Climate Change Forum Goes HORRIBLY WRONG for Joe Biden

so yesterday, CNN held back the back climate
change town halls with the number of the 2020 democratic [inaudible] the candidates and it just went on for hours and
hours and I sort of dipped in and out of it during a twitch live stream that I did last
night. It was relatively uneventful, but there were
some interesting things that happened. Um, the first one I want to mention a one
notable trend is that it again wasn’t great for Joe Biden and I don’t want to make it
seem like I’m piling on Biden cause there were also other candidates who have no shot
who didn’t do well. Like Amy Klobuchar I don’t think did very
well during this thing. Carla I don’t think did well although she
is in fourth place and I guess you can say see she, she still has a shot. Uh, the, the point is Biden is leading in
the polls and he really didn’t have a good climate change town hall. This was seven hours of back-to-back-to-back
town halls with candidates. The idea was a good one, which is let’s go
in depth on the issue of climate with each candidate. This is in a really important issue and we
want to know who can go deep on these topics. Great. Carla Harris had some weird moments. She had one about plastic and paper straws
that was sort of odd. Andrew Yang was asked about quantifying carbon
dioxide reduction that we can get from Geo Engineering, which, uh, he has pushed and
talked about. He wasn’t able to answer that. Okay? Some people said it was a stumble. You should’ve been prepared. Biden really didn’t do well. He was, again, not answering questions clearly. And there was this moment when what was clearly
a planned attack question was put to Joe Biden. Take a look. I have to ask, how can we trust you to hold
these corporations and executives accountable for their crimes against humanity when we
know that tomorrow you are holding high dollar fundraiser hosted by Andrew Goldman, a fossil
fuel executive [inaudible] he is not a fossil philosophy. And the fact of the matter is that, uh, what
we talk about is what are we going to do about those corporations? What have we done? And [inaudible] everywhere along the way. For example, I’ve argued and we’ve, and pushed
for us suing those executives who are engaged in pollution, those companies who want to
engage in pollution. So Biden says, wait, wait, wait. Andrew Goldman isn’t a fossil fuel executive
and the relevance to this entire conversation is that Joe Biden pledge not to take campaign
funds from fossil fuel executives and if indeed he is, uh, involved with Andrew Goldman fossil
fuel executive and money is being raised and money is being donated, that would appear
to be a violation of Joe Biden’s pledge. Now it was later sort of clarified weirdly
by Anderson Cooper, not by Joe Biden that Andrew Goldman is not a fossil fuel executive,
but he is a fossil fuel investor. So technically Joe Biden’s pledge remains
in force I guess because he is not taking the money from executives but rather from
investors. It’s one of these situations though where
you really need to understand the dynamics of what took place. First of all, this was by every indication
one of these planned attacks on Biden, but it was effective and the clarification came
later. The clarification came from Anderson Cooper
rather than from Biden himself. Substantively, I don’t think that anything
shocking was revealed at this town hall about Biden or anyone else, but the longer format
for each candidate does let us get more of a sense of how deep their knowledges, the
knowledge in climate from lots of the candidates is quite frankly not very deep. And I think that that should alarm all of
us given that it is such a major humanitarian crisis and an issue of national security and
an issue of geopolitics. And it’s disappointing. Now I’m not saying Trump has any better idea. Trump writes the entire thing off as a hoax
created by the Chinese. That’s a disaster as well. At least the people on yesterday’s stages
acknowledge the problem that there is. Uh, but uh, this was not a good moment for
Joe Biden. Then just bad luck and timing by Biden. This act, I actually feel bad about this. He burst a blood vessel in his eye during
the event which was noticeable on television that led to the obviously predictable slew
of allegations that Joe Biden is sick, sort of like the Hillary Parkinson’s type stuff. That’s all completely to be expected. And there are sort of two perspectives on
this anti Biden stuff that are growing on the left. There are those who are against Biden because
he’s simply a centrist. People are more progressive and they say,
I want someone more progressive in Biden’s sort of a corporate center, left Democrat. There are others who oppose Joe Biden because
they believe that Joe Biden is not electable. In other words, that he could not beat Donald
Trump in the general election. Now, the politics part, I understand Biden
is not nearly the most progressive candidate. In fact, he’s one of the most centrist candidates. That is simply a reality. The Biden can’t be Trump stuff requires a
little bit of fortune telling and seeing into the future. But if you look at the hypothetical polling
match-ups right now against Trump, Biden is routinely doing the best period. And the reason why is not as progressivism
clearly or is lack thereof. It’s a demographic issue more than anything
else. Older people vote much more than younger people,
and they vote much more reliably than younger people. And when you look at the demographics of who
is supporting Joe Biden, uh, you understand that any likely voter model that accounts
for how likely people are to vote, uh, does help. Joe Biden and Joe Biden in the hypothetical
match-ups does the best against Donald Trump than anybody else. Now, Bernie is not far behind. Warren is not far behind, uh, Bernie. But it’s important to understand where those
numbers come from. And I know that every time we talk about this,
I get emails from people saying, David, you are drastically underestimating that young
people this time around are going to be the difference maker. I hope that’s the case. I hope that that’s the case. But every election cycle we hear that and
rarely does it actually a have become a reality. Older people are the reliable voters and the
younger people simply are not. I hope it is different, but understand why
a likely voter model would not assume that because we talk about it every election cycle
and it basically doesn’t end up happening. Now let’s talk more broadly about one of the
macro issues. That is a huge red herring. In the discussions of climate.

Danny Hutson

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