Captain D. Rom: The Surveillance Situation • Brickfilm (BRAWL 2015)

Rioforce Presents Captain D. Rom in: The Surveillance Situation RADIO:
Reports say that a gang of bandits may target the museum tonight and pilfer all the priceless paintings! RADIO:
More at 11. We can’t just let those enemies embezzle the artifacts! We must stake out and prevent this! To the police car! Captain, wouldn’t the police car be a little conspicuous? Excellent observation, Laura.
To the inconspicuous police surveillance van! LAURA:
This is not inconspicuous.
Sure it is. The dealer gave me a guarantee. In order to catch those crooks, we need to focus our cameras right on the front doors. Anyone entering or exiting the museum has to go through there. Blast! It’s the police! We’ll have to be sneakier than usual tonight. Enter through the back door instead. Now we just sit and wait. I’m thirsty! [Snoring] LAURA:
Captain! What is it, Laura? Did you spot something? No, but the car in the alley looks suspicious. CAPTAIN D. ROM:
Look, I can tell that that car is definitely not suspicious. SIGN: “Not suspicious.” Quick! Call the SWAT team! Operator, connect me to the SWAT team immediately! We do not have that number available. Please hold while I connect you to information. Oh no! The cops are on to us! We must get out of here, quickly! Do you think you could help me? My van won’t crank, and I need to get home to my family! Why of course, young lady! What are random strangers for? Hello? Is this the SWAT team? Howdy, this is Swat-a-Bug Exterminator. LAURA: (clears throat) Well, what do we have here? The goons gave up, did they? Their crooked conscience convinced them to confess… And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling cops!

Danny Hutson

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