CDL Student Daniel Novick | Driver Spotlight Wilson Logistics

CDL Student Daniel Novick | Driver Spotlight Wilson Logistics

So I actually I was in college and I
finished my second year of college and I was undecided in my major I switched my
major about six times and I did not know exactly what I wanted to do so I didn’t
see the goal yet so I wanted to take a year off and I wanted to go and work or
do something and I didn’t want to do nothing so I chose to go with trucking
out of a variety of different jobs because there’s money in the industry
but also because I get to travel across the U.S. and see a lot of the country
and I thought why not do it now this is the best time I’m 21 and I don’t have a
wife and kids that I’m leaving or anything so why not do it now and at
least experiment with it and do it for a year I’m actually not sure I think I was
on I think I saw an ad for it and I clicked on Wilson
Logistics and that’s how from there I saw that it was a family-oriented
trucking company and as I was looking for different companies and that’s what
drew me into the company is really that was so family-oriented and as soon as I
arrived here it was exactly how my recruiter described everybody was super
friendly and just awesome I expected the program to be kind of you
know lonely and really excluded just just imagining myself on the road all
alone by myself and just feeling loneliness but in in reality this
company is so they’re so welcoming and they’re so friendly that I have never
once felt alone or even homesick yet and I’ve enjoyed all of my trainers so
far and I appreciate them and I appreciate everybody here at the company
and there’s never a person that I can’t walk up to and just talk to you and say
hello and ask him how the day’s going if you’re thinking about doing trucking
I mean in any way definitely go with Wilson Logistics I talked to two other
companies before I came here and over the phone
this was the most honest company by far and they weren’t trying to recruit me to
get another driver they really did want me to make sure I was making a right
decision especially with the fact that I was stopping college to come and work
they wanted to make sure that this was a decision that I really wanted to do
rather than just doing it for money or something because they made it
clear that I would be away from home and away from family and it was important to
them that they knew that I realized that especially as a young person so I really
appreciated that and I appreciated my recruiter but the company in general I
would go with Wilson over any other company I’m excited to upgrade I do want
to try to get going to team driving after I upgrade and once I’ve done my
solo week I want to I don’t really want to be alone in the truck and I do
enjoy company because I’m a people person so why not go team driving you
make more money and you get more home time thanks for watching join Wilson
in Logistics if you’re thinking about doing trucking in any way so that’s all
I gotta say you

Danny Hutson

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