CIRA Internet Performance Test

CIRA’s Internet Performance Test is the most advanced and accurate speed test
for Canadian internet users. It helps you learn about the performance
of your internet service. It will tell you how quickly you can send…or receive data… But what makes this test so advanced?…. We have installed equipment in key Canadian hubs of the Internet – the Internet Exchange Points – in order to provide you an accurate picture of your connectivity… measuring your actual performance over the Canadian Internet and not just your service providers
network. Performance is more than just speed. This test also considers the quality of the data stream, the route your data travels, and the countries it travels through. …measuring a hundred different attributes regarding the health of your Internet connection. It might seem like you are just running a speed test, but the CIRA Internet Performance Test is much, much more. the test provides you with a little bit of
data, but when combined with the tests from thousands of other Canadians, these anonymous results help researchers understand and build a better Internet for all Canadians. So what are you waiting for? Begin your test and make the CIRA Internet Performance Test your go-to site for tracking Internet performance.

Danny Hutson

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