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[Music Playing] Stay tuned Hello my friends this is BobbieD coming to you from Talamban Cebu Philippines, I’m having an awesome time in the Phillipines today hpe you are as well wherever you’re from. Hey today, I want to talk to you about the internet and cable bills in the Philippines! internet and cable bills in the Philippines! Yaaahhhh! hahaha Hello my friends what a joy it is such a joy to come back to you again and today I want to suggest that if you’re here for the first time that you would click on the subscribe button and the bill notification icon so that you can continue receiving fresh new Philippine videos motivational videos and worldwide Videos now today, LisaD. And I are on our way home from paying some bills [Music Playing] We have internet PLDT We have cable. with sky cable so we just got through paying those bills And my question for you. Today is in the Philippines What is the best internet and cable companies? now we’ve been with Sky for about three years now and We’re beginning to we’re probably going to be branching out to somebody else there’s a new internet company coming and the new cable company coming from the China here and a New Internet company coming so we’re probably going to be looking at those But also we’re looking at Roku I don’t know if, you know about Roku and just like a fire stick Amazon fire stick We got a Roku . We’re gonna start that up So wer’re gonna see which is better the Roku or the cable And once we determine what’s better, I’ll be doing a video on that as well But our cable bill is actually about six hundred and fifty pesos Actually, it’s five hundred and fifty pesos and our internet bill from pldt is sixteen hundred pesos So it’s not that bad, but we’re not we’re not getting what we pay for We’re supposed to be getting we’re supposed to be getting 5 megabytes of Internet from pldt and when I do my speed test I very seldom get five I’m normally get about three or maybe two. So we’re creeping but we’re paying for more I mean guys I have gone up there and told these people We are not getting what we pay for you know what they say we’ll send somebody out and when they say somebody out it’s like a month later and They never really fixed the problem. So I’m frustrated. I’d like to know from you guys What’s the best? Internet company out there and what do you have for the best cable company out there in the Philippines, LisaD and I would be grateful. If you would just tell us who you have it is it good is it? economically reasonable So we’re on our way home now Had a long day. [LisaD]- Yeah I like driving. Thank you. She likes driving And so I’ll let her drive a lot. But sometimes I like driving. I drove here today, but yeah cable here and[Music Playing] Internet here in the Philippines in general. It’s a mess hahahah To be honest, it’s not the best The Philippines is one of the worst Internet providing countries they are in Southeast Asia They’ve gotten one of the worst ratings ever. But that’s going to be changing. They’ve gotten a new internet provider. And so were’re looking for that to be changing. as soon as that internet Provider gets up and running. That’s what I wanted to mention to you guys Question For the day What do you have as your in their provider for those of you that are living out here in the Philippines? That’s my question for today. Leave your comments for me in the comment section of this video and as always Remember to Like , Share and Subscribe. This is BobbieD, saying, Take care, God Bless and Peace! And this is LisaD saying, PEACE!! hahhahah [Music continuing to play] a Towering presence run like the wind. Be a King or a Queen. Life in the Philippines! [Music continuing to play]

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