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11 thoughts on “Building Progressive Web Apps with Polymer (Chrome Dev Summit 2015)

  1. Is there any resource available regarding how to get that Splash screen when web app is launched from home screen ? (especially when site is not built using Polymer). P.S. I'm using Jekyll with Github Pages for my blog.

  2. Hi Rob. Is there any "how-to" to make notifications working? In your code at github notification-data json is referenced to an heroku app. How does this app work? Thanks a lot.

  3. I started my app using polymer starter kit and I would like the chrome toolbar to go away on mobile phone similar to app-layout. What changes should I make to starter kit?

  4. If you want to track what browsers handle Web Components:

    Helpful vid!

  5. Rob,
    Very super Cool Stuff!

    Apparently I am but a Sea Cucumber that has been living under a rock in the Octopus's Garden, oh drat!
    (Rent FREE as long as I agree and consistently attempt SQA Career suicide by maintaining an attitude of well paid blissful Defense Contractor / Mostly Manual, just starting to Automate Test Engineer 2 – IGNORANCE.)

    I am inspired by your presentation and especially one of the final slides "Me Navigating the Internet via the Back of a Shark"!
    I did get that correct, right?!?

    I's still inspired !!!


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