Choosing between databases, clearing persistence cache, & FCM data! #AskFirebase

Choosing between databases, clearing persistence cache, & FCM data! #AskFirebase

Danny Hutson

13 thoughts on “Choosing between databases, clearing persistence cache, & FCM data! #AskFirebase

  1. #AskFirebase I am writing an application that interacts in real time between multiple serverless environments and I need to save state between the callbacks, but the write is not always there when the callback returns. Is there a better way to save the state for the callback in the Cloud Function? Should I cache the data in something like SQLite or LiteDB on the Google Cloud and then send the data to Firestore when the process is done? What is the write time from a Google Cloud Function to the Firestore database?

  2. Timestamps:

    0:46 “I am starting a new project now, it will be a couple of months before it is ready for production. Should I stick with Firebase Realtime Database or go with Cloud Firestore (even though it is still in Beta?) #AskFirebase”

    2:05 “What is the best way to share a collection of docs with some users. So, all this users can write/read to this collection #askfirebase #firestore @Firebase”

    4:28 “#askfirebase How can I clear local persistence (cache) ? I have an app that enables multiple users, when I login with other, the first one's data is there.”

    5:35 “@ThatJenPerson store UID VS UID and replicate display name & avatar URL everywhere needed, update by Cloud Function? What do you think? I'm on #FireStore #AskFirebase”

    7:52 “Hey can my browser receive Firebase Cloud Messaging data as a data only notification the way I can on mobile devices?”

  3. Please fix cloud function, really buggy, I got cors error even though I have set the cors configuration with express.

    Test my repo:

  4. #AskFirebase Same Question Until I get Clear Answer can I use Firebase Remote Config Api in C# Desktop Application to change Some Remote Config Value ?

  5. Well, the first question (at 0:46) was exactly what I was looking for. Just the same situation. I have two projects that I just started to build. I really need to use Firestore for so many reasons. The great features like high performance, auto sync through devices, scalability, serverless benefits for a very small team and budget and so more.

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