Can online education help you find a job? Where can you find online college rankings? CNN reports.

Can online education help you find a job? Where can you find online college rankings? CNN reports.

Danny Hutson

24 thoughts on “Can online education help you find a job? Where can you find online college rankings? CNN reports.

  1. I don't see anything wrong with an online education. I was pleased to see that someone has finally written a book on this subject. The books called "You Have A College Degree, Now What?"

  2. whats the big deal. Its seems like a gang fight here "I got my degree at a ground college and I got my degree online. An education is a education no one can take that from you regardless of where you get it from. I think It bugs ground college people more cause they had to wake up early drive and waste gas and sit in a full class vs the online people that stay home relax and do homework.

  3. another advantage is that you dont have to worry about teachers teaching you wrong because you are learning directly from the textbook manufactures also you get ebooks of the exact same books so it cuts the tuition costs

  4. Online classes are a super awesome way to get the education you want. The classes are more flexible and you get to pick the time you do your homework. It is no wonder that the lady in the video picked to do it online since she had a family and other responsibilities.

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  6. College is one of the largest scams in the world. You don't need a degree to be a professional. Good for this lady… she "checked the block" and now she can put some those Harvard grads to shame.

  7. Hi!

    First, yes, just like a traditional brick and mortar college, you must pay tuition to enroll at an online college. However, there are scholarship and financial aid opportunities just like you would find at traditional colleges.

    Second, online college admission requirements vary by school but many only require a high school diploma or GED to enroll in a bachelor's program. Some may require the SAT or ACT as well.

    Best of luck!

  8. Hi there!

    GetEducated is NOT an online college, university or other degree granting body. Rather, we are a consumer's guide to online education, publishing exclusive rankings of affordable degrees and other advice for online students.

    CNN did feature GetEducated in a news segment in 2009 as a valuable tool to help prospective students find accredited online degrees & other resources.

  9. Thanks for spreading the word, William! We are incredibly proud of our free service, the Diploma Mill Police. We're glad you found it useful 🙂

  10. It's very true that students can end up paying MORE for online courses. The trick is to look for an online college that is non-profit, public, and based in a Southern or Western state for the most affordable sticker price!

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  12. The only thing I hate about complete online learning is that, you have to do all the learning by yourself.  I seriously get all my instructions off of youtube.  The textbook is really just there to guide me.

  13. I'm currently attending Chico state getting my bachelor's in Psychology. Once I graduate, I'm going to get my masters online. I can't wait because I'm not a fan of traditional schooling.

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  15. I am student of 11 standard so am I become to air hostess and how to following step course of air hostess plz can you help me

  16. Many people like me have this concern about how do we continue our studies. As we do not have time to go to a regular college, since we are working and have family to take care. With latest technology of bringing education online it will surely help many parents like me to continue studying.

  17. Can Online education help you find a right job you are looking for? I am worried if an on-line degree will be valid enough to start a good career.

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