By the way, Our Internet is in Danger

By the way, Our Internet is in Danger

D: Hello everyone, my name’s Daniel and today we’re gonna be playing: D: ‘Can you survive an RPG game?’ D: Thi– *Ironic fake internet ad* D: Did you dislike that? D: Well, you better get used to it if the new FCC policy goes through. H: Uh… new what policy? D: So basically what FCC’s trying to do is is they’re trying to get rid of net neutrality D: and… H: Okay, wait, what’s net neutrality? D: Oh, sorry. D: I thought you used the internet so you would know this by now. *both laughing* D: The net neutrality is the principle that D: the internet service providers and governments regulating most of the internet D: must treat all the data of the internet the same D: and do not discriminate or charge differently by users, content, websites, platforms, applications… D: So net neutrality basically means allows us to have an open internet. D: Where I can make a website, you can make a website, D: we can all just do whatever we want… D: without having to worry about restrictions or lags on certain websites D: or having… D: companies make regulations. D: But FCC wants to get rid of that. H: Um… Why would that be a problem? D: Next time you’re on YouTube, any entertainment access you try to get, D: it’s gonna lag, because all of the data’s D: gonna go to other people, or other websites. D: So if you want to watch a YouTube video, nah D: you can’t watch Markiplier making fun of gaming videos. D: You can’t watch Stephen being Stephen without having to pay a fine. S: Mmmm… Well, I mean, like, who would watch Markiplier? *insert sounds of the cinnamon roll that is Hosuh losing it* D: Um, dude, I love Markiplier, so… you know… D: Okay, well, with the formalities on side, I know D: everyone has probably heard of net neutrality by now. D: I don’t want to bore you guys with the same thing. It’s basically D: people don’t want it to disappear. It’s a law that allows D: us to access anything we want. If you want to watch D: porn on the internet, you can without having to D: pay an extra ten dollars a month for it. You know, it’s it- D: it just gives you that extra freedom. S: What about PornHub Premium? *stifled laughter* D: PG 13, Stephen. PG 13. *laughter* S: Not that I would know- *more laughter* D: “Not that I would know- -anything about that…” S: Okay, fine, but I don’t do none of that crap- S: Yeah, you’d have to pay before man. It’s weird. S: ‘Cause it’s like, “Hey honey, why do you have S: a 15 dollar subscription to-” S: “I don’t know whatever- some fake website..” D: And do you really want that? *laughter* D: That should be our slogan! D: “Do you really want your wife to see your $15 porn subscription fee?” *cute laughter omg* D: But, you know, instead of this being like all of the other videos D: that have come up so far being like “Oh, yeah that’s a terrible thing that they’re doing.” D: I want to give them a fair chance to argue their point. D: You know what I mean? H: Uh… S: So, you’re gonna bring people who support the undoing of net neutrality? D: So there’s this guy, Ajit Pai. D: He’s like the chairman of FCC and he’s like the ‘forerunner’ of dismantling net neutrality. S: Mhm. D: And his argument is that ‘the internet is outdated’. D: The internet can become a business. Ultimately for consumers, that’s better because if it becomes a business, D: then it’ll become ‘faster and more innovated, etc.’, etc. D: What do you guys think about that argument? H: I’m actually quite content with what we have right now. S: How can you make it better? S: Websites aren’t gonna change just because now you have to pay for it. S: It’s just gonna limit so many people from having access to other people around the world. S: And if America starts doing this, everyone else is gonna also start doing it. S: America, stop being such a bad role model! Get your act together! S: You’re the drunk uncle at this Thanksgiving dinner. *laughter* D: Here’s a quote from Ajit Pai. D: He says, “So I’ve been talking to a lot of companies. D: ‘Look, we want to be able to invest in those networks, especially in rural and low income urban areas, D: but the more heavy-handed the regulations are, D: the less likely we can build a business case for it.'” S: What? So you’re pretty much saying “Let’s spy on people so we can target them and their demographic.” D: Yeah, what he’s saying, he admitted to this. D: He’s saying that they’re giving, D: they’re allowing Comcast, AT&T or Verizon to have access to what people see. H: I feel like he’s treating people as objects and numbers. D: Yeah. H: With all these companies being able to monitor our everyday lives and what we watch, H: in which they could use to create reliable statistics may come in handy, H: but we’re not numbers. D: Yeah, and… S: And that’s another thing though. S: If this net neutrality is undone, would advertisements just disappear altogether S: because then everyone gets a portion of the internet bill, I guess? D: Ahh… S: For these certain websites? D: You see, no because what Comcast and Verizon would do is they would make for example YouTube, to give them 30 million dollars so that their internet access increases. D: And that means, (S: Oh.) D: YouTube then now has to go like, D: “Oh alright, I guess we gotta make our customers pay, since we have to pay for this.” S: Yeah, so it’s pretty much just benefitting everyone except for the people paying the bill. D: Yep, basically. S: This is not a good thing, net neutrality needs to stay. S: And unfortunately as a Canadian, we can’t do anything about it. S: So Americans, STOP LETTING POLITICIANS stuff their pockets full with your money. S: Don’t do this! S: Vote no on the FCC prop! D: You know in the end, it really comes down to what you want. D: Do you want to pay more for whatever you are getting? D: And allow trafficking to be distributed by big corporations? D: If so, don’t do anything and let them repeal it. S: DON’T SAY THAT, OH MY GOD. S: Don’t even use sarcasm, people are gonna take that as… real. D: But if not, go complain. D: If America does it, I can tell you right now; Canada’s gonna follow on along really close. H: And then eventually the world. D: And then… THE WORLD. D: And if you guys want net neutrality to stay, D: go to the links in the description below. D: Fill out some of the forms, call your governments, call your senators. D: Do everything you can. Just even one website, one complaint will go a long way. D: ‘Cause if everybody does it, I think we can make a big difference. D: Thanks for watching. D: I will see you guys in the next video. D: Bye!

