C# Tutorial – How to Link Chart /Graph with Database | FoxLearn

C# Tutorial – How to Link Chart /Graph with Database | FoxLearn

Welcome to the FoxLearn Today we will learn how to link Chart/Graph with database First, You need to create a local database then add an AgeStatistics table to the local database We will design a simple UI that allows you to insert data to the AgeStatistics then display to the chart control Thank you for watching this video

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24 thoughts on “C# Tutorial – How to Link Chart /Graph with Database | FoxLearn

  1. after I save the data where can I find it

    cause when run the application again why I can't see the previous work?

    thank you

  2. Good morning! I am a developer living in Korea. Is it possible to import a CSV file instead of a database and have the graph drawn like this? I am asking about the possibility that it is not a source. If there is a source that can be visualized by reading the csv file, can I ask to share it? Also share the source files of this video with me. My email address is [email protected] I got a lot of help with the video. Thank you very much. I am sorry to ask so many questions.

  3. BRO u deserve like a million subscribers !! u r increadble !! Like & Sub !
    New Loyal Fan 😉

  4. is "database " an SqlConnection??? because i made a Sqlconnection and followed along the video but it wouldn't work , the chart1.datasource=.. line was errored. can you help me with that thank you!

  5. Good Tutorial but getting error I dont know y?
    Error: System.ArgumentException: 'A chart element with the name 'Total' could not be found in the 'SeriesCollection'.'

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