BP4F Tutorial #04- Installationsanleitung (Phoenix Network) 10/19

BP4F Tutorial #04- Installationsanleitung (Phoenix Network) 10/19

Hello. I show you how to install Battelfield Play4free on Phönix Network. Date today: 29.10.2019. Lets go! First, open the website. Link is under the discription. You will be in this Registersite… Click: I agree! Write you informations. After this, go to “submit Registrations”. Look on this indication in english… Login with your account. Click on “launcher” and download this file. Open it and go as Administrator. Choose your install folder. (This is for myself) Click on agree and install. Start the program (as administator). Here is new update. Accept it and wait. This here is a crash. Close it and open it again. Login with your account. Now you can install three diffrent game. We gonna install Battelfield Play4free. Click on “Force update”. Do it all the time, if you start your game launcher. Click on install and wait. I need to wait around 30 Minutes with 1 MB/s download. Before you start, click on “force update” again. It check you files. (May it solve your problems) Go to “Play Now” Accept it (for internet connection/firewall). I need to start again… Now you are on the menu Close this little window (laucher bug). You can choose four soilders. You do not need to create an account or a soilder. This is a test for you. I will with medic. It take some time. You can take all weapons+gadets without money (at the moment) I take the M60. Shotguns and pistols works. Gadets works too. Flare dont work on the battelfield, like on manu project. Knife works too. You can put clothes, but it does not show it ingame, at the moment. But it does not crash your game. The booster is always actived. There are no sales. Here you cant put your own tranings skill. It is the same for assault, recon and engineer. You can set your settings. If you want to play, go to server browser browser>location “europe”>Hook away “hide full server” + “hide empty server” Then you can see all servers. This server crashed :p Go in one server. At the moment, if many people join in one server in the same time, then it may not work. Then you need to change server or join again Here we go! Have fun :p If you have quetions, it write it here. All news you can find it on discord server of phönix. Link in the discription. Thank you 4 your attention. See you on the battelfield!

Danny Hutson

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  1. The game that most of the players that played from.beta 2011 to April.2014 is now a dead game with less than 10. Players world wide on the European peonix servers is pretty much dead…….

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