The white house. People who work here come
and go. Especially presidents. But some people stay at the white house for a long time. People
like Andre Rush. Get ahold of this guy! I bet you ain`t never seen a chef this buff!
Look at his biceps! This guy is huge! Andrew Rush is a retired Sergeant, head chef,
bakery master, ice carving enthusiast and a dad of four kids. Most people know this
guy as a white house kitchen chef. Rush got famous after Wall Street Journal
columnist Vivian Salama shared a photo featuring Rush prepping for the Ramadan evening in Twitter.
Before becoming a chef, Rush used to serve in a military for 23 years. He started cooking
for military academy West-Point in 1994. Then he began cooking in Pentagon and now he works
at the white house. Rush is very-well trained in cooking. He carries
many titles and has quite a few diplomas. The guy is also a professional ice carver
and a frequenter at Culinary Arts Team where he won 150 medals.
Apart from being in love with cooking, Rush does many interesting things. He takes part
in conferences, various shows and he`s a big veteran supporter.
Not only Andre Rush has his own unique cooking style but he also has an incredible physique.
He`s got 24 inches biceps. He goes to gym almost every day and does 2,222 pushups on
weekends–that`s how he raisesawareness of the fact that over 22 American soldiers commit
suicide daily. Chef Rush has over 100 thousand followers
on Instagram. He does a lot of cool stuff there. Like he shows how to make chocolate
sculptures. Andrew takes part in all kinds of shows where
he visits various restaurants, kids hospitals, community centers, military bases and many
other places. He says that he s honored that he can use
all those many years of experience and skills to create a television show. He`s grateful
that every week he can meet new interesting people, cook food with them and talk on various
topics. He says that it`s a great experience for both him and his audience.
There are many Rush memes out there, check em out right here.
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Danny Hutson

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