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9 thoughts on “Building Python Web Applications with Visual Studio Code Docker and Azure – BRK3020

  1. Installing Node.js on the server just to build React is a shame. After all, React doesn't need Node.js if you use don't use JSX and you can run tests on the browser with Mocha and Chai.

  2. Why would you use this instead of just running docker normally? What is the purpose of starting separate vs code instance bound to a container?

  3. Can't import textblob, someone else got this error that the import is not found even though you installed it?

  4. Python is the next thing that needs to die after Javascript, not only is Python shit, it comes in 2 distinct semi-incompatible flavors of shit.

  5. Only 38% use Py for ML ???
    How ????
    What about the rest ???
    R, Py, C++ are the main Lang

    I thought that Py dominates the ML industry

  6. While replicating step at 12:08, I got this error.

    * Environment: production

    WARNING: This is a development server. Do not use it in a production deployment.

    Use a production WSGI server instead.

    * Debug mode: off

    Usage: flask run [OPTIONS]

    Error: Failed to find Flask application or factory in module "app". Use "FLASK_APP=app:name to specify one.

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