Break The Internet – Nicolas Hulot

Break The Internet – Nicolas Hulot

Hi everyone ! I Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’re getting bothered all year round with climate change Really, 2 degrees, It is nothing! NEGATIVE ! Because 2 degrees on the whole planet, it is going to be devastating The ice melting will lead to the disappearance of many islands and coasts Is there a problem? Am I doing it wrong? No… not at all! It is not a bad idea to find inspiration on the Internet Yes, it is obviously a terrible idea! Not to mention that Dave already did that Well, Nicolas wanted us to find something original to raise awareness on the Internet Not to create a lipdub Actually, I think that what is missing
is something visually powerful you see? something “badass” “Badass”? Yeah, badass It means “evil” “ass” in English. In a world
where the recklessness of Man has completely unbalanced the climate Where natural disasters
are more and more frequent One man, alone, decides to stand up
against everyone to kick their ass! HIS NAME NICOLAS YOLO Maybe, euh.. You didn’t tell me… The light bulbs there are we sure they are
energy-saving? It’s very important for me. His name is Hulot, right? Like a window [hublot] without the “b”? Mmmh, yeah I’m a bit scared
he won’t be taken seriously. For me, it’s not the right message. If we can try to be
a bit less pessimistic, you know? He’s right! We have to find something simple a realistic idea
that everyone can understand Hey! What? Do you want to pull my finger
to see what it does? Okay! Oooh, it doesn’t work
it’s weird It’s like there is nothing left in my a** We can’t fart anymore because “prout” it’s methane and methane is a greenhouse gas, you see? Yes, that I already understood. Ok, ok I think if we want to act more effectively to reduce greenhouse gas emissions now, it’s the responsibility of our politicians. And that’s why we’re here They need to be shaken We have to find an idea
that motivates a lot of people and that is shared across the whole world Got it! And an idea that delivers a clear message even if we have to
slam our fist on the table Leaders, we have to act, now! Tomorrow it’ll be too late it’s already too late Stop, stop, stop Stop Nico! Stop! You’re not doing it right
Let me, let me, let me do it Hi there you sluts working for governments around the world You see this it’s a f*cking planet So you are here saying “Yes, euh… it’s my oil, euh…” “I want my oil” F*ck! If you cannot agree here is what is f*cking gonna happen Bat! Shit! Our planet is suffering Too violent We should go for something softer Yes. I think
we should deliver a message of peace NO! ah? And we still haven’t talk about the petition For this, I have an idea Hi everyone! I’m Kayane Today we’re going to test
a brand new character in Streetfighter Captain COP21 And i’m with his creator Nicolas Hulot Hi! So explain to me the special moves of this new character It’s simple Forward, backward, SR2 and there he pulls out a petition Euuh, you mean “ammunition”? No! A petition. Do you understand that when thousands of people sign a petition it’s really powerful my stuff Okay So I just won Ah, yeah, allright Can we take a break? Yes Maybe we can just simply for example, deliver a message that is simple And efficient Like the Americans do, no? “Awkward” No, you’re nice Nico but you should leave this to us Wait, I see all web celebrities
delivering an “inspiring” message With some piano! Wait, wait hold it Watch this Hi there Welcome to a speech that is going to be simple and efficient the American way On this occasion, I wear
a moustache and a French béret hat For 20 years, we’ve heard that It’s time to take care of our planet
and the environment So you are probably wondering Ok, but what should I do? I have to turn off the water
when I’m brushing my teeth ? I have to recycle? I have to eat organic food? Yes, it’s true.
You should do all of that. But euh… We are not speaking about that today There is an historic meeting
in december, in Paris the COP21 That name is really lousy but well All Heads of States of the world
will gather to make decisions for our climate It’s a golden opportunity
to remind them Who elected them And why they have this positions What are they the most afraid of? To not be elected again How to put pressure? By signing the petition We sign The more we are, the more our Heads of States
will be forced to make things change Obviously some will say “this is not my fight” or I never sign petitions Honestly, it’s a shitty principle
if you have this in your life ” I never sign petitions” Or, well I don’t really know
what to think of this Nicolas Hulot This is not the issue The stake is of paramount importance And well above political considerations affinities for such or such persons
or personal opinions The challenge is to finally unite
to say with a single voice It’s your last chance to prove
that we didn’t elect you for nothing We’re no longer deciding on the future,
but on the present We can take control of our destiny Let us not be afraid Let us Dare Make your voice be heard Each signature matters Each voice matters PUT PRESSURE ON HEADS OF STATE
sign the petition on: [ DARE ]
#osons [#dare] Okay, guys. Idea. For the video A guy comes from the future He goes back in time.
With a time machine. To? Go back in time You follow? Ok. The guy goes back in time He says “Sign the petition.
Otherwise here’s what’s going to happen” And there succession of images,
really fast – François?
– Yes? Nicolas Hulot has left It’s over I’m going to keep this idea for me Yes And you will have it up your a** [ CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE CALL ]

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36 thoughts on “Break The Internet – Nicolas Hulot

  1. Et après son passage au gouvernement du jeune Micron ou Nécron (au choix… Pénicon, Darmacon, Philicon…)… Qu'en est-il ?!?

  2. C'est drôle de regarder ça en 2018 et de constater notre impuissance. j'imagine ceux qui regarderons ça en 2058…. s'ils le peuvent encore….

  3. Putain, je vous jure que j'étais ému au départ.
    Mais mtn, je me tord de rire. C'est du foutage de gueule level divin.
    Merci pour cette perte de temps.
    Les comédiens ont du être sur le cul après la démission. Je préfère pas imaginer ??????
    A refaire, bande d'enflure ?

  4. Bon en 2018, heeeee comment dire que sa veste il a du la retourner plusieurs fois ! Ya 2 ans de ça je pensais sincèrement qu'il allait changer les mentalités à propos de l'écologie…. J'étais bien trop naïve ! Dommage

  5. 5:18 Le mec qui remonte le temps avec une machine les as déjà prévenu de ce qui allait arriver si rien ne change: Nicolas quitte le gouvernement.

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