Danny Hutson

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  1. This is still a huge problem now in Europe and im extremelly scared to loose net neutrality.. because we already are paying for faster internet so if we have to pay for every single page on the internet in double we gon be broke. We already are broke we already pay for the internet so why do they have to do this? we already pay for the internet.

  2. When the video was loading in the beginning, I actually thought something was wrong with the wifi. I was like "yo, what the heck?"

  3. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Oh they want to watch we we are looking up welp porn 4 life have fun buddy you wanna watch imma give ya a nice lol surprise!

  5. This is my second time watching this and for some reason the pause in the intro actually got me this time

  6. Funny thing i went back an watch this today and i thought my data was slow so i backed it up and watched it again the laughed at my self

  7. Grr trumps so stupid why is he suck an idiot he’s like hehe money ? ?I got some money ? need more money ?

  8. I forgot the video i clicked on and actually thought the video was loading. I just clicked out and then saw the title.

  9. Can I just say…I’m all for net neutrality. But its repeal would not be the worst thing to happen. Besides, the argument that you can make a website and be equal? I just tried to make a website. I can. But I already need to pay for a domain to get found on google. If anyone can help me with this, I’d be very grateful, but as of now, I can’t find another way.

  10. this is just like the French Revolution! WE'LL PUT THEIR HEADS ON SPIKES IF THEY REMOVE NEW NEUTRALITY!

  11. I rewinded the vid paused the video and spent an entire 5mins trying to stop the lag Just to find out that’s it was a joke

  12. People: politics are a conversation subbject you should avoid.
    DanPlan: What? Sorry i couldn't hear you over my politic video!

  13. I thought s glitch happened at the beginning of the vid bc the title was the same but the vid was different, and it’s been 2 years now… guys I think we did it.

  14. I hate you……. 🙁

    And I swear I though that the video was sponsored by NordVPN or something

    But I already use a VPN so SCREW you!

  15. At first I didn’t really care. sees that smol bean (Hosuh) wants it gone WELP NOW IM VOTING FOR IT TO GO AWAY

  16. when the 'fake glitch' happened, i actuallt checked my wifi and restarted the video. then checked the wifi again. then it started playing. then i realized how stupid i was. the same video glitched at the same time three times.

    and as a born and raised american, i will vote no to fcc. your welcome.

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