BrotherSisterTrueLove: An Incest Forum [CC]

BrotherSisterTrueLove: An Incest Forum [CC]

hello people behind screens, I’m Jac and
we’re back. So today we are actually not going into tumblr, we are going into a
forum on called “brothersistertruelove, an outlet for
those have been or truly are in love with their sibling.” Now, I’m a
professional sibling-haver. I have three that I grew up with and one
who was given up for adoption I met him later on, it was kind of weird.
Most cases of incest are usually an assault,predatory sort of thing. That’s
why there are incest support groups. Ya know, a lot of it is usually sexual abuse
within the family This is incest in the form of consenting
adults or just people with massive crushes on their siblings. Let’s go.
They do have a sibling rape section Although I don’t know if any survivor of
predatory incest would go into a forum called brothersistertruelove looking
for support. “The kiss: it’s not incest, we only kissed. it was amazing.
I never expected it to affect me” expected is spelled wrong “it was all
innocent in the end” they’re not good at spelling. a YouTube channel worth keeping an eye on. Plot twist, it’s mine. oh this is” forbidden love brother and sister” “my
older sister” “my stepsister “incest brother and sister relationship” exposed,
you can see my subscriptions. Got Welcome to Night Vale, Strange-I have no idea to
pronounce that word, I think it’s a reference to something, Steve Hofstetter, Buzzfeed Unsolved, we are mitu, they’re great, I love them. I don’t know
what I was expecting “Brookside a British Knott’s landing has
B/S incest storyline.” oh brother/sister, not bullshit. “brother/sister incest storyline” oh do I want to click this? Will I get
copyrighted? I don’t want to get copyrighted, okay I’m not gonna click on
that. “A bro/sis love story that is very well done. HI all, I stumbled onto this movie about a about a brother and sister in love, it is
based on actual events, Margarite and Julien, treats the subject matter
sympathetically.” yeah talk about unfortunate circumstances, dude discussions about siblings and love these are both by WishICouldMarryMySister. “Incest Throughout the Ages: incest was a norm for a very long time, even
Adam and Eve had kids who would marry their siblings and so on and so forth,
yet religion state this, but also warned against committing incest and society
shuns it as a taboo as well. Being gay, bi, lesbian, transsexual and now queer as well as advocated for and now is openly accepted by many as well as advocated” you already said advocated for. Dude these guys are not good at English. I bet that instead of doing their English homework, they just sat there, staring at their little sister Oh, big sister. “For quite a long time now,
I have been madly in love with my sister. I am 34 and she is 35” so you’re like a
grown man “can’t seem to clearly or completely understand why I feel this
way. Mind you, I don’t feel this way about any of my other siblings or family
members” that would be quite a love triangle and an awkward Thanksgiving
dinner “with my sister and how I feel towards her is so different and
overwhelming, I would do and give anything to be able to make love to her
have her as my wife and the mother of my children, Read somewhere that star-crossed
lovers are reborn as siblings, don’t know how much truth there is to that, but the
way I feel and look at her makes me feel it could be true. so very afraid to do
anything about this or tell anyone in regards to how I feel as if I could get
a negative response and it would ruin our whole relationship. would love to
connect with and get to know more people who are in an active incestuous
relationship to learn and better understand these feelings that I have
had for so long” On the one hand, I feel like that they might help each other
like’ hey you know this is wrong’ but also I’m afraid that like with the teacher crush
community and pedophiles that if they create a community,
they’re just gonna like egg each other on and stuff so maybe they shouldn’t
have one. Five O’Clock. this one says “the song 5 o’clock that is currently on the top
20 pop hearts it is sung by Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen. get the lyrics and
ringtone here” so this is under ‘song that have a strong possibility
being about sibling’ alright, here we have the lyrics and let’s see if it makes me
think about siblings. ‘it’s 5 o’clock in the morning, conversation got boring, you
said you’re going to bed soon so I snuck off to your room, and I thought I’d just
wait there until I heard you come up the stairs and I pretended I was sleeping
and I was hoping, it’s 5 o’clock in the morning and I want you, do you want me?
and you want me don’t you, I can see it because you’ve been waiting on me since
I said that I was hitting the club, something coming up on me, and I know
you’d be getting so horny cuz you be oh” it’s getting hot in here, but yeah I will
never be able to listen to that song so thanks a lot brothersistertruelove. there is a website that I have been on for two videos. I know I could probably find a lot of opinions about incest in both
directions on that site but I’m also worried about going there because they
take things to another level so I don’t know if I will. I don’t have a message like I usually do at the end of these or even like a funny
little joke so bye I guess, subscribe, like, comment
what you want me to do next, and check out my description box for all my social
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6 thoughts on “BrotherSisterTrueLove: An Incest Forum [CC]

  1. A topic that most people know is taboo but a few people still try to justify it.

    Like I remember having a friend in 9th grade and she was dating her brother.. I was like.. ohh um.. odd she's like yeah we have to be in secret and also our parents are divorce so we can't see each other as often.. in my head I'm like.. you a cool person.. but I can't be okay with you making out with your brother in the back of the classroom.
    One day she asked a group of our friends if we were okay with the relationship (we all lied .. I don't like being mean to people ) she's like you guys are weird if I knew my friends were dating their siblings I wouldn't be friends with them.. ? what the actual Frick lol

    Likeee umm nooo

  2. No. No. No. Just no. I can never picture falling in love with my (very annoying) brother. I can barely stand being in a room with them. I don't know. I just they are sexually frustrated and not in love.

  3. Intimacy and sexual fantasies/intercourse between consenting family members is a very common ,quite normal thing and nothing to be ashamed of, but should never go as far as marriage or pregnancy.

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