C# Tutorial – Retrieve data from SQL database using Dapper | FoxLearn

C# Tutorial – Retrieve data from SQL database using Dapper | FoxLearn

Welcome to the FoxLearn Today we will learn how to retrieve data from database using Dapper First, We will design a simple UI that allows you to retrieve category and product data from the Northwind database You need to install the package dapper Dapper is an open source, lightweight micro-ORM that simplifies data access while ensuring that your application is high-performant Object relational mappers have been in use for a long time to eliminate the impedance mismatch that exists between the object and data models in an application Dapper was built keeping performance and ease of use in mind It provides support for both static and dynamic object binding, using transactions, using stored procedures and also bulk inserts of data You need to add a connection string to your application A connection string provides the information that a provider needs to communicate with a particular database The Connection String includes parameters such as the name of the driver, Server name and Database name , as well as security information such as user name and password Thank you for watching this video

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10 thoughts on “C# Tutorial – Retrieve data from SQL database using Dapper | FoxLearn

  1. Hi,

    My program show no error, but at run time it show , cannot connect to database. My database is in same server, visual studio is installed.

  2. I downloaded the northwind database directly from microsoft (ran into issues with using SQL authentication), other than that, great tutorial!

  3. How to solve the problem below in visual studio 2012 :
    The schema version of 'Dapper' is incompatible with version 2.0.30625.9003 of NuGet. Please upgrade NuGet to the latest version

  4. This is the best learning channel on YouTube Period, Thank you so much for supplying people with such great tutorial. God Bless

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