code, who can convert a business problem into an application that can be deployed and managed
on the cloud. DevOps together has also evolved from a traditional
enterprise on to the cloud and there are several dimensions we will have to take a look at. The third one is – Security. With all of this data, applications, everything
sitting on the cloud how do you protect yourself? What are the security best practices that
help you protect yourself from malicious attacks, from penetration attacks, there are so many
dimensions we keep hearing about in the news these days. And finally the rest of the cool stuff for
example IoT, AI, ML, Big Data, so many other managed services a cloud provider can provide. A real cloud individual can be someone who
can play a role in each one of these. That’s what it takes to be successful. If you are excited about the cloud and you
are trying to figure out ways how to participate in this journey – you could be someone who
has no idea of the cloud and craving to figure out more ways to find out what it is, may
be you are someone who has some experience with the cloud, may be you have even worked
on the cloud in certain capacity. So let’s take a look at what are the options
you have. First option is you want to take a generic
view of the cloud making you a great artist where you can work on any cloud provider. The second option is you become specialised
in a given cloud provider in a given specific tool and that is like learning the paintbrush. So the bigger question is are you looking
to become a great artist or are you looking to flaunt your skills in a given specific
tool for which certifications are absolutely wonderful or perhaps you are looking at both. At Great Lakes, we look at cloud computing
in a holistic way. Let’s also understand how do we learn the
best – it’s by doing. Kinesthetics. So as part of the program you will get lots
and lots of labs, capstone project, which will give you a focused and a very very hands
on exposure to the cloud providers. And when I say cloud providers its not just
one its multiple. AWS. Azure. So will have a portfolio which you can showcase
to flaunt your skills.

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